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Barbecue’s New Battle Breaks Out in Austin – NY Times

Interesting piece on the new BBQ battle (respectful competition more like it) in Austin. Franklin Barbecue v. JMueller BBQ.

Photo of Franklin Barbecue courtesy of Jacob Villanueva/The Texas Tribune

Photo of John Mueller

From the piece by Joe Nick Patoski, “Critical mass will be reached in mid-July, when Mr. Franklin’s former employer, John Mueller, returns to East Austin after a five-year absence. JMueller BBQ will occupy a restored clapboard house (1109 Shady Lane) just off Airport Boulevard. Mr. Mueller, 42, is something of a barbecue legend. He is the grandson of Louie Mueller, the namesake of Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, 40 miles from Austin — one of the oldest and most celebrated barbecue restaurants in the world. In 2001, Mr. Mueller broke away from the family business, set up shop in a cinder-block building on Manor Road and raised the bar for barbecue in Austin, bringing the Taylor style of slow smoking to the city. When Mr. Mueller called it quits in 2005, Mr. Franklin bought one of his pits at auction. “My goal is to put out some of the best barbecue in the state of Texas,” said Mr. Mueller, who is making his own beef sausage and sticking with brisket, beef and pork ribs, pork loin and turkey breast. (Prime rib will be saved for Fridays.)”

You can read the entirety HERE

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Best Barbecue Joint in America

If you were wondering what the best barbecue joint in America was you need not worry anymore since Andrew Knowlton at Bon Appetit has decided for you. He says it is Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas. OK, he’s really just throwing this up for debate (and this debate will continue I’m sure come mid to late July), but with all of the rave reviews Aaron and Stacy Franklin have received from all over Texas and the country you know they are on to something very special.

Here’s a snippet from the article, “Let it be known that before visiting Franklin Barbecue a few months back, I never considered Texas brisket real BBQ. I’m a Georgia native and, like most hardened BBQ regionalists, I was convinced that the best BBQ was what I’d grown up eating. For me, the “real stuff” meant pulled or chopped pork. It was only after I moved to New York City—yes, New York City—some 12 years ago and visited spots that dabbled in all styles that I realized BBQ could involve beef. (I know that sounds crazy, but I’m sure my Southern brethren understand.) Life’s too short to get caught up in the debate about what constitutes traditional, authentic BBQ and what does not. As a wise friend said, “If you’re talking about it, you’re not eating it.” Today, I’m more concerned with eating delicious smoked meat than with arguing about its origins. Great BBQ can be found all over the country, from Portland, Oregon, to Manhattan. It also just happens to be at Franklin Barbecue.”

So if you haven’t been to Franklin Barbecue yet here are some great photos of the exterior and interior by Jeff Stockton:


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LocalPages Fourth of July BBQ Joint Giveaway

It’s hard to believe, but we’re well into Summer now and the 4th of July is almost here. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July but to eat BBQ and what better way to eat BBQ but at your favorite BBQ Joint? LocalPages has teamed up with Kevin’s BBQ Joints for a low and slow July 4th BBQ Giveaway.

The winner will receive a gift certificate for up to $ 100.00 to ANY BBQ Joint in the United States! Yes, that’s right, any BBQ Joint you want!

Photo courtesy of LeAnn Mueller Photography

1) It’s simple to enter. Like LocalPages and Kevin’s BBQ Joints on Facebook and leave a comment below this blog post with your name to verify entry. Easy enough.

2) But wait, there’s more! If you Follow LocalPages and Kevin’s BBQ Joints on Twitter and re-tweet the giveaway post you are eligible for an additional $ 25.00 gift certificate (so that’s $ 75.00 total towards any BBQ joint of your choice).

3) Lastly, for a chance to get an additional $ 25.00 gift certificate (this would give you total of $ 100.00 towards ANY BBQ Joint in the country) simply register an account at LocalPages and write a review for your favorite BBQ joint. Just makes sure to post a comment below on my blog with a link to the review so we know you’ve done it.

We’ll be drawing the winner on July 1st at noon (PST) so you have until 9 AM (PST) to enter! Eligibility requirements: In order to be eligible to win, commenters must be at least 18 years old, reside in the U.S. and must not have won any Local Pages giveaways within the past 30 days. There is a one prize per household limit per 30 day period.

Good luck and Happy 4th of July!

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Jack Stack Barbecue, Kansas City – Home Delivery

I have to admit I have a BBQ problem. Alright, most of you already know that, but I knew this for certain the day (about 5 years ago) that a Jack Stack Barbecue catalog arrived in the mail. It’s easily the sexiest BBQ catalog you can get (order one for yourself HERE). I looked through it a dozen or so times hoping to order one of their barbecue feasts and always marveled at the massive crown prime beef ribs and succulent burnt ends pictured, but like many things in life, time moved on quickly and I never got around to ordering anything from this Kansas City institution.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. One of my BBQ dreams came true when I opened my door to see:

Jack Stack Barbecue sent me the Freight House package to sample and review. It included Pork Ribs, Burnt Ends, Hickory Pit Beans, Cheesy Corn Bake and their KC Original BBQ Sauce.

Here’s a close up of the Burnt Ends:

All of their items are shipped fully cooked, vacuum sealed to lock in the natural juices, and then flash frozen. When I received the items they were frozen (they arrived in a heavy-duty Styrofoam cooler with dry ice). I let them thaw in the fridge for about 24 hours and then reheated in the oven (I made sure the items were at room temp first though). There were easy directions for reheating with each item.

Here’s a photo of the ribs and burnt ends laid out on foil in a sheet pan:


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Custom BBQ Joint Trips

Are you taking a road trip this summer? Traveling to an area of the country you’re not familiar with? Wherever you may go and for whatever length of time it may be for, you’ll never be too far from a great BBQ Joint. I should know because I have personally researched over 3,000 BBQ joints for my BBQ Joint Search engine. I recently got the brilliant idea (crazy possibly) to create custom BBQ Joint trips for anyone that needs one.

Map of United States courtesy of

So if you’re headed to Texas, Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas City, New York, California, Florida, Washington or anywhere in between shoot me an Email or DM me on twitter with your itinerary and I’ll get back to you in a day or so with a TON of great BBQ joints to stop (with links to maps and driving directions). Also, if you’re heading to Canada I have a great network of BBQ friends who know of the best BBQ Joints to visit. I’ll be sharing some of the best trips (with pics) throughout the summer and into the fall.

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Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue – BBQ Delivery

There’s nothing like having BBQ arrive at your doorstep, but when it’s from Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue you know you’re in for something special.

I will be putting a complete post together tomorrow, but wanted you guys to get a ‘taste’ of what we had (Pork Ribs, Burnt Ends, Hickory Pit Beans, and Cheesy Corn Bake):

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4 Great BBQ Joint Pics

Here are 4 more great BBQ Joint photos from across the nation

Virgil’s Real Barbecue – New York, NY via Daniel Krieger

Lillie’s Q – Chicago, IL via Time Out Chicago

Ubon’s Yazoo City – Yazoo City, MS

Smoke City Market – Sherman Oaks, CA

Additional Photos – Meat up – Smoke City Market / Gnarly Head Wine

Here are some additional photos from last week’s Meatup last night at Smoke City Market to eat copious amounts of BBQ and pair that with wine from Gnarly Head Wine. Food and wine was incredible. Pairing notes to follow.

Photo courtesy of Chris Voss

Photo courtesy of Chris Voss

Photo courtesy of Chris Voss

Photo courtesy of Chris Voss

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Home Plate BBQ – Beijing, China

Who says BBQ isn’t sweeping the world? Okay, no one actually said that, but most people think BBQ is an ‘America Only’ thing, however things are changing rapidly as BBQ becomes more and more popular. There are a good number of top notch BBQ Joints in Canada and recently I’ve written about BBQ Joints in Ireland, Indonesia, and Japan, but now I’ve stumbled upon a BBQ Joint in Beijing, China.

It’s called Home Plate BBQ and recently opened in Xiaoyun Lu courtyard serving brisket, pulled pork, beans, slaw, etc. to expats and locals craving low and slow smoked BBQ.

Here’s a little more info from Beijing Boyce. “The team behind Home Plate, which built a following with a delivery service focused on brisket, ribs, wings and the like, opened its restaurant today a block behind the new Kro’s Nest on Xiaoyun Road. Home Plate has seating for about forty, a custom-made smoker stoked with apple wood, a cute and cuddly cow logo that might inspire people to order the veggies, and modest prices given the size of several dishes I sampled on Sunday. They included a double burger, with 300 grams of tender meat just a touch pink in the middle, priced at RMB35, and one of the house specialities, cheese fries topped with brisket, priced at RMB45. Expect pulled pork sandwiches at RMB30 and cheese fries at RMB20 along with Texas ranch beans, potato salad and smoked corn on the cob.”

“Seth Grossman says Home Plate aims to capture the spirit of the southern BBQ belt. “It is all about slow cooking,” he says. “In the Carolinas people usually do pulled pork, in Texas it is brisket and beef, and in Memphis you see more of a rub on the ribs.” Chef Adama Murray, who also manned the kitchen during the delivery service days, had the smoker built to his specs and is doing everything from the cornbread to the barbecue sauce in house.”

Have you been here yet? What are your thoughts?

Check them out on facebook HERE
Check their menu out HERE

Find Home Plate here:

View Larger Map

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JMueller BBQ – Austin, Texas

In light of the announcement by Drew at Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ about John Mueller’s return to the BBQ scene, I did a little researching on my own and found there’s a website HERE (just a home page right now) with a link to the new twitter account and new facebook account with photos of the PIT and the photos below of John and his brisket (via Robb Walsh).

Here’s the buzz about John as it arrives:
Scrumptious Chef

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