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Draper’s BBQ Giveaway – Winner Chosen

A winner has been chosen randomly for the Draper’s BBQ prize package below. I want to thank all 423 people that entered and of course thank Shane Draper (who’s birthday it is today) from Draper’s BBQ for putting together the prize package.

Prize package:
(2) 18 oz Bottles of Draper’s BBQ Smokin’ Sauce
(2) 5.5 oz Jars of Draper’s BBQ A.P. Rub
(4) Draper’s BBQ Pint Glasses
(1) DBQ Apron

Here’s the drawing:


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Franklin Barbecue – Austin, TX – 17 Pictures

Here are some pictures of Franklin Barbecue in Austin, TX. The first batch were provided by my friend Brad (@hedrives) when they selling out of their trailer and the second set is from Andrew Knowlton’s article HERE where you deemed Aaron and Stacey Franklin’s BBQ Joints “The Best BBQ Restaurant in America.”

Old Location Shots:

Photo courtesy of Psedillo

Photo courtesy of Psedillo

Photo courtesy of Brad (@hedrives)

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Bryan’s Black Mountain Barbecue – Cave Creek, AZ – Photos

Here are some great photos from my friend Brad (@hedrives) of Bryan’s Black Mountain Barbecue in Cave Creek, Arizona (the BBQ photo and sauce/rub photo are from the owner Bryan. It’s a joint I’ve heard a lot about lately and is one that I’ll be going to for sure on my travels through Arizona to Texas.


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RUB BBQ Opens New Location in East Meadow, Long Island

RUB BBQ owner Andrew Fischel announces the opening next week of a new location. RUB BBQ – East Meadow will be a 5,000-square-foot, 140-seat location in East Meadow, Long Island.

This RUB — the first in a series of new branches expected to open around the tri-state area in the next two years — will feature 40 outdoor seats (in addition to the 140 indoor seats), four BBQ pits, 20 flat screen TVs, a 25-seat bar with 30 beers on tap, and the same critically acclaimed menu as its Chelsea sibling.


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Draper’s BBQ – Shane Draper Birthday Bonus

We only have until Friday July 29th at Midnight Pacific to enter for a chance to win the Draper’s BBQ prize package below, but since owner Shane Draper’s birthday is coming up on Sunday the 31st, we’ve decided to give you a way to increase your entries. Simply tweet and/or post on my blog below “Happy Early Birthday Shane (@DrapersBBQ)” and you get 3 additional entries for each day you do this!

Here’s the prize package again:

(2) 18 oz Bottles of Draper’s BBQ Smokin’ Sauce
(2) 5.5 oz Jars of Draper’s BBQ A.P. Rub
(4) Draper’s BBQ Pint Glasses
(1) DBQ Apron

Note you can enter DAILY

See my previous review of their rubs and sauces HERE
Follow them on Twitter HERE
Follow them on Facebook HERE

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BBQ Joint Videos – 4 BBQ Regions – Bryan and Michael Voltaggio

You know how crazy I am about BBQ Joint Videos (OK, everything BBQ, but I really love BBQ Joint Videos). Here’s a REALLY great one from the Voltaggio Brothers (Bryan and Michael) from Williams Sonoma. It’s called Fire, Smoke, & Flavor. They went the four major barbecue regions (Texas, North Carolina, Memphis, and Kansas City). It’s very high quality and I know you’ll really enjoy it. Below is the introduction to their journey.

You can see the page and additional information about their trip with great photos HERE

Photo courtesy of Williams Sonoma

10 Essential Barbecue Bites – Kevin Pang – Chicago Tribune

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Kevin Pang and his writing. His unrelentless passion for BBQ matches my own so I suppose I have a kinship for him and his culinary expeditions, be them across the south or in his home city of Chicago. Last week Kevin put together a list of the 10 Must-try bites for BBQ in Chicago. He featured:

-Beef brisket at Smoque BBQ
-Rib tips at Barbara Ann’s BBQ
-Hot link at Uncle John BBQ
-Burnt-ends sandwich at Real Urban BBQ
-Pork belly pastrami at Pork Shoppe
-Q puppies at Q BBQ
-Pulled pork shoulder at Lillie’s Q
-Jalapeno-cheddar Kreuz Market sausage at Austin BBQ
-Candied pecans at Brand BBQ Market
-Spare ribs at Big Ed’s BBQ

Photo of the pork belly at Pork Shoppe courtesy of Michael Zajakowski/Chicago Tribune

Read the entire article (as he expounds on the reason for each pick) HERE. Have you been to any of the BBQ Joints he listed and have you had his selected ‘essential BBQ bites’? Would love to know your thoughts.

Photo of burnt-ends sandwich from Real Urban BBQ courtesy of Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune)

Kevin contributed to me weekly feature ‘My Favorite BBQ Joints’ HERE
Here’s a LINK to his BBQ road trip.

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BeameupBBQ & Cafe – Lexington, Virginia

In my opinion, you’re either a Star Trek or Star Wars fan. I fall into the latter category (I’m not going into the last 3 movies though as that’ll just make me angry). I digress as it appears (rather blatantly) that some big time Star Trek fans opened up a BBQ Joint in Lexington, Virginia that is starting to turn heads for real low and slow BBQ. It’s called BeameupBBQ & Cafe and thanks to the article by The News Leader

From the article, “BeameupBBQ offers beef, chicken, pork, turkey and more. The smoker even has a name, Ole Hickory. Smoked meats are served as sandwiches, wraps or on the plate with your sides of cole slaw, barbecue beans and others. Menu items change and fly out the door as soon as they are made. I went at the end of the day and missed getting my own rack of ribs by one order. Pricing for the ribs was a half rack for $12 and $14 with two sides. The full rack is $23, or $24 with two sides. According to its website, prices will fluctuate from time to time. Thank goodness that I knew someone eating there and was able to take a taste of their rack of ribs. The ribs had a dry rub on them but weren’t overly spiced. The ribs could have been more tender, but they were tasty and had a wonderful smoky flavor.”

Read the entire piece HERE. Have you been to BeameupBBQ yet? What are your thoughts? Just off hand, do they have any memorabilia anywhere?

The hours are:
Tuesday-Thursday, 11 to 6 &
Friday/Saturday, 11 to 7

Find it here:

View Larger Map

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Smoke City Market – Gnarly Head Wine – #MeatUp

We had a great time last Wednesday in Sherman Oaks for the Smoke City Market / Gnarly Head Wine #MeatUp. Here are the first batch of photos:


Smokey D’s Slow Cooked BBQ – Martinez, CA – New BBQ Joint

Thanks to Clarisa Morales Roberts and her article on The Patch for pointing out the grand opening of Smokey D’s Slow Cooked BBQ in Martinez, California.

Photo courtesy of Clarisa Morales Roberts

Their menu looks promising as it has all the usual suspects when it comes to meats that should be smoked low and slow. You can see it HERE.

Photo courtesy of Clarisa Morales Roberts

From their website, “We just finished remodeling to provide you with a great atmosphere while dining in Downtown Martinez. We slow cook and smoke all of our meats daily. All of our recipes are made fresh from scratch. House made BBQ Sauce, Dressings, Rubs, and Sides make the difference with Great BBQ! These are our commitments to the freshest available today. Our produce is delivered daily from our
local vendor to ensure the freshest available.”

Let me know if you get a chance to stop in (they are only open from 11am to 4pm right now, but will be extending those hours into the evening to serve dinner soon) and please send me over a review (I’ll post it).

You can find it here:

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