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BeameupBBQ & Cafe – Lexington, Virginia

In my opinion, you’re either a Star Trek or Star Wars fan. I fall into the latter category (I’m not going into the last 3 movies though as that’ll just make me angry). I digress as it appears (rather blatantly) that some big time Star Trek fans opened up a BBQ Joint in Lexington, Virginia that is starting to turn heads for real low and slow BBQ. It’s called BeameupBBQ & Cafe and thanks to the article by The News Leader

From the article, “BeameupBBQ offers beef, chicken, pork, turkey and more. The smoker even has a name, Ole Hickory. Smoked meats are served as sandwiches, wraps or on the plate with your sides of cole slaw, barbecue beans and others. Menu items change and fly out the door as soon as they are made. I went at the end of the day and missed getting my own rack of ribs by one order. Pricing for the ribs was a half rack for $12 and $14 with two sides. The full rack is $23, or $24 with two sides. According to its website, prices will fluctuate from time to time. Thank goodness that I knew someone eating there and was able to take a taste of their rack of ribs. The ribs had a dry rub on them but weren’t overly spiced. The ribs could have been more tender, but they were tasty and had a wonderful smoky flavor.”

Read the entire piece HERE. Have you been to BeameupBBQ yet? What are your thoughts? Just off hand, do they have any memorabilia anywhere?

The hours are:
Tuesday-Thursday, 11 to 6 &
Friday/Saturday, 11 to 7

Find it here:

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  1. yes i do so love the way the ressturant turned out and i came up with the name because my husbands name is scottie..get it…beameup scottie!!!!we are doing great..its been almost 4 months and we are getting so busy its crazy alot of weekends..but well worth should come by and try it sometime..thanks for adding us..we are very pleased…thanks,robin hayslett-wife

    Comment by robin hayslett-wife — October 14, 2011 @ 2:04 am

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