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10 Essential Barbecue Bites – Kevin Pang – Chicago Tribune

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Kevin Pang and his writing. His unrelentless passion for BBQ matches my own so I suppose I have a kinship for him and his culinary expeditions, be them across the south or in his home city of Chicago. Last week Kevin put together a list of the 10 Must-try bites for BBQ in Chicago. He featured:

-Beef brisket at Smoque BBQ
-Rib tips at Barbara Ann’s BBQ
-Hot link at Uncle John BBQ
-Burnt-ends sandwich at Real Urban BBQ
-Pork belly pastrami at Pork Shoppe
-Q puppies at Q BBQ
-Pulled pork shoulder at Lillie’s Q
-Jalapeno-cheddar Kreuz Market sausage at Austin BBQ
-Candied pecans at Brand BBQ Market
-Spare ribs at Big Ed’s BBQ

Photo of the pork belly at Pork Shoppe courtesy of Michael Zajakowski/Chicago Tribune

Read the entire article (as he expounds on the reason for each pick) HERE. Have you been to any of the BBQ Joints he listed and have you had his selected ‘essential BBQ bites’? Would love to know your thoughts.

Photo of burnt-ends sandwich from Real Urban BBQ courtesy of Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune)

Kevin contributed to me weekly feature ‘My Favorite BBQ Joints’ HERE
Here’s a LINK to his BBQ road trip.

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