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Draper’s BBQ – End of July Giveaway

If you ask anyone in my house what rub I should put on a steak, pork shoulder, chicken, or brisket the unanimous response will be “Draper’s BBQ A.P. Rub!” There’s a similar response when asking what sauce should be used (“Draper’s BBQ!”). I think the reason is that Shane Draper from Draper’s BBQ has done an incredible job of balancing flavors without being overpowering (they let the rubs and sauces enhance the meat instead of masking or overshadowing it).

So it is with great excitement that I announce the End of July Giveaway with Draper’s BBQ. Here’s what you can win:

(2) 18 oz Bottles of Draper’s BBQ Smokin’ Sauce
(2) 5.5 oz Jars of Draper’s BBQ A.P. Rub
(4) Draper’s BBQ Pint Glasses
(1) DBQ Apron

You receive an entry by doing ANY of the actions below:

1. Tweet about the contest using @KevinsBBQJoints in the tweet so I can track.
2. Comment below this post about the giveaway (Be sure to leave enough information that we can get in touch with you if you are a winner).
3. Click “Like” and/or leave a comment below the Facebook posts about the contest Kevin’s BBQ Joints.
4. Retweet any of our Twitter posts about this giveaway.

Note you can enter DAILY and get an entry for each action above you take!

Giveaway ends on Friday July 29th at Midnight Pacific time. Good luck!

See my previous review of their rubs and sauces HERE
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My First Time Judging Ribs – Gnarly Head Rippin’ Ribs Tour

I was honored to be one of three judges last weekend for Gnarly Head Wine’s Rippin’ Ribs Tour which took place at The Comcast Bite of Seattle. I am going to be putting together a complete post with the winning recipe and much more details, but here’s a first look at the location, event, contestants, and judges.


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What is the BBQ Pro Shop?

There are stores that sell everything under the sun (including select BBQ items) online and then there is the BBQ Pro Shop that ONLY sells BBQ items. They have done an incredible job of positioning themselves as a place where small batch (or as they like to call them “micro rubs and sauces”) have a home to really shine individually. Owner Jeff Belmonti told me, “We feel like the more that we carry, the more people can try in one shipment.” Currently they sell an amazing 60 Rubs and 40 Sauces as well as other items and for full disclosure, it is because of their huge array of unique products and top notch customer service that we have them as a sponsor on my site.

Here’s a link to their sauces and rubs:

BBQ Pro Shop is also the place to find only the best quality Barbecue utensils, accessories,and smokers. They bring with them years of experience in working with some of the best smokers and grillers in the business and strive to carry only the highest quality products. I love their motto, “We would not sell anything we do not use ourselves.”

Here’s a link to the rest of the items they sell:
Thermometers and Timers
Barbecues and Smokers

Here’s some more info about the owners, Gretchen and Jeff:

Growing up Jeff worked at Poeta’s Food Mart in Highwood, IL. Famous for it’s homemade italian sausage, Jeff worked Highwood Days as a teenager and grilled thousands of sausages and marinated skirt steaks that were sold at the festival for Poeta’s. Jeff worked as a caterer and grilled for Poeta’s as well. He learned to make Italian sausage, de-bone chicken breasts and trim beef tenderloins. His Poppy taught him to BBQ on the gas grill that was always on the deck at his childhood home and he often grilled for the family.

Gretchen moved to Chicago from Buffalo and met Jeff while working for Elizabeth Karmel and learned the art of grilling from the master. Gretchen worked on the Weber Grill account for many years and honed her skills in cooking attending many James Beard dinners and learning how to grill from Elizabeth and the many experts they came in contact with. Gretchen taught Jeff that there was more to life than skirt steak, burgers, sausage and chicken breasts. Gretchen took Jeff to the world famous Memphis in May BBQ Contest and their life changed forever.

Gretchen and Jeff began to grill together after getting married in 2000 and they honed their skills, getting their first Primo Smoker and learning to smoke ribs, chicken and sausage. They love to grill everything and the only thing that goes in the oven is stuff that just will not work on the grill. (Mostly chicken fingers for their two children) Jeff has mastered ribs and is working on smoked brisket. Their specialty is beer can chicken and their annual Thanksgiving feast which includes BBQ Turkey, always cooked on the grill, never in the oven and many racks of smoked baby back ribs. Ribs became a tradition because Gretchen’s father Harold was not a fan of turkey. Now the ribs are the biggest hit and the crowd grows every year.

BBQ Pro Shop was born out of a love for BBQ smoking and grilling. We kept finding all of these wonderful products that we used every time we grilled and could not find anywhere to buy them on a consistent basis. Now we have a stock room full of Willingham’s, Sarah’s Sea Salt, Reniassance Rub, 17th Street Sauces and Grill Friends tools which comes in handy. BBQ Pro Shop is our gift back to the world of BBQ, we have had the pleasure of knowing the love and fellowship of the BBQ community and sharing that with the world is our mission.

I’d recommend stopping in to see what they have to offer. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised what you find.

Twitter HERE
Facebook HERE
If you prefer to contact them by phone you can here: 866-944-8758
FREE Shipping on all orders over $100 – Where Applicable – Enter Coupon Code “FREE” at checkout!

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Snow’s BBQ Giveaway – Winners

We have our winners for the three prizes for the Snow’s BBQ Giveaway that I put on with Man Up Texas BBQ. Thank you to all 686 entries. It was by far our biggest giveaway ever.

Here’s the drawing!


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Neelys Barbecue Parlor – New York, NY – New BBQ Joint

It’s been a long time coming, but Neelys Barbecue Parlor finally opened it’s doors today in New York, NY. This is a marriage between Merchants Hospitality, Inc. and Gina and Pat Neely from Food Network’s Down Home with the Neely’s and their own chain of Memphis BBQ Joints, Neely’s Bar-B-Que.

Here’s the exterior:

Here’s the interior:

Haven’t heard any reviews or responses yet to what people thought today, but in the meantime, here’s a LINK to their menu. Let me know if you get a chance to stop in and what your thoughts are.

Follow them on Facebook HERE
Follow them on Twitter HERE

Find it here:

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Daniel Vaughn – My Favorite BBQ Joints (Outside of Texas) – Volume 16

If there’s a BBQ Joint in Texas that I’m wondering about there’s ONLY one person out there that I know has been there and can give me his honest opinion of it. His name is Daniel Vaughn (aka BBQ Snob) and his website is Full Custom Gospel BBQ. He’s a BBQ Joint visiting machine and if you care about BBQ (and BBQ Joints) you should be following him via twitter, facebook, and of course his blog. Although we haven’t met (we will in August though at the Gettin’ Sauced event) I am happy to call him a friend and honored that he decided to participate in my weekly feature ‘My Favorite BBQ Joints‘. I really appreciate the time and effort he put into each entry below and I know you’ll be putting many (if not all) of these on your BBQ Joint bucket list.

Photo of Daniel courtesy of Texas BBQ Posse

Here is Daniel’s list in his own words(and all photos are from Full Custom Gospel BBQ):

All of my BBQ exploits are well known if you read my blog Full Custom Gospel BBQ, and my favorites in Texas are pretty obvious from the star rating system. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from around the country outside of Texas. While I feel like an incomplete BBQ aficionado of the US not having done a true Carolina trip or made a visit to Owensboro, Kentucky, my opinions cannot be contained by the Lone Star State lines.

Bob’s Omahoma BBQ – Wooster, Ohio
I’ll start with a joint in my hometown. This wasn’t around when I was growing up, but I was happy to find a real Texas Style BBQ joint on a visit back home. This joint has better brisket than some of the joints I’ve eaten at in Dallas. They also have Zapp’s chips from where I went to school in Louisiana and Head Country BBQ sauce from my wife’s home state of Oklahoma.

Smokin’ Joe’s Rib Ranch & RV Park – Davis, Oklahoma
This joint in a small town smokes up some huge flavors. Not only are the ribs and brisket stellar, other less popular items like thick cut pork tenderloin and spicy smoked chicken wings are done quite well. It’s on the way to the in-laws place in Oklahoma City, so I try to stop whenever I can.

The Original Van’s Pig Stand – Shawnee, Okalahoma
They’ve been serving BBQ out of this building since 1935. You can just feel the age of those bricks when you walk in, and the food is great to boot. Grab a pig sandwich and a Van-ized potato and savor the history.


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Burger Pocket Press – BBQ Product

There are always those products where you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well the Burger Pocket Press is definitely one of them. When I’m not gorging myself on BBQ I am a certified burger junkie and I’m always searching for ways to make better tasting and more interesting burgers. I became interested in ‘stuffing’ burgers when I saw Adam Richman from Man v. Food visit the bar that makes the Juicy Lucy.

Luckily I didn’t have to travel across the country to make an incredible stuffed burger as I learned when visiting my friend a couple of weeks ago. He had just ordered a Burger Pocket Press so, gluttons that we are, we decided to make a bunch of burgers. Ones we stuffed with (individually) Maytag blue cheese, jalapeno pepper jack, serrano peppers and cheddar, as well as scratch made chorizo and swiss cheese. They all were insanely good (one thing you have to learn though is not to overstuff the ingredients even though you may want to as it will spill out the sides for sure) and super easy to make.

Since I tried and loved the product I emailed the owner of the company, Michael Ajakie, to send some of his own photos of burgers being made with the Burger Pocket Press as I neglected to bring a camera to my friend’s house. Here they are:


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Smitty’s Market – Lockhart, TX – Pictures

I was checking out some pics of Smitty’s Market in Lockhart, Texas that I thought I would share. If these don’t make you hungry you’re either full or don’t like BBQ.

Photo courtesy of Follow Me Foodie

Photo courtesy of Never Trust a Skinny Chef

Photo courtesy of Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ

Photo courtesy of Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ

Have you been to Smitty’s before? What are your thoughts?

Rippin Ribs Tour 2011 – Gnarly Head Wine – Stop #4

Gnarly Head Wine’s Rippin’ Ribs Tour made it’s fourth stop this past weekend at Safeway National Capital BBQ Battle XIX. Here’s the scoop and some photos:

“Things were really smokin’ in our nation’s capital as four contestants competed for BBQ rib glory. We had four very cool contestants in DC: Josh Ives (Indian-Spiced Ribs with Peach-Chardonnay Glaze), Patterson Watkins (Bulgogi Ribs with Kimchi Mop), Tamie Joeckel (Chipotle Fig Baby Backs) and Danielle D’Ambrosio (Cabbay Ole Tex-Mex Pork Ribs).

Each of the recipes submitted were delicious yet at the end, it was Danielle D’Ambrosio’s Cabbay Ole Tex-Mex Pork Ribs that took the prize. Danielle came all the way down from New York to compete in Washington.

Here’s the winning recipe:
Cabbay Ole Tex-Mex Pork Ribs

Combine 1/2 cup brown sugar, 4 teaspoons each salt and pepper, 2 tablespoon cayenne, 2 teaspoon cinnamon, 2 tablespoon cumin, and 4 teaspoons paprika. Rub into 6 pounds of pork ribs; let sit one hour. Preheat the smoker. Grind 3 cloves of garlic and 1/4 cup diced red onion, and 2 tablespoons of cilantro into a paste. Combine with a cup of Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon, 1/4 cup Worcestershire Sauce and 1 teaspoon liquid smoke. Cook ribs 1-1 1/2 hours until 160 degrees F basting often with Cabernet mixture. Serve and garnish with a little fresh cilantro.

Wine Pairing: Gnarly Head Wine – Cabernet Sauvignon

Radio personality Tommy McFly from 94.7 Fresh FM was our official emcee. Tommy did a fabulous job and was a ton of fun to boot. The next stop is the Comcast Bite of Seattle.

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Mo’ Greens Roast House BBQ – New BBQ Joint – Manalapan, NJ

Thanks to Karla Cook at the New York Times for pointing out a new BBQ Joint in Manalapan, New Jersey called Mo’ Greens Roast House BBQ.

Photo courtesy of Marc Steiner

From Karla’s article, “Steven Miller and his longtime friend Jeff Deutsch opened Mo’ Greens in December, having opened the Mixed Greens restaurant about two and a half years ago, Mr. Miller said on the telephone after my visits. The concept behind the barbecue spot “was some comfort foods, something to deviate from all the healthy food,” he said. “There was a void of real barbecue, of low and slow cooking — not just sauce on meat, or something that’s been boiled.”

Photo courtesy of Ellen Fried

“The concept works. Pulled pork is a gloriously tender and juicy tangle of tans and browns and dusky reds that compel eating past satiety, especially when laced with homemade barbecue sauce that builds up from vinegar. The glossy barbecued half-chicken was almost as stellar, succulent with deep flavor. The dry-rubbed St. Louis ribs took third place, with their mix of slow-smoked meat and fat that was so delicious it could be eaten in large quantities. The smoked beef brisket, despite its dry, naked look, was a sleeper hit — surprisingly moist.

Standout sides include the smoky mixed baked beans (black, pinto, red) with onions, bacon, pulled pork and brisket; braised red cabbage; the crinkle-cut sweet potato fries and the thickly sliced homemade potato chips.”

See the entire piece HERE

Check it out here:

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