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BBQ Sauce Challenge – 9 Contenders

A few weeks ago we had our 1st (of many to come) ever BBQ Sauce Challenge. Here are the contenders:

Sauces were judged on color, taste (with and without meat), and what meat they went best with. Who do you think made the top 3? Who won? You’ll soon find out.

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Miranda Lambert Ticket Giveaway – Kevin’s BBQ Joints

The good people at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland have asked me to help get the word out about Miranda Lambert’s July 15th concert, so I suggested they have a giveaway for a pair of free tickets. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND and are offering (4) pairs of free tickets.

It’s easy to enter. (1) Either comment below this post saying “I want free Miranda Lambert tickets” or (2) Tweet “I want free Miranda Lambert tickets” using @KevinsBBQJoints in the tweet. That’s it. Once you’ve done that you are in the running and if you’re a lucky winner your tickets will be waiting for you at WILL CALL. Contest ends at noon on Thursday July 14th and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.

Good luck to everyone and here’s more info about the SHOW

Follow the Merriweather Post Pavilion on twitter HERE
Follow the Merriweather Post Pavilion on facebook HERE

Here’s the location of the venue:

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The Skylight Inn – Ayden, NC – BBQ Video

The Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina is on my bucket list of BBQ joints to visit. They only do pork (whole hog) and do it with precision. I liken them to the same care for detail that Lexington BBQ #1 has. If you’re like me and haven’t been (or you have and want to remember how great it was), here’s a great BBQ video from Pitt County Government that makes you feel like you’re actually there.

For a little background into The Skylight Inn, here’s a review by Michael Stern from If you don’t check out Roadfood often you really are missing out.

“Eastern North Carolina barbecue is sauceless. “Granddaddy always said, ‘Sauce has absolutely nothing to do with making good barbecue,’” Samuel Jones is happy to tell you, referring to Pete Jones, who started the Skylight Inn back in 1947. This restaurant continues the family tradition of whole hog barbecue that began in the early 19th century and hasn’t changed much at all. The ritual starts late in the afternoon, when the pitmaster burns oak wood logs until they turn to charcoal. The coals are pushed from the chimney into the adjoining pit, where halved hogs are arrayed on a grate above the heat. At midnight, then again at dawn, more coals are moved to the pit. There are no thermometers at the Skylight Inn. Doneness is checked by feel.

Photo courtesy of Michael Stern from

At 9am, the meat is fully tender and ready for the chopping block, which you can see behind the counter of the restaurant. Here stands James Howell with a cleaver in each hand. He starts hacking up the meat. Periodically, he puts the blades down and reaches back for a bottle of vinegar or Texas hot sauce to splash onto the pork and he shakes on salt and pepper straight from the carton. Nothing is measured out and there are no secret ingredients. When he’s got a moist, steaming heap of five or six pounds that are the texture of coarse hash, he uses both cleavers to shovel it forward through the window onto an adjoining butcher block in the preparation area towards the counter. Here servers assemble trays and sandwiches. Sandwiches, which include cole slaw, are wrapped in wax paper. Trays full of meat are topped with a square of unrisen corn bread.”

Read the rest of the write up HERE

Have you been to The Skylight Inn? What are your thoughts?

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Snow’s BBQ Giveaway – Man Up Texas BBQ / Kevin’s BBQ Joints

I am extremely excited to announce that Man Up Texas BBQ and Kevin’s BBQ Joints are banding together to put on a Snow’s BBQ Giveaway. My excitement for this new giveaway is two-fold. First off, I’ve dreamt of traveling to Lexington, Texas to visit Snow’s BBQ since I read about them in the June 2008 issue of Texas Monthly where they were ranked #1. I’ve been intrigued that such a well reviewed BBQ joint is ONLY open on Saturdays from 8AM until they sell out. Secondly, I’m teaming up with Man Up Texas BBQ. This is huge for me as I have great respect for all of the hard work Drew does for BBQ, especially with his incredible Texas BBQ Blog. If you’re not checking it out daily and/or following him on Twitter you definitely should now.

There will be THREE lucky winners. Here are the prizes:

1st Person Drawn Wins:
- 1 Whole Brisket from Snow’s BBQ

2nd Person Drawn Wins:
- 2 Rings of Snow’s Original Sausage and 2 Rings of Snow’s Jalapeno Sausage

3rd Person Drawn Wins:
- Snow’s T-Shirt
- Snow’s Baseball Cap
- Snow’s Koozie

The giveaway will run from Wednesday July 6th until midnight Pacific on Monday July 18th.

You receive an entry by doing ANY of the actions below:

1. Tweet about the contest using @ManUpTexasBBQ and @KevinsBBQJoints in the tweet.
2. Comment below this post or on Man Up Texas BBQ’s post about the giveaway (Be sure to leave enough information that we can get in touch with you if you are a winner).
3. Click “Like” and/or leave a comment below the Facebook posts about the contest by either Man Up Texas BBQ or Kevin’s BBQ Joints.
4. Retweet any of our Twitter posts about this giveaway.

Note you can enter DAILY and get an entry for each action above you take (up to 5 entries per day!).

GOOD LUCK to everyone and in case you didn’t know you can order Snow’s BBQ for yourself HERE

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5 Great BBQ Joint Pics

Happy 4th of July to everyone. Here are five great BBQ Joint pics from across the country.

Lillie’s Q – Chicago, IL

Louie Mueller Barbecue Taylor, TX via Man Up Texas BBQ

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Simon Majumdar – My Favorite BBQ Joints – Volume 15

When I started my weekly feature ‘My Favorite BBQ Joints’ at the beginning of this year I knew that I wanted to interview people from all walks of life, not just the BBQ world. Being a BBQ junkie I wanted to see if these lists would mirror my own favorite BBQ Joints and hopefully hidden gems would pop up along the way. Wonderfully, both of these have occurred. This week I am very honored to have food writer, author, and broadcaster Simon Majumdar contribute his favorite BBQ Joints. He is someone I have been following for a good amount time (both his writing and his TV appearances) and while the name might not spark immediate awareness for some of you, you’ve more than likely seen him as a judge on Iron Chef America as well as The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

Here are the favorite BBQ Joints from who some have deemed ‘An Indiana Jones for the Foodie Set’ in his words:

Some of these places are already famous, others are a little less well known. However, each and every one has added to my belief that BBQ in all its varied glory is one of America’s greatest contributions to world cuisine.

In some cases, such as Oklahoma Joe’s, they are on the list because everything they do rocks. In othercases, like that of Roper’s Ribs, they are there because of one particular house specialty that is so good I have been known to have inappropriate dreams about it.

Justly one of the most famous BBQ pits in the whole USA . It’s all good, but a slab of the “short end” ribs is hard to beat.

Photo of Oklahoma Joe’s courtesy of EG. Design

I always combine a visit here with a trip to Graceland. The pulled pork sandwich with a thick layer of their sharp, lurid yellow slaw is in my top five sandwiches in the US and, if I was as rich as Elvis I would probably pay to have them flown across country when I was feeling in the mood for “Q

Photo of Payne’s BBQ courtesy of

BLUDSO’S BBQ – Compton, CA
SoCal is not particularly known for its BBQ, but this unassuming place in Compton, run by, Kevin Bludso, an uprooted Texan more than represents. The two meat lunch combo with two sides ($9.50) is enough to feed an army.

Photo of Bludso’s BBQ courtesy of LA Addict – Flickr

Winners! Black’s Barbecue June BBQ Giveaway

First off, I want to thank everyone who entered and who made this my most successful giveaway yet with 426 entries. Of course I have to thanks the amazing folks at Black’s Barbecue in Lockhart, Texas who teamed up with me to give away some incredible BBQ packages.

There are THREE lucky winners. Here are the prizes again:

1st Place Wins:
- 1 Whole Brisket (4-5 lbs.)

2nd Place Wins:
- 1 Rack Beef Ribs (Typically Feeds: 6-8 people – 3 rib bones)

3rd Place Wins:
- 1 bottle of Norma Jean Black’s Barbecue Sauce (14.5 oz)
- 1 bottle of Black’s Barbecue Pepper Sauce
- 1 bottle of Black’s Barbecue Chipotle Mustard Pepper Sauce
- 1 bottle of Black’s Barbecue Habanero Pepper Sauce
- 1 bottle of Black’s Barbecue World Famous Dry Rub

Here are the results:

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Salt Lick Bar-B-Q – Driftwood, Texas – BBQ Video

My cousin just recently stopped at The Salt Lick Bar-B-Q in Driftwood, Texas so it got me thinking I should research videos on this iconic Texas joint (it’s known as much for the atmosphere than the BBQ these days as it’s B.Y.O.B. and has tons of picnic tables outside to enjoy an evening with friends). Here’s a great video from where they interview owner Scott Roberts.

Have you been to The Salt Lick? What are your thoughts? To some this is their favorite BBQ joint in Texas and to others I’ve spoken with this wouldn’t crack their top ten.

Photo of The Salt Lick Bar-B-Q courtesy of

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