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Barbeque 152 – Gilroy, CA

Thanks to the Mercury News for pointing out a BBQ Joint I missed. It’s called Barbeque 152 in Gilroy, California.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer M. – Yelp

From the article, “The menu is short and tidy: The meats offered are pulled pork, pork ribs, tri-tip, chicken, hot links. The sides are potato salad, coleslaw and beans. You can mix and match the meats and sides to build your own plates in one-, two- and three-meat combos (from $7.99 to $11.99) or buy them in larger quantities (such as full racks of ribs or tri-tip by the pound). Or you can chose have the meats served in sandwiches. Combo plates are served with slices of grilled garlic ciabatta. I opted for the two-meat combo ($9.99), with pulled pork and a hot link. The hot link was plenty hot. I mean, make-you-sweat hot. But it sure was tasty, thanks to all that time on the smoker. It struck a nice balance.”

Photo courtesy of Teague T. – Yelp

Here’s a bit more from the piece,”The 152′s decor is down-home chic, with twine and clothes-pinned calico hankies strung across the windows, reminiscent of Trail Dust in Morgan Hill. The tables are covered in, of course, red gingham tablecloths. And the wall decor reflects the place’s devotion to the hog, with pigs peering down on the dining room. You order at the counter and wait for your number to be called. Help yourself to the utensils and condiments. I know that barbecue is casual, but I admit I missed having real plates instead of the disposables on which the food is served.”

Sounds like they are real deal low and slow. Have you been here? I’ll have to stop in next time I head North. You can read the entire article HERE

Check it out yourself here:

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4Rivers Smokehouse – Winter Park, FL – BBQ Video

Here’s a great video by Your Meat Tooth of 4 Rivers Smokehouse in Winter Park, Florida.

Per their website, “4Rivers Smokehouse is a sophisticated Texas-style smokehouse that is redefining the art of smoking one brisket at a time.” I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this place. Have you been? What are your thoughts?

Photo of 4Rivers Smokehouse by: Larry Nighswander

Kevin’s BBQ Joints Move to Texas

Alright, it’s time to take this barbecue thing seriously. After the death of my father (and business partner) I’ve been trying to find my way. I have been doing social media freelance and odd jobs since then, but as most of you know from my blog and website, my true passion is barbecue.

I have a big announcement. I am going to quit all work I’m doing, leave the life I know here in Los Angeles, and move to Texas within the next 3-4 weeks to work at a BBQ joint (to learn the craft from someone who really lives and breaths BBQ) and travel throughout the state of Texas (and beyond) sampling the best BBQ has to offer.

Along the way I will chronicle my journey with posts, pictures, video, and more. You’ll see all of my successes and missteps. This is my true calling and I must answer it.

If you’d like to donate to my crazy bbq adventure (as well as my blog) and know that you are helping me fulfill my dream, I set up a paypal donate button (no donation is too small). I plan on using the proceeds towards setting up my trip, moving, and getting me on my feet in Texas. I thank you in advance.

All you have to do is click this button and paypal will walk you through the rest.

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5 Great BBQ Joint Pics

Here are 5 great BBQ Joint pictures from BBQ friends across the country from some of the best BBQ blogs out there. Be sure to stop be each and every one of them as they are always providing great BBQ pics and info.

Photo of Black’s Barbecue – Lockhart, TX courtesy of The Georgia Barbecue Hunt

Photo of Mable’s Smokehouse – Brooklyn, NY courtesy of

Photo of Buster Rhino’s BBQ – Whitby Ontario Canada courtesy of Oshawa Ogre’s Views, News & BBQ’s

Photo of Lockhart Smokehouse – Dallas, TX courtesy of Texas BBQ Posse

Photo of Sauceman’s BBQ – Charlotte, NC courtesy of Big Wayner’s BBQ Blog

Southern Hospitality BBQ – New York – Expanding Nationwide

It looks like Southern Hospitality BBQ is expanding beyond it’s two locations in New York. Per the article from Nation’s Restaurant news here, Rocker and frontman for the band OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder, has signed on to become the first franchisee of the Southern Hospitality BBQ brand out of New York, with plans to bring the Memphis-style barbecue concept to at least 10 cities across the country.”

The article goes on to say, “The first 10 markets Tedder has targeted for a Southern Hospitality BBQ unit are Denver, Colo.; Nashville, Tenn.; Scottsdale/Phoenix, Ariz.; Dallas, Austin and Houston, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Palo Alto, Calif.; New Orleans and Atlanta.” They are”planning to continue growing company locations of the brand in New York and other select cities, as well as bringing in other franchisees, both domestic and international.”

I haven’t been to either New York location yet, but I’ve heard the atmosphere is a big part of the reason people go. Here’s a review of their BBQ by Gary at

Here are links to their two New York spots:
Southern Hospitality BBQ – 2nd Ave.
Southern Hospitality BBQ – Hell’s Kitchen

I’d love to know what your thoughts are if you’ve visited either location.

Follow them on twitter HERE

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“My Favorite BBQ Joints” – List of 17

After last week’s contribution by Josh Ozersky to ‘My Favorite BBQ Joints’ we now have 17 posts from people from all walks of life. Here are ALL of the contributors so far in the order they were posted (just click on their name to see their favorite BBQ Joints):

Amy Mills – 17th Street Bar & Grill
Chris Phillips – Squirrel Nut Zippers
John T. Edge – Southern Foodways Alliance
Drew Robinson – Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q
Heath Hall – Pork Barrel BBQ
Kevin Pang – The Chicago Tribune
Jamie Deen – The Deen Brothers
Albert Nurick – H Town Chow Down
Rod Gray – Pellet Envy
Danielle Dimovski – Diva Q
James Boo – The Eaten Path
Dave Anderson – Famous Dave’s Barbecue
Ray Lampe – Dr. BBQ
Simon Majumdar – Dos Hermanos
Daniel Vaughn – Full Custom Gospel BBQ
Clare Grant – Team Unicorn
Josh Ozersky – OzerskyTV

Check back in as I have some really incredible ones coming up. Thanks again to everyone that participated so far and if there is anyone you’d like to see contribute their favorite BBQ joints let me know and I’ll search them out.

Bludso’s BBQ – Compton, CA – Review

When you ask anyone that knows anything about barbecue what their favorite BBQ Joint is in Los Angeles is, 9 times out of 10 you’re going to hear Bludso’s BBQ in Compton. Compton? Thanks to Dr. Dre, the late Easy-E, Snoop Dogg, and filmmaker John Singleton’s Boyz in the Hood the word Compton conjures up a mythical place that sends chills up the spine of suburbanites everywhere. I can’t say that’s the entire reason I have held off on visiting as I have been extremely busy, but after my correspondent (The Notorious P.I.G.) visited 6 months ago and couldn’t stop raving about it, I should have just bucked up and gone.

Well this Saturday he got me to make the trip to what is now my new favorite BBQ joint.

If you’re not looking carefully, you will definitely pass it the first time you drive by:

Another exterior shot:

Inside there are two windows for you to order and pick up as well as a small counter to the right with three bar stools:


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City Market – Luling, Texas – BBQ Video

Here’s a great video from DallasFood of City Market in Luling, Texas. The music is a little trying after a while, but it really gives you a nice behind the scene visit of this iconic Texas BBQ Joint.

Photo of City Market courtesy of Full Custom Gospel BBQ

Have you been to City Market? What are your thoughts? What are your favorite BBQ items to order from here?

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6 Great BBQ Joint Pictures – Sausage

For this week’s selection of great BBQ pictures I chose to go with a theme. Below are sausage pics (or pics with sausage in them) from BBQ joints across the country.

Photo of Smitty’s Market – Lockhart, TX courtesy of The BBQ Thread

Photo of Smoke City Market – Sherman Oaks, CA

Photo of The Salt Lick Bar-B-Q – Driftwood, TX courtesy of Orthogonal Thought

Photo of Black’s Barbecue – Lockhart, TX

Photo of Smoque BBQ – Chicago, IL courtesy of

Photo of Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse – Elgin, TX

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My Dog Olwen – Pictures

Here’s a pic of her sleeping on the coach (and an example of how she got the nickname ‘Sticks’).

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