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The Cardinal – New York, NY – New BBQ Joint

Thanks to Daniel Maurer from The Local East Village for alerting me that a new BBQ Joint, The Cardinal, will be opening up mid this month in NYC. A new BBQ Joint opening always interests me, but who’s behind this project makes it much more interesting.

Photo of Curtis Brown courtesy of Melissa Hom – Grub Street

The team behind this is Curtis Brown (front man of rock band Bad Wizard) and Dov Charney (the infamous owner/founder of American Apparel). When I heard about this I kept thinking that the name Curtis Brown sounded familiar. That was because he had opened up Territory Barbecue + Records in Silver Lake, CA. It was only open for a very short period of time before closing last year. He then went back to New York to cook for Ron Silver at one of my favorite Tribeca spots, Bubby’s (I had also heard he was assisting Silver in opening up a Yokohama location for Bubby’s so not sure where that leaves that venture). He has now left Bubby’s to open The Cardinal mid this month.

Photo of Dov Charney courtesy of American Apparel

Per the piece by Daniel Maurer the joint will have a “90 percent Southern menu consisting of Memphis-style ribs, North Carolina-style pulled pork, and Texas-style brisket, as well as non-barbecue items such as lard biscuits, fried chicken, and fried pork chops with red-eye gravy. Mr. Brown’s front-of-house partner in the restaurant is Leanne Hebert-Nguyen, who worked at the clothing company for two years (before that, she was a manager at restaurants in Montreal).

It’s interesting to read that per “Mr. Brown, Mr. Charney’s “hands-off” role. “He’ll be here opening night— that kind of situation. And he gives us any support he can, helping us find stuff like light fixtures for the restaurant.” Meanwhile, the menu will reflect the relationships with purveyors that Mr. Brown developed at Bubby’s. He’ll source beef from Fleischer’s, the popular butcher of grass-fed and organic meats in Kingston, and plans to get whole pigs from Heritage Foods USA so that he can stuff his own breakfast sausages and hot links, make headcheese, and cure his own ham.”

They will be using a Southern Pride smoker. Read the piece in it’s entirety HERE

You can find it here:

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