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Online BBQ Joint Store of the Week – Black’s Barbecue

To coincide with my obsession to find and document every BBQ joint in the country I have a strange fascination with BBQ Joints that ship their BBQ around the country. I think it comes from the fact that now you can live in any corner of any state and actually sample incredible BBQ (this for sure wasn’t the case as I grew up).

I have a section of my site dedicated to all those BBQ joints HERE, but I have decided to highlight a joint a week as I believe they all deserve to shine in their own way (as each online store is as unique as the joint themselves).

This week I bring you the Black’s Barbecue Online Store. As you probably already know, Black’s Barbecue, located in Lockhart, TX is Texas’ oldest and best major barbecue restaurant continuously owned by the same family. Since many of us don’t live close enough to Lockhart to enjoy Black’s on the daily basis we’d want to, they opened up an online store that sells Barbecue, Sauces & Rubs, Gift Cards, Merchandise, and Desserts.

I recommend you order one of the bundles they have put together. One of their most popular ones is the Edgar Black’s Favorites bundle which features:

- One Beef Brisket (approximately 4 lbs)
- One rack of Pork Spare Ribs (approximately 3 lbs)
- 4 rings of Edgar Black’s Homemade Sausage
- 4 rings of Edgar Black’s Homemade Sausage – Jalapeno and Cheese
- 4 rings of Edgar Black’s Homemade Sausage – Garlic
Typically Feeds: 10-12 people
Currently $ 99.00

Per Blacks, “Our Black’s Bundles offer a great way to sample some of the best barbecue in Texas. They are our most popular items and make a great gift for family and friends, but don’t forget to order one for yourself as well.”

Here are links to the other bundles:
-Black’s Sampler
-Edgar Black’s Homemade Sausage Sampler
-Texas Trio Bundle
-Edgar Black’s Ribs Sampler
-Best of Lockhart Bundle
-Holiday Feast
-Texas Summer Feast

The great thing is that they also offer the ability to order individual barbecue items. Here are links some of their choices:
-Brisket – 2 lbs.
-Brisket – 4 lbs.
-Sausage – 4 rings
-Whole Turkey
-Spiral Cut Honey Glazed Ham
-Pork Spare Ribs
-Beef Ribs (Whole Rack)

See ALL of the barbecue you can order HERE (you’ll be amazed by the selection).

You really can’t go wrong though in ordering anything from them and right now they are offering FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all orders over $150 to the same shipping address. Let me know if you’ve had their BBQ before and if you’ve ordered some to be shipped to your home or office.

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