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5 Great BBQ Joint Pics

If you haven’t checked out you are really missing out. It’s a great resource for not only BBQ, but cool food spots across the country. Today’s BBQ Joint pictures are all exclusively from Enjoy!

Fat Matt’s Rib Shack – Atlanta, GA

Photo of Fat Matt’s Rib Shack courtesy of Cliff Strutz –

Bar-B-Q King – Charlotte, NC

Photo of Bar-B-Q King courtesy of Michael Stern –

Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant – Franklin, TN

Photo of Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant courtesy of Michael Stern –

Interstate Bar-B-Q – Memphis TN

Photo of Interstate Bar-B-Q courtesy of Michael Stern –

Williamson Brothers Barbeque – Marietta, GA

Photo of Williamson Brothers Barbeque courtesy of Cliff Strutz –

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Fatty Cue’ – Brooklyn, NY – BBQ Joint Video

Here’s a great BBQ Joint video sent to me by Robbie Richter (yes former renowned pitmaster of Hill Country Barbecue in NYC and Fatty Cue’ in Brooklyn). It’s from Gothamist and entitled “How Your Pork Gets Smoked at Fatty ‘Cue”. It’s time lapse and rather amazing.

How the Pig Gets Smoked at Fatty ‘Cue from Gregory Stefano on Vimeo.

Photo of the pork from Fatty Cue’ courtesy of Dan Lurie – Gothamist

You can see the video as well as photos HERE. Have you been to Fatty Cue’? What are your thoughts and what do you think of this video?

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My Dog Olwen – Pictures

OK, I’m probably slightly biased, but I really do think Olwen is quite the photogenic dog. She’s a handful mind you, but we couldn’t imagine life without her. Here’s the first of a series of daily (maybe every other day) pics of her.

Would love to here about your dog (or pet) below.

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Online BBQ Joint Store of the Week – Black’s Barbecue

To coincide with my obsession to find and document every BBQ joint in the country I have a strange fascination with BBQ Joints that ship their BBQ around the country. I think it comes from the fact that now you can live in any corner of any state and actually sample incredible BBQ (this for sure wasn’t the case as I grew up).

I have a section of my site dedicated to all those BBQ joints HERE, but I have decided to highlight a joint a week as I believe they all deserve to shine in their own way (as each online store is as unique as the joint themselves).

This week I bring you the Black’s Barbecue Online Store. As you probably already know, Black’s Barbecue, located in Lockhart, TX is Texas’ oldest and best major barbecue restaurant continuously owned by the same family. Since many of us don’t live close enough to Lockhart to enjoy Black’s on the daily basis we’d want to, they opened up an online store that sells Barbecue, Sauces & Rubs, Gift Cards, Merchandise, and Desserts.

I recommend you order one of the bundles they have put together. One of their most popular ones is the Edgar Black’s Favorites bundle which features:

- One Beef Brisket (approximately 4 lbs)
- One rack of Pork Spare Ribs (approximately 3 lbs)
- 4 rings of Edgar Black’s Homemade Sausage
- 4 rings of Edgar Black’s Homemade Sausage – Jalapeno and Cheese
- 4 rings of Edgar Black’s Homemade Sausage – Garlic
Typically Feeds: 10-12 people
Currently $ 99.00

Per Blacks, “Our Black’s Bundles offer a great way to sample some of the best barbecue in Texas. They are our most popular items and make a great gift for family and friends, but don’t forget to order one for yourself as well.”

Here are links to the other bundles:
-Black’s Sampler
-Edgar Black’s Homemade Sausage Sampler
-Texas Trio Bundle
-Edgar Black’s Ribs Sampler
-Best of Lockhart Bundle
-Holiday Feast
-Texas Summer Feast

The great thing is that they also offer the ability to order individual barbecue items. Here are links some of their choices:
-Brisket – 2 lbs.
-Brisket – 4 lbs.
-Sausage – 4 rings
-Whole Turkey
-Spiral Cut Honey Glazed Ham
-Pork Spare Ribs
-Beef Ribs (Whole Rack)

See ALL of the barbecue you can order HERE (you’ll be amazed by the selection).

You really can’t go wrong though in ordering anything from them and right now they are offering FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all orders over $150 to the same shipping address. Let me know if you’ve had their BBQ before and if you’ve ordered some to be shipped to your home or office.

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Charlie Brown Farms – Little Rock, CA – BBQ Review

One of my Los Angeles correspondents, The Notorious P.I.G., stopped by Charlie Brown Farms in Little Rock, California over the weekend and sent me a report about the “Real Texas Bar-B-Que” that they server daily.

Here’s his report.: “It’s in a market that sells award winning honey and jerky. They have nuts and candies, mini donuts, shakes, hard to find sodas, and a wine tasting room among other regular market foods.”

“Meat was tender, had good smoky flavor, nice char on outside, but a little too fatty.”


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Josh Ozersky – My Favorite BBQ Joints – Volume 18

When I originally came up with the idea for my weekly feature ‘My Favorite BBQ Joints‘ I had always hoped I’d have Josh Ozersky provide his list. If you don’t know Josh, he is the executive producer and host of Ozersky.TV (you seriously have to check the videos out here, but don’t blame me if you fall behind on anything else you have to do for the day). He also writes the “Taste of America” column for Time Magazine and is the author of The Hamburger: A History and Meet Me In Manhattan: A Carnivore’s Guide to New York City. He’s a winner of the James Beard Award for food writing, was formerly the editor of New York Magazine‘s food blog, Grub Street, and the National Restaurant Editor of Citysearch. If that wasn’t enough, he writes a cooking column for Rachael His next book, Colonel Sanders and The American Dream, will be published next year.

Here are Josh’s favorite BBQ joints in his words:

Shorty’s BBQ – Miami FL
Shorty’s lacks all credibility as a BBQ; partially owing to its generally mediocre meat and partially to the fact that it is two blocks from Dadeland, the consummate soulless Florida mall. But it was here that I first encountered barbecue — and when Shorty’s caught on fire in 1972, learned the fear and contingency that underlay the smoky arts. I was just five years old; and I cried as it burned. The warm, peppery, tobacco-like sauce that sits in tubs of warm water still brings me pleasure when I encounter it, and I had a jar of Shorty’s sauce on my writing desk for many years.

Photo of Shorty’s BBQ courtesy of Inside Fort Lauderdale

The Pit Bar-B-Q – Miami FL
The Pit, on the other hand, was the place were I first encountered great barbecue. I can’t speak to its quality now, having not eaten there for many years; but the sauceless pungency of its sliced — not pulled — pork sandwich made me unspeakably happy. The unbearably long and featureless drive down the Tamiami Trail was almost more than my infant mind could bear, but the giddy expectation took the edge off the boredom, and the ride back was stultfied by a woozy, blissfull satiation.

Photo of the exterior of The Pit Bar-B-Q

RUB – New York, NY
I was fully formed as a barbecuer and judge when RUB opened, and thought I knew it all. Moreover, given the fact that its owner, Andrew Fishchel, was like myself a nerdy, bombastic Jewish wiseass, I was sure it would be the latest gallant but flawed effort at urban barbecue. But Andrew and his pitmaster, Scotty Smith, created something truly inventive there, and continue to make the place a workshop of all that is best and creative in barbecue. Yes, they can still make flawless KCBS style ribs. But it’s the pastrami burnt ends, the smoked pork confit, the world-class bacon, triple smoked and flash-fried in lard, that keep me intrigued and excited after lo these many years of gluttony.

Photo of RUB BBQ

Hill Country Barbecue Market – New York, NY
I was likewise present at the creation of Hill Country, and in fact my best friend was the pitmaster. I had my happiest hours of my thirties, wandering in at random, going right into the back, and taking choice little bites of salt-and-pepper brisket and plump, explosive jalapeno sausage, and even the occasional rib steak. Robbie Richter, the pitmaster, did a magnificent job running the pits on imported Texas post oak and I washed down all the magnificent fat and salt with the sweetest imaginable exlir – a “Hill Country Cooler” of Tito’s vodka, triple sec, and Tang. Good Times!

Photo of Hill Country Barbecue Market courtesy of Eater

Scott’s BBQ – Hemingway SC
My life in barbecue continues to grow and shift, and I keep learning more all the time, reminded forcefully again and again just how petty and poor my self-satisfaction is. I think I know it all — as I did at the Pit, as I did at RUB — and then I find out how little I know. I thought Carolina barbecue was a hoax until I met Rodney Scott, and tasted the meltingly tender, peppery, piquant, whole hog that he cooks in his fabled pits — and then bit the supremely crisp skin of the pigs, and then put the two together, rolled them in white bread, and washed them down with strawberry soda. I was hot and happy and glad to have been so dumb; because the surprise was almost as good as the barbecue.

Photo of Scott’s BBQ courtesy of Peter Frank Edwards / The New York Times / Redux

You can check out Josh on twitter HERE
Check out Ozersky.TV on facebook HERE

BBQ Pro Shop Knife and Sauce Giveaway – Winners!

We have winners for the BBQ Pro Shop Giveaway. We had an incredible 412 entries! Here are the prizes again:

Here are the prizes again (see winning drawing below):
1 – Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich 5.5″ Dragon Dagger

1 – Jar of Big Butz BBQ Sauce – Xtra Hot

1 – Jar of Meat Mitch Naked Whomp! HFCS Free BBQ Sauce


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The Cardinal – New York, NY – New BBQ Joint

Thanks to Daniel Maurer from The Local East Village for alerting me that a new BBQ Joint, The Cardinal, will be opening up mid this month in NYC. A new BBQ Joint opening always interests me, but who’s behind this project makes it much more interesting.

Photo of Curtis Brown courtesy of Melissa Hom – Grub Street

The team behind this is Curtis Brown (front man of rock band Bad Wizard) and Dov Charney (the infamous owner/founder of American Apparel). When I heard about this I kept thinking that the name Curtis Brown sounded familiar. That was because he had opened up Territory Barbecue + Records in Silver Lake, CA. It was only open for a very short period of time before closing last year. He then went back to New York to cook for Ron Silver at one of my favorite Tribeca spots, Bubby’s (I had also heard he was assisting Silver in opening up a Yokohama location for Bubby’s so not sure where that leaves that venture). He has now left Bubby’s to open The Cardinal mid this month.

Photo of Dov Charney courtesy of American Apparel

Per the piece by Daniel Maurer the joint will have a “90 percent Southern menu consisting of Memphis-style ribs, North Carolina-style pulled pork, and Texas-style brisket, as well as non-barbecue items such as lard biscuits, fried chicken, and fried pork chops with red-eye gravy. Mr. Brown’s front-of-house partner in the restaurant is Leanne Hebert-Nguyen, who worked at the clothing company for two years (before that, she was a manager at restaurants in Montreal).

It’s interesting to read that per “Mr. Brown, Mr. Charney’s “hands-off” role. “He’ll be here opening night— that kind of situation. And he gives us any support he can, helping us find stuff like light fixtures for the restaurant.” Meanwhile, the menu will reflect the relationships with purveyors that Mr. Brown developed at Bubby’s. He’ll source beef from Fleischer’s, the popular butcher of grass-fed and organic meats in Kingston, and plans to get whole pigs from Heritage Foods USA so that he can stuff his own breakfast sausages and hot links, make headcheese, and cure his own ham.”

They will be using a Southern Pride smoker. Read the piece in it’s entirety HERE

You can find it here:

View Larger Map

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Mamma Pig’s BBQ Roadhouse – Windsor, CA – New BBQ Joint

Looks like there is a new BBQ joint in the Sonoma area. Mamma Pig’s BBQ Roadhouse opened on July 4th in downtown Windsor, California.

Here’s information from their site, “Our name is a tribute to all of our Mammas, from Mamma Stow out on Fulton road in the early 30’s with her pig, to Bryan’s maternal grandmother, in South Carolina, Betty Bryan Seay Neumeyer, who passed away 4 years ago. She was called “Mamma”, and she started collecting pigs in the late 1930s.”

“Mamma Pig’s are tendered now by Bryan’s grandpa and our little mascot, Elseay, plays with them when they go visit family down south. Mamma Pig’s was also Bryan and Matthew’s first venture at Windsor Farmer’s Market, ten years ago. Now, with Sonoma Essence as partners, we are building on that story by sharing a connection to Sonoma County, products that are Local, Natural and found within the four corners of Sonoma County.” Below is a photo when they were testing out main and side dishes:


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Clare Grant – My Favorite BBQ Joints – Volume 17

For this week’s ‘My Favorite BBQ Joints‘ I am lucky to have Clare Grant participate. She is a Memphis-born actress who grew up very involved in the local theater and film scene. Upon graduation from the University of Memphis for Theater Performance, she had a short modeling career overseas before she began acting professionally. Her first role was a small but pivotal one in Walk the Line. Shortly after, she moved to LA to pursue acting full time.

While in Memphis, Clare met local director, Craig Brewer, who cast her in several independent films before casting her in his first studio film, Black Snake Moan, and later as the lead in his MTV series, $5 Cover. After that, Clare immediately found luck in LA, booking a leading role in the Emmy award-winning Showtime series Masters of Horror, as well as several other film and television guest and starring roles in shows such as CSI: Miami, Robot Chicken, Warren the Ape and The Graves. Living in Memphis gave her a strong grounding in what real deal BBQ is all about.

Here is her short and sweet (actually more savory) list in her words:

The Bar-B-Q Shop – Memphis, TN
My favorite BBQ place in Memphis is called The Bar-B-Q Shop. It is in Mid-Town Memphis on Madison Ave. It’s the first place I head to when I fly in to town. They have the best ribs and hands down the best pork shoulder sandwich ever. On Texas Toast. It’s amazing.

Photo of The Bar-B-Q Shop courtesy of The Eaten Path

Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous – Memphis, TN
Also in Memphis, I love the Rendezvous. It’s classic Memphis style BBQ in downtown Memphis.

Photo of Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous courtesy of

J.R.’s BBQ – Los Angeles, CA
In Los Angeles, I make the trek to J.R.’s BBQ on South LaCienega. It’s the only BBQ in LA that meets my BBQ standards.

Photo of J.R.’s BBQ courtesy of Stve W. – Yelp

Here is some additional information about Clare:
As a producer, Clare has focused on pop-culture geek related projects. With Rileah Vanderbilt, she created & starred in the short film Saber, which won two awards (Audience Choice & Best Action) at the LucasFilm Star Wars Fan Film Awards. With her creative partners in Team Unicorn, she has helped to create and produce the viral sensations: G33K & G4M3R Girls, A Very Zombie Holiday and superHarmony.

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