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Bags Packed – Next Stop Austin, TX

My bags are packed and I’m heading to Austin, Texas in the morning to begin my new journey with JMueller BBQ.

If you’re in Austin (or the surrounding area) be sure to stop in to say hi and of course, if you have any tips (BBQ or otherwise) for Austin/Central Texas please let me know.

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Charlie McKenna – My Favorite BBQ Joints – Volume 19

I’m really excited about this week’s participant in ‘My Favorite BBQ Joints‘. Chef Charlie McKenna from Lillie’s Q in Chicago, IL. He has won numerous awards on the competition barbeque circuit including the top prize at Memphis In May. Charlie brings this competition style barbeque to Lillie’s Q (named after both his maternal grandmother Lillie, who taught Charlie the art of southern cooking as a young boy at her home in Greenville, SC and for his father, Quito, who is an award-winning barbecue pit master).

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Charlie went on to some of the top restaurants in the United States, doing stints in Miami, New York and Chicago. He honed his culinary craft along the way while keeping an eye on his ultimate goal, opening Lillie’s Q. In July 2010, Charlie fired up his smokers in Bucktown, and has been smoking 24 hours a day since. Returning to his barbeque roots, Charlie is slow smoking pork shoulder, tri-tip, baby back ribs and chicken in custom-built smokers over peach wood and charcoal that go perfectly with his award-winning homemade rubs and sauces.

Here are Charlie’s Favorite BBQ Joints in his words:

10 Bones BBQ – Southaven, MS
They’re our buddies on the competition BBQ circuit. Really love their attention to detail they put into their smoking. Their whole hog and ribs
are excellent.

Photo of 10 Bones BBQ

Smoque BBQ – Chicago, IL
Barry and crew helped put North Side of Chicago BBQ on the map. They make the best brisket I’ve ever had in my life. I also really like their hot link. Barry’s also one of the nicest guys around.

Photo of Smoque BBQ courtesy of Full Custom Gospel BBQ

Honky Tonk BBQ – Chicago, IL
I love the atmosphere here, the live music, and their candy bacon is ridiculously good. Willy’s a good friend from Chicago and the competition BBQ circuit: that guy knows how to party.

Photo of Honky Tonk BBQ courtesy of Justin B. – Yelp

Three Little Pigs BBQ – Taylors, SC
This place reminds me of my childhood. It’s the first place that I really got into eating BBQ as a kid while visiting my grandparents. Their mustard sauce is one of my favorites.

Lillie’s Q – Destin, FL
This is the BBQ shack I helped open with my parents back in 2008. My dad runs the show here: everyone calls him The Mayor. He BBQs on an open pit there — old school style. They just did a great remodel of the space, so it’s not a complete shit hole anymore. I love the corn salad, potato salad, and smoked chicken salad there.

If you want to learn a bit more about Chef McKenna check out these 20 Questions posed to him by the Chicago Food Snob HERE

JMueller BBQ Has a New Employee from California

After searching for a few weeks and talking to a number of BBQ joints in Central Texas I have landed an apprenticeship. John Mueller has decided to take me under his wing at his new BBQ Joint JMueller BBQ which is opening in Austin, Texas on Monday September 26th.

John, the son of Bobby Mueller (Louie Mueller Barbecue) will be working me harder than I’ve ever worked before, but at the same time I’ll be immersed in the world of barbecue that I love and hopefully I’ll glean knowledge on how he makes his renowned brisket as well as his almost as famous sausage, beef and pork ribs, turkey and pork loin (included in this indoctrination will be a crash course in every other down and dirty aspect of working at a BBQ joint). He is being kind enough to let me sleep on his couch for a few months to get myself on my feet in Texas as I learn the ropes. I couldn’t be more appreciative of this unique opportunity.

So I hope you get a chance to stop by Austin to check us out in person and of course you’ll be able to keep progress of me and my experiences at JMueller BBQ here at my blog which I’ll continue to keep up to date, however it will focus a lot more of the comings and goings of the BBQ world from the inside out.

For more information about John Mueller and his BBQ check out an article from Scrumptious Chef HERE and HERE

You can see visit us when we open next week here:

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5 Great BBQ Joint Pics

Here are (5) great BBQ Joint pics from BBQ Bloggers and Food sites across the country.

Kreuz Market – Lockhart, TX via Full Custom Gospel BBQ

John Brown Smokehouse – Long Island City, NY via

Lillie’s Q – Chicago, IL via Grub Street Chicago

Bar B Q King – Charlotte, NC via

Dreamland Barbecue – Roswell, GA via The Georgia Barbecue Hunt

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Smoking Pig BBQ – San Jose, CA – New BBQ Joint

San Jose has a new BBQ joint. Smoking Pig BBQ. I haven’t been yet, but here’s how they represent themselves, “Smoking Pig BBQ secret recipes have been in our family for generations. Our award-wining sauces, rubs and ribs are a hit wherever we go.”

Photo Courtesy of Ben W. – Yelp

“By using traditional, low and slow BBQ methods and no shortcuts, you can be sure you are getting the very best. While this is a more time-consuming and expensive process, we take pride in doing it right. All our sauces and rubs are handmade, from fresh and natural ingredients.”

Have you been? I’d love to hear how it is and what you liked best (or didn’t like) about it.

You can check it out personally here:

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Socks’ Love Rub Company

Just received some rub from Socks’ Love Rub Company. Can’t wait to give it a try!

Follow Socks’ Love Rub Company on twitter HERE

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It’s Official – John Mueller is Back – Austin Joint to Open Sept. 26th

The most anticipated BBQ Joint opening in Austin in years is finally coming to fruition. JMueller BBQ just announced via twitter that John Mueller will be offering his brisket (among other things – see Scrumptous Chef) to the masses on Monday September 26th at 10 AM. Once I have more details I will provide them. Wonder what time the line will start on Sunday?

Link to JMueller BBQ on twitter HERE
Link to JMueller BBQ on facebook HERE

You can find JMueller BBQ here:

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Here’s a new piece on the announcement from Eater Austin
Here’s a great TIMELINE OF EVENTS from Scrumptious Chef

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5 Great BBQ Joint Pics

Here are five BBQ Joint pics to whet your appetite for this weekend. If you stop by a BBQ Joint, shoot me an email or tweet me as I’d love to see pics.

Two Bros. BBQ Market – San Antonio, TX courtesy of Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ

Smokey D’s BBQ – Des Moines, IA courtesy of The BBQ Grail

Fette Sau – Brooklyn, NY courtesy of

Marion Pit Bar-B-Q – Marion, KY courtesy of

Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Que – Tyler, TX courtesy of Texas BBQ Posse

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