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The Salt Lick Bar-B-Q – Round Rock, Texas

On my way back from the BBQ pit in Austin one day I decided to stop by the OTHER location for The Salt Lick in Round Rock located right next to the minor league Round Rock Dragon’s stadium. Here are some initial photos. Review and additional pics to follow.

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Texas Picture of the Day

Here’s a photo from Elgin I took last week. It’s the logo for Spec’s, a wine, spirits, and fine foods store which has a large number of locations throughout Texas.

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Kreuz Market – Lockhart, Texas – 1st Photos

My last stop of my Lockhart, Texas BBQ trip last week was Kreuz Market. The first thing you notice as you drive up and subsequently walk in is how massive this building is and how many BBQ hungry souls it could feed at one time. Here are some initial pics. Review and additional photos will follow.

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Black’s Barbecue – Lockhart, Texas – 1st Photos

Black’s Barbecue, the oldest family-owned barbecue restaurant in Texas, was my second stop last week during my trip to Lockhart, TX. Here are some initial photos. Review and additional pics to follow.

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Southern Soul Barbeque Sauce Giveaway – Winners

We have our (3) winners for the Southern Soul Barbeque small batch BBQ sauce giveaway. Thanks to for the assistance with the drawing.

Here are the winners:
Alan Giella (facebook entry)
@lexiquin (twitter entry)
@mcharcuterie (twitter entry)

Each winner will receive the following 4-Pack of Sauces from Southern Soul Barbeque to include:

-1 Bottle of Sweet Georgia Soul
-1 Bottle of Low Country Soul
-1 Bottle of Hot Country Soul
-1 Bottle of Red Swine Wine

Thanks again to Griffin and Harrison from Southern Soul Barbeque in St. Simons Island, Georgia for providing such a great prize package. Note their small batch craft BBQ sauces that are now available to the public via their website HERE as well as a few featured local and regional retailers.

If you are one of the winners please email me with your address so your prizes can be shipped to you.

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Smitty’s Market – Lockhart, Texas – 1st Photos

The iconic Smitty’s Market was my first stop last week during my trip to Lockhart, TX. Here are some initial photos. Review and additional pics to follow.

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Coming Up This Week at Kevin’s BBQ Joints

I’ve been out of the loop for about a week with the opening of JMueller BBQ in Austin while stories and photos have been backing up for me to get out on my blog. Here’s a quick list of what you can look forward to this week.

-Photos and first impressions of Taylor, TX
-Winners announced for Southern Soul Barbeque Small Batch Sauce Giveway
-Photos and review of Smitty’s Market – Lockhart, TX
-Photos and review of Black’s Barbecue – Lockhart, TX
-Photos and review of Kreuz Market – Lockhart, TX

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JMueller BBQ – First Day Pics

I am headed back to the BBQ Joint in Austin, but wanted to get some pics posted of our first day. It was definitely an incredible experience, especially since I have never worked in a the food service industry before yesterday. I have a new found respect for all of those involved with working at trailers, restaurants, and BBQ joints. It’s tough, tough work that can be best described as controlled chaos.

We sold out of all of the meat in 2 hours even though it poured rain for about an hour of that time. Thanks again to everyone that showed up on the opening day and again, I can’t thank John enough for teaching me the world of Texas BBQ.

Photo of the barbecue courtesy of Brisketexan –

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Davis Grocery & Bar-B-Q – Taylor, TX

I had a free moment so I headed over to Davis Grocery & Bar-B-Q in Taylor, TX (the third of the three well-known BBQ joint here). It’s over some train tracks near the end of a very unassuming road dotted with what looked like run down businesses and residences. Then, out of what seems like nowhere, you see a nice parking lot and modern structure.

You enter to a small market stocked with incidentals, but right dead center is a large table with a BBQ warmer on it along with a cutting board and cash register. Owner and pitmaster James Davis Jr. greeted me and after a little back and forth I asked what should I order. He replied, “Everything.”

He then proceed to cut me a bit of brisket (which was much moister than the picture below depicts), beef sausage, sliced off chunks of pork rib, and mutton (which I was intending to order from the onset).

As I mentioned above, the brisket was very good. Not too smokey and cooked spot on. The pork ribs too were tasty. I wasn’t blown away by the sausage, however I believe they have that shipped in from Elgin, and sadly, the mutton didn’t do it for me. It was pretty game and had an unusual texture (now mind you this is my first taste of mutton and hopefully it’ll grow on me as I know a number of Texas BBQ Joints serve it). The sauce was smokey and slightly sweet, but complimented the brisket well.

What struck me was how nice everyone there was. Not only the small amount of staff, but the people at the tables. A woman sitting next to me with her eighty-two year old mother instantly struck up a conversation me about BBQ and Taylor. It takes me aback a bit as that doesn’t happen often in Los Angeles. It’s been that way throughout my almost two week Texas adventure.

I would definitely make Davis Grocery & BBQ one of your stops as you head out to Taylor. Really good BBQ in a warm setting.

You can visit it yourself here:

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