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Larry J’s House of Q – Chelsea, MA via

I recently read a small write-up on Larry J’s House of Q in Chelsea, Massachusetts at, so to learn more I instantly went to which is my go to source for anything New England area BBQ.

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Since I haven’t been yet, I figured could put it best, “A usual downside of over-the-counter joints is lack of appetizers, but Larry J’s is almost singlehandedly changing that paradigm with a bevy of innovative treats: rib tips, burnt ends, Fire Balls (spicy meatballs with spicier dipping sauce), wings, chili, Hawg Wings (pork shanks), catfish bites and more.”

Photo of their sausage courtesy of continues, “The barbecue menu is equally far reaching, with both pork ribs (St Louis cut spares) and beef shortribs, pulled pork, sliced brisket, two varieties of sausage, smoked and pulled chicken. Beyond ‘cue, there’s a burger, a veggie burger, a catfish sandwich, assorted stuffed baked potatoes and four salads. Although not mentioned as such on the menu, cornbread is included with platters. I like that chili is available as one of the choices for sides. I almost like the way the combo plates (up to four meats) are configured, with different prices depending on whether ribs are included, but the only way you can get chicken on a combo is paired with ribs.”

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Read the rest of the review HERE and do yourself a huge favor and check out his site for information on BBQ joints in New York City, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. If there’s a BBQ joint in any of these states chances are he knows about them.

Check out Larry J’s House of Q yourself here:

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