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Bigmista’s Barbecue Visit – Sherman Oaks, CA

Got a chance to head over to see my friend Neil Strawder of Bigmista’s Barbecue on Tuesday at the Sherman Oaks Farmers Market. I got the Bigmista Plate along with a few additional items.

Neil smiling per usual

Hot link and Brisket

Pork Rib and pulled pork



Pulled chicken

Another shot of the pulled pork

His food was spot on as usual. Loved the pulled pork and brisket. The pulled chicken was definitely a unique way to serve it and had a nice, somewhat spicy (yet used lightly to coat) sauce that added to the richness of the flavor. Note that his hot link is really on the spicy side so be sure to have a cold beverage handy. The only sides I tried (not photographed though) were the slaw and beans. The slaw is mellow with hints of pineapple and the beans have a husky flavor with a backbone of molasses. I realized, on my drive away, that I had forgotten to get BBQ sauce, but after about five bites of the meat I knew that his BBQ doesn’t require sauce at all.

You can visit him every Tuesday from 3PM to 8PM in Sherman Oaks here:

View Larger Map

You can see all of the locations he vends his BBQ at HERE

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The Bear Pit – BBQ Joint – Mission Hills, CA – Commercial

I am planning on revisiting The Bear Pit in Mission Hills, California in a couple of weeks since I haven’t eaten their ‘Missouri Style’ BBQ in about 20 years.

In the mean time I do want to share their high production commercial that is circling the airwaves in Los Angeles quite frequently as of late. I have no idea when it was initially filmed, but it seems to either be trying to be campy or is simply very corny. The kid at the end creeps me out big time for some reason. See it here:

You can see their menu HERE

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The Top Tweeters in BBQ

For good or bad, there’s always the ‘follower count’ that people look at for Twitter. I’m always interested in how many followers one has, but it’s not the key factor as to whether I will follow someone or not. One’s popularity, when it comes to social media, isn’t always based on one’s real world popularity. Sometimes all it takes is jumping on something in it’s infancy, but to continue to develop a following, especially when it comes to Twitter, you have to consistently put out good content and of course interact with your follower base.

When it comes to followers on Twitter, under the large umbrella of BBQ, there’s the undisputed champion Pork Barrel BBQ (well over 31,000 followers) and everyone else, but out of curiosity, and my penchant for creating tasks that drain my time, I decided to create a monthly list of 47 of the top twitter users according to their number of followers (you’ll see that I included people who tweet about BBQ and BBQ joints as well as BBQ joint and products that are related).

If I have missed anyone (and I know that I have) that should be on this list, please post below or tweet me I’ll be sure to update and/or add them to the next list (note all follower numbers are current as of 4/18/12.

1. Pork Barrel BBQ – @porkbarrelbbq – 31,397 followers
2. Famous Dave’s – @Famous_Daves – 27,494 followers
3. Weber Grills – @WeberGrills – 22,765 followers
4. Scott Roberts – @ScottRoberts – 8,426 followers
5. J.C. Reid – @houston_foodie – 6,140 followers
6. Robb Walsh – @robbwalsh – 6,462 followers
7. Franklin Barbecue – @FranklinBbq – 5,671 followers
8. Daniel Vaughn – @BBQSnob – 5,462 followers
9. Stubb’s BBQ Sauce – @stubbsbbqsauce – 5,426 followers
10. Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ – @ManUpTexasBBQ – 4,929 followers
11. Jim N Nick’s Bar-B-Q – @jimnnicksbbq – 4,585 followers
12. Adam Perry Lang – @AdamPerryLang – 4,578 followers
13. Jason Day – @BBQAddictsJason – 4,139 followers
14. Pig of the Month BBQ – @iheartbbq – 3,928 followers
15. Danielle Dimovski – @DivaQBBQ – 3,681 followers
16. BBQ Pitmasters – @BBQPitmasters – 3,664 followers
17. Meyer’s Sausage – @cuetopia – 3,331 followers
18. Gary Glen – @GaryGlen – 3,301 followers
19. Steven Raichlen – @sraichlen – 3,287 follower
20. Ray Lampe – @DrBBQ – 3,255 followers
21. Larry Gaian – @BBQGrail – 3,231 followers
22. Kevin’s BBQ Joints – @KevinsBBQJoints – 3,126 followers
23. Hill Country NYC – @HillCountryNY – 2,948 followers
24. Big Mistas BBQ – @BigMistasBBQ – 2,937 followers
25. Amy Mills – @17thstreetbbq – 2,865 followers
26. Big Green Egg – @BigGreenEggInc – 2,711 followers
27. Myron Mixon – @Lord_of_Q – 2,356 followers
28. Meathead Goldwyn – @ribguy – 2,275 followers
29. Big Butz BBQ Sauce – @BigButzBBQ – 2,481 followers
30. Peg Leg Porker – @PegLegPorker – 2,477 followers
31. Fox Bros Bar-B-Q – @foxbrosbbq – 2,345 followers
32. Jack Stack Barbecue – @jackstackbbq – 2,203 followers
33. Kingsford Charcoal – @TweetKingsford – 2,084 followers
34. BBQ Pro Shop – @BBQPro – 2,076 – followers
35. Martin’s BBQ Joint – @martinsbbq – 1,980 followers
36. Oklahoma Joe’s – @OklahomaJoesBBQ – 1,981 followers
37. Southern Soul Barbeque – @southernsoulbbq – 1,833 followers
38. hanneke – @hanneke158 – 1,816 followers
39. Spring St. Smoke House – @SpringStreetBBQ – 1,663 followers
40. Whiskey Bent BBQ – @WhiskeyBentBBQ – 1,644 followers
41. Fulmer – @Fulmer – 1,560 followers
42. Ronnie Halcomb – @smokinronnie – 1,585 followers
43. Lockhart Smokehouse – @DallasLockhart – 1,547 followers
44. Wilfred Reinke – @OshawaOgre – 1,455 followers
45. Dickeys Barbecue Pit – @Dickeys – 1,467 followers
46. JMueller BBQ – @JMuellerBBQ – 1,374 followers
47. Charlotte Gonzales – @PhatMattsBBQ – 1,367 followers
48. Grilling with Rich @GrillingWRich – 1,335 followers
49. Gettin’ Sauced – @GettinSauced – 1,313 followers

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Hays County Barbeque – San Marcos, Texas – BBQ Pics

You know I’m a sucker for BBQ pics, and here are some great BBQ pics from Hays County Barbeque in San Marcos, Texas.

Have you been to Hays County Barbeque yet? What are your thoughts? What’s your favorite dish?

Follow them on facebook HERE

You can check out Hays County Barbeque yourself here:

View Larger Map

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