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Randolph’s Smoke House – Los Angeles, CA – New (sort of) BBQ Joint

I kind of pride myself on knowing about a new BBQ Joint before anyone else (or at least among my immediate friends), but this one slipped through the cracks big time for me. Randolph’s Smoke House, nestled east of Inglewood and north of Compton is a already a gem (only over a year old) and a joint that I am dying to head out and try one of these weekends.

Photo courtesy of Yelp

Per LA Weekly, you may recognize owner Stephen Randolph from his recent job as owner of Chambers Shine Parlor and Shoe Repair. Seems he just followed his passion for BBQ and turned the kitchen next door to his business a BBQ Joint.

Photo courtesy of LA Weekly

From the LA Weekly article, “Once those heady fumes of smoke and meat have bombarded your senses, ordering anything less than a half-rack is nearly impossible. Randolph’s spareribs might be the most intense in town — sinewy bows of pig covered in a peppery black bark, gnarled by smoke until the layers of tender flesh have been cured as pink as an Ozark ham. Randolph swears against salt in his barbecue — it’s the salt, he proselytizes, that keeps the smoke from reaching total saturation. A week later you are elated to find that the sweatshirt you wore that day is still imbued with the sharp tang of hickory.”

Photo courtesy of Yelp

The article continues, ” There are smoked half chickens, thinly sliced tri-tip sandwiches, a rather decent beef link, and whole smoked tilapia on weekends, but to order any of them might be missing the point. You want those pork ribs: rubbed with spices, bathed in smoke and sauce, served in lean meaty strips or chopped up into thumb-sized rib tips, hunks of hog that spend an extra hour or two in the smoker until their stratum of gristle and fat collapses into edible bliss.”

Photo courtesy of LA Weekly

Really nice to hear of another quality BBQ Joint in Los Angeles. I’ll let you know my thoughts (and take tons of pics) after I visit. Please let me know if you’ve been and what your thoughts were.

Check it out yourself here:

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