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Daniel Delaney – My Favorite BBQ Joints – Volume 26

    I’ve been checking out Daniel Delaney’s VendrTv for a while now, but what really made me a huge fan of his was the Brisketlab.

    Don’t know what the Brisketlab is? Well, Daniel launched Brisketlab, a recipe development series taking place during the summer of 2012. Incredibly (to his amazement) he sold 2,500 pounds of brisket in just 48 hours. Pretty crazy, huh? Of course this attracted the attention of the national media. Here are pieces by The New York Times, FOX News, and Grubstreet.

    So when you have the time, be sure to check out all of Daniel’s projects at his site, but in the mean time, here are his favorite BBQ joints in his words:

    “I don’t love that many places so the list is pretty short. I always prefer simplicity in BBQ and don’t care much for sauce. Here are my picks:

    • Ribs at Cozy Corner in Memphis, TN
    Yes, people go gaga for the cornish hens, but I think the ribs are the real winner here. In fact, they probably rank as my favorite ribs to date. When you get the perfect bite, they have a fat as silky as fatty brisket. Unexpected, but truly wonderful.

    Photo of Cozy Corner via The Commercial Appeal

    • Turkey at Lexington #1 in Lexington, NC
    People rave about the pork. I think that’s because they haven’t tried the turkey breast. We’ve always been told that turkey is gristly, dry meat. We’ve been taught wrong.The simplicity of the all salt rub paired with oak and hickory is mind blowing. No sauce needed or wanted, this birds juicy enough already.

    Photo of Lexington #1 BBQ via Teenage Chowhound

    • Chopped Mutton at Old Hickory Bar-B-Q in Owensboro, KY
    First, I’ll say, I love mutton. It’s funky, gamey, and incredibly flavorful. And while Moonlight seems to be the fan favorite, Old Hickory is my personal pick. Their mutton stands above others I’ve had, and is best served, I think, wish a side of burgoo and sweet tea.

    Photo of Old Hickory Bar-B-Q via Full Custom Gospel BBQ

    • Fatty Brisket at Louie Mueller’s in Taylor, TX
    Louie Mueller’s holds double importance for me. It was the first piece of brisket that made me say ‘WOW!’ and is, coincidentally, some of the best in America. They’re legends at what they do, and have been able to hold tight to tradition and technique while others have slipped. They are, in my opinion, what Texas BBQ is about.

    Photo of Louie Mueller Barbecue (Fatty brisket at lower portion of photograph) via

    Here’s some additional information on Daniel:
    Daniel Delaney is a food media producer and entrepreneur, who, after finishing a street food thesis at The University of the Arts, launched VendrTV, a weekly web video series about street food. “On a mission to find the best street food around,” Dan and his crew set out to discover mobile eats from Maine to Santa Monica, and everywhere in between. In addition to profiling the best street carts across America, the show has also featured web celebrities including Gary Vaynerchuk, Veronica Belmont, and Jake & Amir. 2011 marks VendrTV’s 2nd anniversary and its 90th episode and counting. Dan is currently developing a television show, and working on his first book, both about street food. After recognizing a difficulty in staying informed about New York’s food events, Dan launched Eater’s Digest, a weekly email newsletter which aggregates and centralized all food-related activities happening in and around New York City. In 2011, Dan made his New Year’s resolution to learn about new foods through a daily web series called WTF: “What’s This Food?”.

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