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Kevin Gillespie – “My Favorite BBQ Joints” Volume 28

I got a chance to briefly meet Kevin Gillespie, one of the finalists for Bravo’s Top Chef’s sixth season, when I was working in Texas, but have always been a fan from a distance. I dig the fact that he uses sustainable (and organic) ingredients at Woodfire Grill where he is executive chef and I’m definitely interested to see what happens when he eventually opens his Atlanta BBQ Joint (plans on hold per this piece).

Here are Kevin Gillespie’s favorite BBQ Joints in his words:

LC’s BBQ – Kansas City, MO
The burnt ends are the best I’ve ever had in my life. They fry their French fries in lard.

Photo of LC’s BBQ courtesy of

Arthur Bryant’s – Kansas City, MO
Because the sauce is so distinctive. It’s like nothing I’ve ever had. Very thick, vinegary, spicy. Very different.

Photo of Arthur Bryant’s courtesy of Full Custom Gospel BBQ

Fresh Air BBQ – Jackson, GA
I grew up eating here so it’s nostalgic. They only do a couple of things and they do them very well.

Photo of Fresh Air Barbecue courtesy of The Eaten Path

Lexington #1 – North Carolina
Love the coarse chopped. Get the brown tray with extra hushpuppies.

Photo of Lexington #1 courtesy of Chules – Flickr

Allen & Sons BBQ – Chapel Hill
The meat is extra moist. They have a nice mix of coarsed and chopped. They season it well. The homemade French fries are fantastic.

Photo of Allen & Sons BBQ courtesy of Chapel Hill Journal

Skylight Inn – Aiden, NC
Chopped, whole hog BBQ. Been doing it over 100 years. That’s admirable unto itself.

Photo of Skylight Inn courtesy of

Wilbur’s BBQ – Goldsboro, NC
Also do chicken and whole hog. My favorite thing is that they treat fried chicken as a side dish – it comes with the bbq!

Photo of Wilbur’s BBQ

Scott’s BBQ – Hemingway, SC
This is a testament to a man who loves his craft. There is no reason to go there – it’s not convenient to anything. But he sells out within hours and is only open a couple of days a week. Oh, and there is nowhere to sit.

Photo of Scott’s BBQ courtesy of

JMueller BBQ in Austin, TX
This is a descendant of the Mueller BBQ family. It’s an outpost in an abandoned lot. Every bit as good as the name implies. Picnic tables, Old oak trees. Get the double cut pork chops.

Photo of JMueller BBQ courtesy of Full Custom Gospel BBQ

What do you think of this list? Any of your favorites chosen by Kevin?

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