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If you live in Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, or Spain (yes, Spain), then you’ve probably heard of the small little BBQ chain with a heart called Bar-B-Cutie. If not, here’s some information along with mouth watering pics.

“Back in 1950, when gas was 18 cents a gallon and when Elvis and Marilyn were becoming pop sensations, Eddie & Mildred McFarland purchased and opened their first car-hop style restaurant, “Bar-B-Cutie”, in Nashville, TN.”

“For over 60 years stories have been told about how Bar-B-Cutie got its name. The one most believable is this, Only the best looking, sweetest girls were selected as “Cutie Girls” and since this place had the best barbecue in town, it was named Bar-B-Cutie.”

“Bar-B-Cutie has been in business for over 60 years, and our customers feel like our family. Anybody and everybody is welcome at Bar-B-Cutie, and eating there is like a “right of passage”..especially if you come to Nashville (don’t be surprised if you spot a celeb in one of our joints….no autographs, though…they’re just family too)! We believe the cornerstone of our success is in providing the very best food and customer service, using time tested recipes and serving it up hot and fresh, with a friendly smile. No compromises!”


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