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Podnah’s Pit – Portland, Oregon – Photos

When you’re thinking about great BBQ you don’t instantly think Pacific Northwest, but Rodney Muirhead has been proving that supposition wrong since late 2006 at his famous joint Podnah’s Pit nestled in Portland, Oregon. Here’s the scoop, “By the time Rodney Muirhead opened Podnah’s in late 2006, he’d already been smoking Texas style barbecue in Portland for almost 4 years. He started his barbecue career as one half of L.O.W. BBQ–the somewhat itinerant fellas who had pit-on-trailer and did travel. Rodney and his partner sold L.O.W, and Rodney went to work in some other fine local restaurants, all the while dreaming of opening his own place. Rodney realized that dream in the summer of 2006 when he found a partner and a space for what would become his new barbecue restaurant. To honor his Texas roots, he named it “Podnah’s Pit” after his grandfather’s nickname–”podnah” being Texan for partner.” Here are some photos showing some of the incredible BBQ being served at this must stop establishment.

Photo courtesy of Pigskin Pursuit

Photo courtesy of Pigskin Pursuit

Photo courtesy of Neighborhood Notes

Photo courtesy of James Boo – Serious Eats

Photo courtesy of

Have you been to Podnah’s Pit? What are your thoughts?

Check it out for yourself here:

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