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Mighty Quinns Barbeque – New York, NY – New BBQ Joint

Looks we have a new BBQ joint in New York. Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque opened in the East Village on December 19th. Haven’t heard any reports from my contacts in New York yet about the BBQ, but would love to know how it is.

Per their website, “Our barbeque is familiar and still unlike any barbeque you have ever had. We pay homage to the many great pit masters who have gone before us and put our own kiss on every meal we serve. The approach is simple: source the best quality ingredients we can and donʼt fuss with them too much. We cook our barbeque the old school way with plenty of wood and time, adding just the right amount of salt and spice to let that lovely marriage of process and product evolve into something transcendent. You will find yourself making strange noises while eating our food…”

Photo courtesy of Time Out New York

Have you been here yet? We’d love an early field report.

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You can check out Might Quinn’s yourself here:

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  1. Whoa, that meat looks succulent and delicious. I haven’t been to this joint yet but you have just given me an idea of where to go next time. Will definitely come back with a report for other folks here.

    Mighty Quinns here I come!

    Comment by Century Bill — January 29, 2013 @ 6:04 am

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