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Rum Cocktails Back in Fashion

Rum is a drink that has gone through something of resurgence in popularity lately. The recent craze for cocktails, especially the mojito, has led rum to become a much in- demand spirit.

Rum has long been associated as the drink of choice for pirates and sailors. The fact that many of the world’s most popular rums are produced in Latin America and the Caribbean does give the drink a more exotic brand image. Rum became extremely popular during the 1960s thanks to the Cuba Libre (meaning Free Cuba) cocktail. This cocktail of white rum, cola and lime was one of the most popular drinks during the 60s and now that cocktails are back in fashion the demand for rum has grown once again.

Popularity of Rum
In some countries, such as the UK, rum has become one of the fastest selling spirits overtaking traditionally popular spirits such as vodka. Major supermarkets are stating that sales of rum have jumped by 22% for 2012/2013.

The white rum produced by Bacardi has always been consistently popular but now consumers are also trying dark rums in cocktails such as the Zombie, the Hurricane and yes, even the Pina Colada. Younger drinkers have given rums such as the spicy Captain Morgan a boost in popularity recently and niche rums are also making their mark.

The Best Rums
Consumers are appreciating and seeking out for high quality drinks, and niche rums are filling this demand. Dark rums, which are aged longer, tend to be of higher quality and are being sought out by cocktail enthusiasts.

Niche rums will usually come with a higher purchase price and a bottle of Apple Estate 30 Year Old will set you back around $395. If the Apple Estate 30 Year Old is beyond your price range then you could try a Ron Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Familiar at $45 or the El Dorado 21 Year Old Special Reserve at $92. These rums may be a little pricier but for the additional cost you are obtaining rum made by producers with hundreds of years of experience. These rums are sure to impress your friends if you are mixing cocktails at home and looking for something a bit special.

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