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4Rivers Smokehouse – Winter Park, FL – BBQ Video

Here’s a great video by Your Meat Tooth of 4 Rivers Smokehouse in Winter Park, Florida.

Per their website, “4Rivers Smokehouse is a sophisticated Texas-style smokehouse that is redefining the art of smoking one brisket at a time.” I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this place. Have you been? What are your thoughts?

Photo of 4Rivers Smokehouse by: Larry Nighswander

City Market – Luling, Texas – BBQ Video

Here’s a great video from DallasFood of City Market in Luling, Texas. The music is a little trying after a while, but it really gives you a nice behind the scene visit of this iconic Texas BBQ Joint.

Photo of City Market courtesy of Full Custom Gospel BBQ

Have you been to City Market? What are your thoughts? What are your favorite BBQ items to order from here?

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Fatty Cue’ – Brooklyn, NY – BBQ Joint Video

Here’s a great BBQ Joint video sent to me by Robbie Richter (yes former renowned pitmaster of Hill Country Barbecue in NYC and Fatty Cue’ in Brooklyn). It’s from Gothamist and entitled “How Your Pork Gets Smoked at Fatty ‘Cue”. It’s time lapse and rather amazing.

How the Pig Gets Smoked at Fatty ‘Cue from Gregory Stefano on Vimeo.

Photo of the pork from Fatty Cue’ courtesy of Dan Lurie – Gothamist

You can see the video as well as photos HERE. Have you been to Fatty Cue’? What are your thoughts and what do you think of this video?

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City Meat Market – Giddings, TX – BBQ Video

Here’s a nice behind the scenes look at City Meat Market in Giddings, Texas narrated by owner Gerald Birkelbach. I do warn you though not to watch this if you’re hungry.

Video courtesy of Sub4SubNewsToday

This place looks incredible and I love the fact that they have the retail meat market in the front and the BBQ in the back.

Photo courtesy of Full Custom Gospel BBQ

In the video Mr. Birkelbach says that his joint has the best BBQ in Texas. Have you been here? What are your thoughts?

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BBQ Joint Videos – 4 BBQ Regions – Bryan and Michael Voltaggio

You know how crazy I am about BBQ Joint Videos (OK, everything BBQ, but I really love BBQ Joint Videos). Here’s a REALLY great one from the Voltaggio Brothers (Bryan and Michael) from Williams Sonoma. It’s called Fire, Smoke, & Flavor. They went the four major barbecue regions (Texas, North Carolina, Memphis, and Kansas City). It’s very high quality and I know you’ll really enjoy it. Below is the introduction to their journey.

You can see the page and additional information about their trip with great photos HERE

Photo courtesy of Williams Sonoma

The Skylight Inn – Ayden, NC – BBQ Video

The Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina is on my bucket list of BBQ joints to visit. They only do pork (whole hog) and do it with precision. I liken them to the same care for detail that Lexington BBQ #1 has. If you’re like me and haven’t been (or you have and want to remember how great it was), here’s a great BBQ video from Pitt County Government that makes you feel like you’re actually there.

For a little background into The Skylight Inn, here’s a review by Michael Stern from If you don’t check out Roadfood often you really are missing out.

“Eastern North Carolina barbecue is sauceless. “Granddaddy always said, ‘Sauce has absolutely nothing to do with making good barbecue,’” Samuel Jones is happy to tell you, referring to Pete Jones, who started the Skylight Inn back in 1947. This restaurant continues the family tradition of whole hog barbecue that began in the early 19th century and hasn’t changed much at all. The ritual starts late in the afternoon, when the pitmaster burns oak wood logs until they turn to charcoal. The coals are pushed from the chimney into the adjoining pit, where halved hogs are arrayed on a grate above the heat. At midnight, then again at dawn, more coals are moved to the pit. There are no thermometers at the Skylight Inn. Doneness is checked by feel.

Photo courtesy of Michael Stern from

At 9am, the meat is fully tender and ready for the chopping block, which you can see behind the counter of the restaurant. Here stands James Howell with a cleaver in each hand. He starts hacking up the meat. Periodically, he puts the blades down and reaches back for a bottle of vinegar or Texas hot sauce to splash onto the pork and he shakes on salt and pepper straight from the carton. Nothing is measured out and there are no secret ingredients. When he’s got a moist, steaming heap of five or six pounds that are the texture of coarse hash, he uses both cleavers to shovel it forward through the window onto an adjoining butcher block in the preparation area towards the counter. Here servers assemble trays and sandwiches. Sandwiches, which include cole slaw, are wrapped in wax paper. Trays full of meat are topped with a square of unrisen corn bread.”

Read the rest of the write up HERE

Have you been to The Skylight Inn? What are your thoughts?

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Salt Lick Bar-B-Q – Driftwood, Texas – BBQ Video

My cousin just recently stopped at The Salt Lick Bar-B-Q in Driftwood, Texas so it got me thinking I should research videos on this iconic Texas joint (it’s known as much for the atmosphere than the BBQ these days as it’s B.Y.O.B. and has tons of picnic tables outside to enjoy an evening with friends). Here’s a great video from where they interview owner Scott Roberts.

Have you been to The Salt Lick? What are your thoughts? To some this is their favorite BBQ joint in Texas and to others I’ve spoken with this wouldn’t crack their top ten.

Photo of The Salt Lick Bar-B-Q courtesy of

BBQ Video – Helen’s BBQ – Brownsville, TN

Saveur has a great video of Helen’s BBQ in Brownsville, Tennessee for their Barbecue Nation issue that you really have to see.

Photo of Helen Turner from Helen’s BBQ courtesy of Southern Foodways – Flickr

This is so slow and deliberate yet you know that this is the way it’s been done here forever. I don’t know about you, but this makes me so hungry and so bummed that I don’t live close enough (only about 2,800 miles away) to sample weekly if not daily. Have you been to Helen’s BBQ? Would love to know your thoughts. I’ve only heard great things about their barbecue.

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Phil’s BBQ – San Diego, CA – BBQ Video

Among the most popular San Diego restaurants are those that serve the best steaks and barbecue you’ll ever taste.

After hearing that my father-in-law waited over an hour and a half for BBQ at Phil’s BBQ in San Diego (and wasn’t a bit unhappy after eating what he called some of the best BBQ he’s ever had), I did some searching for a couple of video’s of this BBQ mecca not far from our Southern border.

The first video is courtesy of WonderlandSD:

The second video is from Man v. Food:

Check out the Live Cam’s from their San Diego and San Marcos locations HERE and more times than not you’ll see a line wrapping around the building.

Photo of Phil’s ribs

Have you been to either of Phil’s locations? What are your thoughts?

Discover SD

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BBQ Video – Breaking Down a Pork Shoulder – Charlie McKenna

Here’s an instructive video of Chef Charlie McKenna from Lillie’s Q breaking down a whole pork shoulder at Memphis In May (where his team came in 12th out of 70 entries).

What do you think? Have you been to Lillie Q’s?

Check out Lillie Q’s yourself here:

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