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Ed’s Place – Hamburgers – Taylor, TX

You already know I love BBQ and of course with this blog I plan to provide as much insight into the world of Texas BBQ from my new perspective (as well continued news and reviews for BBQ across the country), but I’m also a food lover at heart and one of my guilty pleasures is a good hamburger.

Little did I know that nestled in a beer bar just behind Louie Mueller Barbecue was a burger joint putting out top notch burgers that rivaled the ones I loved in California.

A basic hamburger is only $ 4.25 and cheeseburger is $ 4.50, but if you are more ambitious (which I was as you can see below), you have to fork out a whopping $ 5.50! Seriously? Is there a better deal for a mouth-watering, life-changing, fill yourself up for hours and hours cheeseburger? I highly doubt it.

I know they use a flat top, which I feel is key to the great flavor, and from what I’ve heard (you can’t see the production as it’s back in a room behind the bar) they butter the buns and toast them perfectly on the flat top as well. There is no fryer so you can’t get fries or onion rings (only chips), but really all you need is a burger (or two) and a beer (just two bucks).


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