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Just Leave the Bones BBQ Sauce – Smokin’ Skullies BBQ

I was lucky enough to receive a sample of “Just Leave the Bones” BBQ sauce from the Smokin’ Skullies BBQ team. Here are initial photos from a 3 part sauce review that I’m going to be doing.

The bottle.

The sauce with pulled pork.

Closer shot.

The sauce with brisket.

This is hands down one of the most balanced, satisfying sauces you can find. I tried it will pulled pork, brisket, sausage, and even some secret items (to be seen later) and they all matched perfectly with this vinegar based sauce with a slight kick (not too much though). Let’s just say I am incredibly impressed by this Carolina based sauce that goes on thin enough to cover a large surface area, but with enough thickness to not be considered watery.

Purchase some for yourself HERE

Check them out on facebook HERE

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What is the BBQ Pro Shop?

There are stores that sell everything under the sun (including select BBQ items) online and then there is the BBQ Pro Shop that ONLY sells BBQ items. They have done an incredible job of positioning themselves as a place where small batch (or as they like to call them “micro rubs and sauces”) have a home to really shine individually. Owner Jeff Belmonti told me, “We feel like the more that we carry, the more people can try in one shipment.” Currently they sell an amazing 60 Rubs and 40 Sauces as well as other items and for full disclosure, it is because of their huge array of unique products and top notch customer service that we have them as a sponsor on my site.

Here’s a link to their sauces and rubs:

BBQ Pro Shop is also the place to find only the best quality Barbecue utensils, accessories,and smokers. They bring with them years of experience in working with some of the best smokers and grillers in the business and strive to carry only the highest quality products. I love their motto, “We would not sell anything we do not use ourselves.”

Here’s a link to the rest of the items they sell:
Thermometers and Timers
Barbecues and Smokers

Here’s some more info about the owners, Gretchen and Jeff:

Growing up Jeff worked at Poeta’s Food Mart in Highwood, IL. Famous for it’s homemade italian sausage, Jeff worked Highwood Days as a teenager and grilled thousands of sausages and marinated skirt steaks that were sold at the festival for Poeta’s. Jeff worked as a caterer and grilled for Poeta’s as well. He learned to make Italian sausage, de-bone chicken breasts and trim beef tenderloins. His Poppy taught him to BBQ on the gas grill that was always on the deck at his childhood home and he often grilled for the family.

Gretchen moved to Chicago from Buffalo and met Jeff while working for Elizabeth Karmel and learned the art of grilling from the master. Gretchen worked on the Weber Grill account for many years and honed her skills in cooking attending many James Beard dinners and learning how to grill from Elizabeth and the many experts they came in contact with. Gretchen taught Jeff that there was more to life than skirt steak, burgers, sausage and chicken breasts. Gretchen took Jeff to the world famous Memphis in May BBQ Contest and their life changed forever.

Gretchen and Jeff began to grill together after getting married in 2000 and they honed their skills, getting their first Primo Smoker and learning to smoke ribs, chicken and sausage. They love to grill everything and the only thing that goes in the oven is stuff that just will not work on the grill. (Mostly chicken fingers for their two children) Jeff has mastered ribs and is working on smoked brisket. Their specialty is beer can chicken and their annual Thanksgiving feast which includes BBQ Turkey, always cooked on the grill, never in the oven and many racks of smoked baby back ribs. Ribs became a tradition because Gretchen’s father Harold was not a fan of turkey. Now the ribs are the biggest hit and the crowd grows every year.

BBQ Pro Shop was born out of a love for BBQ smoking and grilling. We kept finding all of these wonderful products that we used every time we grilled and could not find anywhere to buy them on a consistent basis. Now we have a stock room full of Willingham’s, Sarah’s Sea Salt, Reniassance Rub, 17th Street Sauces and Grill Friends tools which comes in handy. BBQ Pro Shop is our gift back to the world of BBQ, we have had the pleasure of knowing the love and fellowship of the BBQ community and sharing that with the world is our mission.

I’d recommend stopping in to see what they have to offer. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised what you find.

Twitter HERE
Facebook HERE
If you prefer to contact them by phone you can here: 866-944-8758
FREE Shipping on all orders over $100 – Where Applicable – Enter Coupon Code “FREE” at checkout!

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BBQ Sauce Challenge – 9 Contenders

A few weeks ago we had our 1st (of many to come) ever BBQ Sauce Challenge. Here are the contenders:

Sauces were judged on color, taste (with and without meat), and what meat they went best with. Who do you think made the top 3? Who won? You’ll soon find out.

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BBQ Sauce Question – Mustard Vs. Vinegar Based

The votes came in so quickly and assertively yesterday afternoon I thought I’d put together a full post to get the results in one place. As of today the results are:

45 mustard based
39 vinegar based
14 both
3 bacon (which was not the question, but love it nonetheless)
1 none (the entry was of course from Texas)

Vote now to be heard in this all so important discussion!

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Guess What Arrived in the Mail?

Very excited about the sauces that appeared on my doorstep this morning from Pig of the Month:

Review to follow early next week.

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Draper’s BBQ – Sauce and Rub Review

I have a number of BBQ friends who feel that good BBQ doesn’t need sauce. I tend to ride the fence on this one because good BBQ sauce can definitely enhance your BBQ experience, however if the BBQ is good enough, of course I’d been fine without sauce. So that being said, I’m was excited to find out from Shane Draper that I won a contest for Draper’s BBQ as they randomly choose people who like or comment on their facebook page to win a gift package of their sauce and rub.

Here’s a photo of the rub (note it’s about 1/3 depleted):

I show the rub first as my father-in-law immediately used it on steaks the first day I had it and since then he’s used it on everything from roasts to chicken. He has told me on more than one occasion that this is the best rub he’s every used. I tend to agree it’s among the top I’ve ever used as it really enhances the flavor of meat instead of altering it to taste just like rub.

On to the sauce:

I’ve tried it on pulled pork (photos below) and on pork ribs. It has a nice spicy kick without being overpowering and has a slight sweetness. I’d give it a 3 1/2 to 4 out of 5 stars (haven’t given any sauce a 5 yet) and would definitely be a sauce I’d purchase in the future.


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Cripple Creek Barbecue – BBQ Food Truck – Kickstarter

Food trucks (mobile restaurants) are really gaining steam. There are hundreds here in Los Angeles and easily that many across the United States. It seems (at least here in LA) that most food trucks are a mashup of two different types of cuisines (i.e. Korean/Mexican, Chinese/Cuban, British/Brazilian), but I’ve often felt that these trucks should just be a way to bring good quality food to the masses and that they don’t have to follow any specific trend.

That brings us to Cripple Creek Barbecue, a unique BBQ Sauce company out of Colorado. They have a “strong belief in sustainability and environmental awareness. They not only try to please their customers, but try to please the planet as well.” I’ve known co-founder John Lynch from afar (only know him through twitter and facebook), for a little while now and have come to respect his passion for BBQ and his love for his BBQ sauce company.

They are using kickstarter to fund their project: A BBQ Food Truck. Kickstarter is a great way for entrepreneurs to get funding for their dreams (be them big or small). The beauty is that potential investors can invest as little as five dollars or as much as thousands of dollars, but you don’t actually have to pay unless the project gets fully funded. I would imagine you’d be investing hoping that a project becomes a reality, but really the risk is only if everyone believes in them.

Check out this link to see Cripple Creek Barbecue’s kickstarter page They are currently at $ 1,000 with their overall goal of getting to $ 12,000 (their funding period ends April 29th). The perfect thing is, you can invest as little as $ 5.00 or as much as $ 2,000.00. You’ll note there are great CCB swag that you get with each monetary level you hit.

Here’s some insight into their proposed menu
Menu ideas will include:
Pulled Pork Breakfast Burritos
Breakfast Quesadilla
Brisket Sliders
Braised Pork Belly “BLT’s”
Rolled Rancheros
Brisket or Pulled Chicken Philly’s
Pulled Brisket sliders

Here’s additional information about their company and their goals with the truck:

“Cripple Creek Barbeque is a company built on the idea of sustainable foods with sustainable practices. We only use meats sourced in our area. Our beef comes from Colorado’s Best Beef and our pork comes from Longs Family Farms, both are locally raised, all natural meats. Our produce will be sourced locally when in season and sustainable all year long. By using these local farmers, we help keep our community healthy financially and physically. Studies have shown that the closer you are to your food source, the better the food is for you.

Now by serving Barbeque it by no means limits us to the pulled meat sandwiches and ribs normally associated with Barbeque. All breads will come from Baker’s Way, a local all natural artisan bakery. The support we receive from our Kickstarter supporters will go for a myriad of things we need to get rolling. Firstly, a $5000 down payment will go for the truck being design by local food truck builder. Next we will need $1000-$2000 for permits, licenses and business insurance for the cities in which we will be operating. Each city has different regulations we need to abide by. Then we will need $1500-$2000 for operating expenses for the truck, gas, insurance, maintenance costs, and raw food items. Finally 10% goes to Kickstarter and Amazon for administration fees. 5% for each.”

Sounds like a well thought out plan and well worth putting a little seed money towards. If you’re interested, here is additional ways to contact them:

Kickstarter Project

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King’s Hawaiian + Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce + Pulled Pork = Incredible

I hadn’t had King’s Hawaiian bread since I was a child, but recently I began following them on twitter and every time a tweet would be posted I would instantly crave their rolls. This gave me an idea. I was making pulled pork over the weekend, so why not create a sandwich with their rolls and some Pork Barrel BBQ sauce that I recently purchased. The combination sounded so ‘ono’.

Here’s the 12 pack of Original King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls I purchased and the ensuing photo essay from my King’s Hawaiian/Pork Barrel BBQ meal.


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Terrell Davis – Mile High Salute – BBQ Sauce

Terrell Davis was an amazing running back for the Denver Broncos. He rushed for 2,008 yards in 1998 and although it seems like a while back, once you see footage of him again, you remember how incredible and versatile he was:

But he’s since retired and thanks to Bruce Goldberg at Biz Journals I now know what he’s up to. He’s created a BBQ sauce! Per the piece, “A lot of people with good taste buds in barbecue sauces definitely assisted me in creating this,” said Davis, who lives in San Diego but retains ties to Denver. “It came down to something I really like, and I think it’s the best-tasting sauce I’ve ever had.”

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

The sauce is called Terrell Davis’ “Mile High Salute” and per the article, “There are two flavors: regular and spicy. They come in 16-ounce bottles, with a suggested retail price of $3.99 each.” A portion of the profits will go to Terrell Davis’ charity.

You can purchase the sauce here
Read the entire piece here

Let me know if you’ve tired it as I’m very interested in knowing how it tastes.

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Cripple Creek Barbeque – Kickstarter

I’ve been following the goings on of Cripple Creek Barbeque for a while now and have gotten to know one of the owners John Lynch. He’s a great guy who has a strong passion for his company, their sauces and rub, and believes in a ‘pay it forward’ philosophy that’s nice to see these days.

Recently I noticed that he was involved with Kickstarter, a company I had vaguely heard of, but didn’t know anyone that had a project going with them, until now. John explained “The premise behind Kickstater is that people “pledge” money to your project and at the end, IF you have gotten ALL of your goal then you get the money. IF you haven’t reached your goal you get nothing. No one get’s charged until the end of the project and the goal has been reached.”

Seems like a great idea. It’s an easy, inexpensive way of helping out a small company or person with a good idea. What’s cool about Kickstarter is you can pledge as little as $ 5.00 and in the case of Cripple Creek, they offer different incentive pledge levels (i.e. you will get some cool CCB swag as well as an entire meal’s menu written by John with recipes and wine or beer paring if you pledge $ 150.00).

Their ultimate goal is to raise $7,500 of which as of today they are at $2,365 with 65 days to go. So what do they intend to do with the money? “Our intention with the money is to buy more bottles, lids, ingredients and do some advertising.” Seems like something I’d want to help out with.

They have four different types of sauces and one spice rub. You can see them here:
Carmalized Onion
Roasted Garlic
All Purpose Spice Rub

If you want to learn more, see some videos about their company, and pledge to assist them go here

Here’s more information about Cripple Creek Barbeque from John, “We started in January of ’09, after some convincing from my wife that my sauce was good enough to sell. We got our name from a reclamation project in Washington State. There is a Cripple Creek, that had some flow issues from road construction, they added a culvert and re-established an almost extinct salmon run. That fit in with our view of the environment, sustainability, and taking care of our “neighborhood”. We are a “mom and Pop” company that does all our own bottling, spice blending and labeling (in an approved kitchen!! you’d be surprised how often this comes up)”.

So if you’re into BBQ or just want to help out a small company, head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge even a small amount. They’ll definitely appreciate it and put it to good use in building their company and brand.

Check out the Cripple Creek Blog here
Check them out on Facebook here
Follow them on Twitter here

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