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Microsoft 70-687


 (Configuring Windows 8) + 2100 Cert Exams Prep Pack

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Jun 8, 14

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Configuring Windows 8

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  • Instant Access to all actual questions
  • Proven and exclusive methodology
  • Prep at your own pace and on your own schedule
  • Pass the first time guarantee

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Basic Overview of Microsoft 70-687

Candidates taking the 70-687 Configuring Windows 8 exam must be knowledgeable in the following topics; install and upgrade to Windows 8, configure hardware and applications, configure network continuity, configure access to resources, configure remote access and mobility, monitor and maintain Windows clients, and configure backup and recovery options. Each of these topics will have sub tasks and objectives that candidates must be familiar with and they can learn about these by studying the exam guide on the Windows site. In order to acquire the needed knowledge it is recommended that candidates take the five day course; Configuring Windows 8. This course will greatly increase a candidate’s chances of passing the exam. They should also make the Training Guide: Configuring Windows 8 part of their preparation.

Once candidates pass the exam the credit can be applied towards the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Windows 8. This will get them into the positions of being a consultant, full-time desk support technician, or an IT generalist that administers Windows 8 based computers and devices as part of the technical responsibilities. There is a facts and questions section on the exam guide that can familiarize candidates with the testing formats, learn the most effective way to prepare, the time limit for the exam, the number of questions, and many other frequently asked questions.

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LPI McAfee Siemens Genesys
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Rum Cocktails Back in Fashion

Rum is a drink that has gone through something of resurgence in popularity lately. The recent craze for cocktails, especially the mojito, has led rum to become a much in- demand spirit.

Rum has long been associated as the drink of choice for pirates and sailors. The fact that many of the world’s most popular rums are produced in Latin America and the Caribbean does give the drink a more exotic brand image. Rum became extremely popular during the 1960s thanks to the Cuba Libre (meaning Free Cuba) cocktail. This cocktail of white rum, cola and lime was one of the most popular drinks during the 60s and now that cocktails are back in fashion the demand for rum has grown once again.

Popularity of Rum
In some countries, such as the UK, rum has become one of the fastest selling spirits overtaking traditionally popular spirits such as vodka. Major supermarkets are stating that sales of rum have jumped by 22% for 2012/2013.

The white rum produced by Bacardi has always been consistently popular but now consumers are also trying dark rums in cocktails such as the Zombie, the Hurricane and yes, even the Pina Colada. Younger drinkers have given rums such as the spicy Captain Morgan a boost in popularity recently and niche rums are also making their mark.

The Best Rums
Consumers are appreciating and seeking out for high quality drinks, and niche rums are filling this demand. Dark rums, which are aged longer, tend to be of higher quality and are being sought out by cocktail enthusiasts.

Niche rums will usually come with a higher purchase price and a bottle of Apple Estate 30 Year Old will set you back around $395. If the Apple Estate 30 Year Old is beyond your price range then you could try a Ron Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Familiar at $45 or the El Dorado 21 Year Old Special Reserve at $92. These rums may be a little pricier but for the additional cost you are obtaining rum made by producers with hundreds of years of experience. These rums are sure to impress your friends if you are mixing cocktails at home and looking for something a bit special.

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Coming Up This Week at Kevin’s BBQ Joints

I’ve been out of the loop for about a week with the opening of JMueller BBQ in Austin while stories and photos have been backing up for me to get out on my blog. Here’s a quick list of what you can look forward to this week.

-Photos and first impressions of Taylor, TX
-Winners announced for Southern Soul Barbeque Small Batch Sauce Giveway
-Photos and review of Smitty’s Market – Lockhart, TX
-Photos and review of Black’s Barbecue – Lockhart, TX
-Photos and review of Kreuz Market – Lockhart, TX

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Southern Hospitality BBQ – New York – Expanding Nationwide

It looks like Southern Hospitality BBQ is expanding beyond it’s two locations in New York. Per the article from Nation’s Restaurant news here, Rocker and frontman for the band OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder, has signed on to become the first franchisee of the Southern Hospitality BBQ brand out of New York, with plans to bring the Memphis-style barbecue concept to at least 10 cities across the country.”

The article goes on to say, “The first 10 markets Tedder has targeted for a Southern Hospitality BBQ unit are Denver, Colo.; Nashville, Tenn.; Scottsdale/Phoenix, Ariz.; Dallas, Austin and Houston, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Palo Alto, Calif.; New Orleans and Atlanta.” They are”planning to continue growing company locations of the brand in New York and other select cities, as well as bringing in other franchisees, both domestic and international.”

I haven’t been to either New York location yet, but I’ve heard the atmosphere is a big part of the reason people go. Here’s a review of their BBQ by Gary at

Here are links to their two New York spots:
Southern Hospitality BBQ – 2nd Ave.
Southern Hospitality BBQ – Hell’s Kitchen

I’d love to know what your thoughts are if you’ve visited either location.

Follow them on twitter HERE

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Coming Up This Week at Kevin’s BBQ Joints

I have a busy BBQ week ahead of myself, but wanted to drop some highlights on what’s in store (there are a few things I can’t mention as they aren’t set in stone yet). Here’s what’s coming up:

1) Review of Pig of the Month BBQ Sauces

2) Interview with a true BBQ Legend

3) Gnary Head Wines / BBQ and Wine pairing – Los Angeles BBQ Joints

4) 5 Great BBQ Joint Pics

5) New Contest Details

6) Review of The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint – BBQ Sauces

And if you didn’t get a chance to read my interview with Danielle Dimovski (Diva Q) on her favorite BBQ joints, you are missing out. Her choices (and insight) are top notch and extremely detailed. You can see it HERE.

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Alltop – BBQ Section – My Blog Made the Cut

I’ve been a big fan of Guy Kawasaki for a long time and find myself linking off of his tweets to his site Alltop which is incredibly chalk full of stories on countless subjects. About a month ago I was lucky enough to make the list for the BBQ section of Alltop. You can see it here. They have a collection of top BBQ blogs with links to the (5) most recent stories by those blogs. It’s definitely worth bookmarking. Let me know what you think?

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BBQ Quiz – What Is This?

Can you figure out what this is and where it was eaten at? Is it even BBQ?

A friend of mine emailed this to me to test me so I thought I’d pass it along to you. Any and all guesses accepted.

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Vegan BBQ Hosted by Moby in Austin, TX – Thursday March 17th

Leave it to Moby to mix up South by Southwest. From his website, “i’m hosting a vegan bbq in austin next week for south by southwest. thursday march 17th, if you want to come by. it’s a fundraiser for ‘compassion over killing‘.”

He’s hosting this Vegan Barbecue at Cheer Up Charlies. Here’s the flyer:

See additional details on facebook here

Here’s the spot if you want to check it out Thursday

View Larger Map

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1st Visit Preview – Bigmista’s Barbecue Catering

I was finally able to stop by and meet (meat?) Neil Strawder from Bigmista’s Barbecue Catering last week and try his BBQ. I am going to be doing a full report over the next couple of days, but here’s a couple of pictures.

Neil (smiling like always) and Me (squinting and mid smile)

Bigmista’s Barbecue ‘Big Ass Meat Plate – Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs, Turkey, and Pig Candy

Neil and his team are cooking up their top notch low and slow BBQ around Los Angeles every day except for Monday at Farmer’s Markets. You can see his schedule here

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Barbecue and American Culture: Fire in the Hole – The Economist

A friend of mine pointed out great article in The Economist in mid December titled Barbecue and American: Fire in the hole. It’s a great read for anyone that is a fan of real barbecue and how the world of barbecue is changing and progressing.

From the article, “IT IS a noun, not a verb. You do not barbecue meat; you smoke it until it becomes barbecue. And it is not a meal so much as a meditative process, perched somewhere between science and art, dependent on reserves of judgment. The science lies in building a fire that will smoulder steadily without flaring, and in constructing a vessel that will bathe the meat in smoke without subjecting it to too much heat. The art lies in the butchering and seasoning. The judgment comes in knowing precisely when a cooking process that may last as long as 18 or 24 hours should end. Barbecue is the art of turning tough cuts tender (“Need no teef to eat my beef” is a popular boast among smokemasters). None of these facts brook disagreement, but here the unity ends.”

The only joint specifically mentioned in the article is Blue Smoke in New York City.

Photo of Blue Smoke courtesy of Daniel Krieger

You can see the piece here. Would love to know what you think about it.

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