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Smokin' Guns BBQ

1218 Swift Ave.
North Kansas City, MO 64116

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June 15, 2011, 7:40 p.m.

Guy don't lie! The recent appearance of S'Guns on Triple D has brought well deserved attention to one of the best smoke joints in KC - maybe THE best. At 11:30am on a smokin' hot Friday, the line for chow at Smokin' Guns was 10 deep out the door. After eating, there was no one who begrudged their tour of duty on Sidewalkistan. Inside, while you wait in line, you can wear out a good set of eye balls staring at the bazillion ribbons S'Guns has earned competing Q across the country.

My wife and I split the Big Guns Combo platter - 4 ribs plus choice of 3 meats (or 2 meats if you get burnt ends, which we did, plus brisket) - $20. There is very little more to say than this is quite possibly the best Q in town. The rub is sensational; a dadgum clinic in how to prep meat. The sauce, available in "original" only, was a bit thin and lacked bite, but the meat was so incredible, I hear the voice of Black's and Kruez in Lockhart (TX)- "if the meat was any good, you wouldn't need sauce". Fair enough.

S'Guns' potato planks were crisp outside, steaming perfection inside. Wifey loved the beans.

Waiting in line, someone repeated a rumor that business is up almost 300% since DDD featured the S'Guns. I slid up to peripatetic owner Mike Hopkins and said, "Hard work pays off, eh?" He smiled thinly replying, "Yes it does," the way only a man who has worked terribly hard for a long time can say it. "Well done."

I should add that this would be an excellent place to take out-of-town guests. S'Guns has an earthy, working-class diner feel with no pretense. For me it had the feel of most Texas, old-school bbq joints.