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Bridges Barbecue Lodge

2000 E Dixion Blvd
Shelby, NC 28150





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June 11, 2011, 9:14 a.m.

This joint is listed on the NC BBQ Society's Historical BBQ Trail for a good reason!

When I went back in March, I ordered their large coarse chopped BBQ tray with all the "brown" (outside bark) they could stand to give me (also available sliced or chopped). The tray comes with red slaw and all the hush puppies you can eat.

The outside bark was not tough to chew at all, but very crispy and full of flavor. The inside pieces of pork were very moist. The slaw was very tangy and peppery — a perfect complement to the pork. The hush puppies were very crisp on the outside and perfectly done on the inside.

The sauce is a tangy tomato-based sauce. Probably my least favorite part of the meal. But because the pork was so good without any sauce, there was no need to use it.