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Franklin Barbecue

900 E. 11th
Austin, TX 78702



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User Ratings and Reviews:

June 15, 2011, 3:51 p.m.

We took an out-of-town friend to Franklin for lunch (everyone from out of town seems to want to go, and we're never complaining...) and he commented thusly: "This is a cheap plastic fork, not even a good plastic fork… it's a bendy little cheap plastic fork and it's running right through this brisket it's so tender," he said. "This is good beef. You can tell this is natural, happy beef by the way the fat tastes."

Fatty or lean, Franklin's angus brisket is a beautifully-barked, stunningly smoke-ringed, moist and juicy piece of peppered meat that just begs for a hot fight with anything out of Lockhart or Luling. The ribs and pulled pork are good, the sausage is snappily delicious, and the turkey is a sleeper hit that snuck up on all of us - definitely give it a try if it's available.