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Dawg Gone Good BBQ

224 W. Hancock Ave.
Athens, GA 30601

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User Ratings and Reviews:

Nov. 5, 2012, 6:46 a.m.

I love the bbq and the sides! I am a semi-regular here when I want to treat myself to some wonderful food. My favorite southern food in Athens, hands-down!

I give this place a 4 for now, but would love to give it a 5, and here's why:

My concern is about the amount of waste that is produced by the restaurant. I noticed that they are still using styrofoam, then warming up items in styrofoam then immediately discarding it. Styrofoam is not recyclable and does not degrade over millions of years, thereby contributing to landfill waste, and releases toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Since Athens is a thoughtful town, the owner may wish to consider using sustainable methods and materials. It may make a difference to his customer base here.