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Lockhart Smokehouse

400 W. Davis
Dallas, TX 75208


Full Custom Gospel BBQ

Texas BBQ Posse



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User Ratings and Reviews:

June 28, 2011, 2:54 p.m.

Love this place. They have finally brought good Barbecue to Dallas (please, no more chains).
Like their sausage, ribs and brisket. I've been fortunate to get the brisket right out of the smoker. Very moist, nice smoke.
A big treat for me was the clod and the prime rib (Saturdays only). Clod has a great beef flavor that brisket doesn't and tends to be a little leaner. I'm now a convert.
The prime rib is amazing. All the fat you typically find in a prime rib is rendered down beautifully. Tender and moist with a great smoke flavor. I love to grill ribeye, but may want to smoke them now. I'll probably just let them do it for me :)

June 26, 2011, 11:41 a.m.

Okay, so I finally got a chance to make it over to Oak Cliff to try this place out. I ordered brisket, clod, ribs, jalapeno/cheese sausage, one pork chop (for my wife) and some deviled eggs.

I was most interested in trying out the clod, as I had never had it before. I had a little sample from the guy slicing up the meats, and I really liked it, so I got 4 slices. I didn't think I would really like it as clod is a lot leaner than brisket, which is my favorite of all meats that are slow smoked. But, i did like it as it had a very good smoke flavor to it and it had enough fat in it as well to keep me happy. It has a very unique flavor and I think the flavor is more beef intensive than the brisket. Very good piece of meat...

Speaking of the brisket, it was a bit dry and didn't have a ton of smoke flavor, but it was still pretty good. Although I did ask for "wet" or "moist" brisket, I think I got more lean slices than "moist". Not a deal killer, but I think I would have been more happy with some fattier pieces of brisket as that is what I prefer. It was still good, just not great. I preferred the clod over the brisket...

The chop was very good and was quite juicy. It had a mild smoke flavor, not much of a crust on the outer edges, but the taste was there. My wife had a few bites of it and liked it, but she took a bite of the ribs and never came back to the chop.

As I mentioned, my wife really loved the ribs. This seemed weird to me as she doesn't like ribs that are on the sweet side, and these were on the sweet side. I took a bite of the ribs and didn't care for them. In my opinion, they were undercooked, too salty and very chewy. Everyone knows that "fall off the bone" ribs are overcooked, but these did need to be cooked more. I also thought they were too salty. I let my wife eat them and she polished off 3 of them.

The sausage was very good, but could have been a bit more juicy. I was also hoping that they would have been more spicy as well...if you are afraid of things that are too spicy, have no fear of these links. Again, a good link, but not great.

The deviled eggs had a really good flavor, but I think we got there too late in the day as the eggs had become a bit rubbery and hard. I think if you get here right when they open, the sausage and the eggs will be better.

I enjoyed our lunch here, and when we go again, I will get the clod, the brisket (and hope I will get true "moist" slices) and might try out their chicken. The only really negative thing I have to say is that I was a bit shocked when I learned I paid $3 for my Big Red in a glass bottle....other than that, a very good place and will have to get there one Friday night as they have smoked wings for .25!!!

Oops - I forgot to mention that we also got some beans and they are INCREDIBLE!!!!! They have pieces of brisket in them, slices of jalapeno (although the beans are not spicy) and have an awesome smoked yourself a favor and get some beans with your Q, you will NOT be dissapointed!