Backyard Barbecue Pits By Custom Pit Builders

There are A LOT of options when it comes to buying a smoker for in your backyard but since I already created a massive list of nationwide custom pit builders (you can see that growing list of over 90 pit builders nationwide HERE) I thought I would follow suit by highlighting the backyard versions that these pit builders offer. Not all of these manufacturers sell backyard versions so I tried to stick to just those that designated ones as 'backyard models'.

PLEASE NOTE that all starting prices (if shown below) are valid as of July 15, 2022. As always, please inquire directly with the manufacturer to get up-to-date pricing and lead times. Also, you will need to obtain a shipping quote separately from them if you don't intend to pick it up yourself.

Here is the list of over 50 custom backyard pit makers in alphabetical order:

A+P Custom Welding - Hobe Sound, Florida - "Local welding and fabricating services specialize in Stainless Steel, Aluminum."

  • 120 Gallon Offset - 24" Insulated Firebox; 6" Stack; Full Lower Grate; 2" Ball Valve Drain; Lower Wood Rack; 1 Tel-Tru Thermometer; Heavy Duty Casters. Upgrades: 2nd Rack - $ 150.00; Extra Thermometer - $ 55.00 each; Probes - $ 20.00 each. High Temp. Clear Coat Finish. Starting at $ 3,000.00
  • 150 Gallon Offset - 24" Insulated Firebox; 6" Stack; Full Lower Grate; 2" Ball Valve Drain; Lower Wood Rack; 1 Tel-Tru Thermometer; Heavy Duty Casters. High Temp. Clear Coat Finish. Upgrades: 2nd Rack - $ 150.00; Extra Thermometer - $ 55.00 each; Probes - $ 20.00 each. Starting at $ 3,250.00

Lead time: 3-4 weeks.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 956-458-6654 | Email:

Austin Smokeworks - Bartlett, Texas - “Pitmaster designed with years of proven  daily quality cooks; Crafted for traditional stick burning low & slow cooking; Built one-at-a-time which ensures attention to details and a lifetime of quality service; Uses high-quality materials; Featuring tuned cooking chambers with sealed door; Showcasing insulated firebox which reduces wood usage and helps stabilize temperature; Finished with high-temperature rated paint; Seasoned and ready for cooking.” 

They offer:

  • 120-gallon backyard that starts off at $ 4,500.
  • 250-gallon on skids is $ 6,000. The road pit is $ 9,500.
  • 500-gallon  on skids is $ 9,500. The road pit is $ 14,500.
  • Currently out until May of 2023. See additional features and add-ons HERE

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: Jason Lind 512-809-6209 | Jimbo Glass 512-748-5517 | Email:

Backline Fabrication - Austin, Texas - "Specializes in building custom smokers and other metal fabrication."

  • Backyard Pit - 94 gallon. Starting at $ 4,600.00 plus tax
  • Size: 24” by 48” long with a 24” insulated firebox, fold-down stack, and single slide-out cooking grate, on skids. Left raw to patina. 
  • Upgrades: Cart type style with basic golf cart wheels: +$,1250.00; Casters: +$ 300.00; Upper slide out rack (with an extra gauge): +$ 400.00; Upgrade wheels (price depends on which wheel you choose); Clear coat or custom basic color: +$ 750.00; Prep shelf: +$ 350.00; BBQ team logos start at $300 pending complexity; Coal Basket: +$ 200.00; Custom stand/Wood storage underneath: +$1,200.00;
  • Lead Time: Currently booking for the first quarter of 2023. Sign up for news HERE

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: 818-481-4157 | Email:

Blue Smoke Smokers - Caddo, Texas - "Established in 2022 by Big Phil’s Smokers. They noticed the void for quality-built smokers for a price the average backyard joe could afford. Searching for a solution, they created Blue Smoke Smokers! Blue Smoke Smokers are built with the same attention to detail, the same craftsmanship, and the same style pit that will cook evenly across the entire surface, all while lasting a lifetime and for an affordable price.  Blue Smoke Smokers are built for the working man, by the working man!" -

  • Current price: $ 1,700 (upgrade options are available). Lead time 12-14 weeks.

Website | Facebook | Phone: 214-766-9878 | Email:

Blue Collar Smokers - San Antonio, Texas - "Blue Collar Products by Design, LLC (BCP) is owned and operated by Eric and Michele Scotti. BCP is a full-service welding and fabrication shop serving San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, and other surrounding areas in South/Central Texas. Although this venture started out as just a hobby, it has quickly grown into a well-established business as more and more people discover the variety of high-quality products BCP has to offer."

  • Their Backyard Pit - 50” cook chamber made from NEW 24” diameter pipe with 1/4” wall thickness.  It has a 24x24 insulated firebox. The inside of our fireboxes is round. It will come standard with the following: 4.5” diameter stack. (Franklin style collector). 1 cook chamber door 1 -4” custom tel tru thermometer. 1 prob port. A full lower cooking rack that will consist of two removable racks. 1 side out top packIndustrial casters. Lower storage shelf. Color options: Raw steel with clear coating or Faux patina with clear. Other options: Premium off-road package 
  • Current Pricing: Patina w/clear: $ 5,395 | Raw w/clear: $4,895.00
  • Lead time: 12-14 weeks

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 210-227-2733 or 877-227-0624 | Email:

Camelback Smokers – Phoenix, Arizona – “We build the finest barbeque offset smokers! Camelback Smokers is sponsored by Ripple Industries and Little Miss BBQ located in Phoenix, Arizona.”

  • 120G - Brand New Tank with 1/4" Plate FireBox; High Temp Powder Coat or Raw Steel; Large Heavy Duty Casters; All Stainless Steel Hardware; TelTru Temp Probe; Aluminum accents: Handles, Door Stops; Rails, and Exhaust Stack; Grill Space: 22”x50”; Overall Length 8.5’; Overall Width 29”; Height without exhaust stack 46”; Height including exhaust stack 82’; Weight is approx. 850lbs. Pricing starts at $ 4,499.00

 Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone 480-225-3610 | Email:

Cannon Pits and Fabrication - Granbury, Texas - "At Cannon Pits, we strive to make your pit buying experience as easy as possible. Below are our base models. If you don't see what you're looking for, send us an email or a message on Social Media, and let's customize a pit, just for you!"

  • Cannon Pit - 18" x 36" Cook Chamber 18"x18"x18" Fire Box. Slide-out rack. Slide-out fire basket and ashpan. Optional bottom shelf. Starting at $ 1,750.00 | 24" Cannon Pit - 24" x 52" Main Chamber. 2 Slide Out Racks. 24"x24"x24 Firebox w/ Slide out fire basket and ashpan. Golf cart wheels w/180-degree turning radius. Optional Bottom Shelf. Starting at $ 3,500.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: | Email:

Chuds BBQ - Austin, Texas - Chuds BBQ – Austin, Texas – “My name is Bradley Robinson, and I am a Texas BBQ cook and the designer & builder of the Chudpit offset smokers and Chudbox direct heat cookers. The first offset I built using an old 150-gallon propane tank is still holding strong as the main smoker used on the YouTube channel. Once I learned how much fun welding and building cooking devices could be, I started building them for other members of the barbecue community. Today you can find me working the pits, breaking the hogs, and trimming the beef cheeks at LeRoy and Lewis BBQ food truck at 121 Pickle Rd in South Austin Texas. I also spend time in my garage, happily building smokers for all who want them. Since each is built entirely by hand, there is a bit of a waiting list, but it will be worth it! If you’re interested in one of my smokers, please send me a message here.”

  • Chudpit 65 - The Chudpit 65-gallon offset smoker is constructed out of 1/4” steel. Sitting on lockable swivel casters; it includes a bottom wood rack, 2-stage charcoal grill with griddle, grease buckets, and bottom insulated firebox. Starting at $ 4,000.00.
  • Chudpit 115 Gallon - The Chudpit 115 gallon offset smoker is the big brother to the 65 gallon and is more robust in every way. With a 24”x 60” cook chamber made out of 3/8” thick steel, this beast holds heat for hours! Wood rack, grease buckets, and water pan are all included. Starting at $ 5,000.00.
  • For both pits the signature Chudpit “V” shaped firebox allows full-size logs to sit horizontally above the coal bed to promote a clean burning fire, as well as adding insulation and strength to the box.
  • Lead time: Currently out until early 2023.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Contact FORM

FatStack Smokers - Sunland Valley, California - "FatStack Smokers is all about bringing great barbecue to the people. Founded in 2016, we are focused on making the best barbecues, and helping more people achieve sweet, smoky perfection. To that end, we offer not just our products, but also the expertise in the craft of barbecue cooking accumulated over years of tasting and making barbecue."

  • Backyard Models are available in two sizes. 80 Gallon (FS-80) - Starting at $ 3,900 and the 120 Gallon (FS-120) - Starting at $4,700.00. Due to the overwhelming demand for these products, they are in the process of setting up a dedicated production line for the FS-80 and FS-120, though they are currently booked out until the Summer of 2023. They are still taking pre-orders daily. You can reserve one for only $500."

Website| Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 213-290-5096 | Email: | Website Contact FORM

Franklin Pits - Austin, Texas - "I built Franklin Pits for those BBQ purists who want to take their craft to the next level. Each pit is skillfully made by hand in the good ol' US of A. They are built to last. They are built with purpose. They are the result of everything I’ve learned and all the happy accidents I’ve made over the years. But my pits don’t cook on their own. They need you. They need your hard work, your passion, your patience, and your craft. Give them that, and they’ll reward you every single time." 80" long. 81" from the group to the tip of the smokestack. 42" cook chamber. 600 lbs. of steel. Ships in one crate. Get on the waiting list HERE

Gator Pit of Texas - Houston, Texas - "All of our Gators are custom-made by hand one at a time by one Welder.  Meaning the welder that starts your Gator Pit will stay with it until it is painted.  Although our production is 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, we do not stock any cookers.  We cannot with the worldwide demand for our Gator Pits.  And, we do ship all over the world, regularly. We have our own in-house CNC Plasma 5' x 10' table and are able to design and precision cut just about anything anyone can want to add to their Gator Pit.  We do not outsource. That is the confidence our customers have in knowing they are not going to buy a trailer they cannot register to tow on highways. Veteran owned and operated."

Their most popular Gator Pit models are:

  • Lead time on the Meat Slinger 36 is 4-6 weeks, as we have one Welder dedicated to building that one model.  That is all that Welder builds. Lead time on all others is a minimum of 6 months from the deposit received.

Website | Facebook | Phone: 713-896-0144 | Email:

Green Money Fabrication - Milford, New Jersey - "GreenMoney Fabrication is owned and operated by Chris Verdi in beautiful Hunterdon County New Jersey. What started as a hobby has grown into an enjoyable side business, that brings quality Texas-style BBQ pits to the northeast, with a touch of that Jersey flair."

I offer a 90-gallon and 120-gallon offset, both of which are fully customizable. 90 gallon starts at $2200, and the 120 gallon starts at $2,900. Follow me on social media to stay up to date on the latest from GreenMoney Fab.

Currently booked until approximately March of 2023 but are always taking orders.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: 908-291-7785 | Email:

Harper PitWorks - Costa Mesa, California - "Live fire, wood-burning, stick burner smoker. Perfect smoker for any backyard."

  • 120 gallon - Starting at $ 4,950.00
  • 200 gallon - Starting at $ 5,850.00
  • 250 gallon - Starting at $ 7,250.00
  • Detailed specs for all three sizes HERE.

Current Lead Time: 5-6 months.

Website | Instagram | Phone: 949-767-7359 | Email: | Website Contact FORM -  

Hayes BBQ – Winston-Salem, North Carolina – “After a 20+ year career as an elementary school principal, Mike Hayes turned his BBQ hobby into a side hustle and has been building custom pits for customers in the Piedmont area of North Carolina and beyond. From backyard pits to restaurant workhorses, every build is given special attention.”

  • "Doghouse offset" - 36" wide x 24" deep chamber, main and upper grates, work shelves, grease drain, 1/4" thick firebox. Starting at $2,250.00
  • "100-gallon offset" - Heavy-duty pipe construction, main and upper grates, grease drain, casters, work shelf.  Starting at $3,250.00.
  • "Reverse flow cabinet" - 48" wide x 28" tall x 24" deep chamber, 3 grates, grease drain.  Starting at $3,650.
  • Lead time is 14-18 weeks.

HDM Smokers - "Passion and grit.  The same formula that makes a Pit Master a “Pit Master”.  Cold mornings, hot evenings, and long hours.  Welders and Pit Masters come from the same breed.  We’re passionate about what we do and we want others to see it too. That’s why we strive to offer you a product that will make you feel as proud as the meat you are smoking.  You want the world to know that you have “true grit” and “passion“.  From commercial smokers to backyard smokers, let us help you shine!"

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Contact Form HERE

Jambo Pits - Fort Worth, Texas - "Jambo Pits is one of the most elite BBQ smoker brands in the US. Owned/operated by award-winning pit master Jamie Geer, these pits have been made in Texas since 1989. Jamie Geer isn't just a great pit builder, he's also a great cook."

  • Standard Backyard Model - $ 2,800.00 *Prices subject to change*. Backyard model with Upgrades: Golf Cart Tires and Wheels and Bar Grates - $ 3,500. Bar Grates only add $ 150.00 *Final Product May Vary* "

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 817-223-3918 | Email:

KCW Smokers (Kidd Custom Welding) - Grandview, Texas - "TJ Kidd, owner of Kidd Custom Welding, has over 15 years of experience in welding and metal fabrication. Over the last several years, TJ has added more custom metal work to his repertoire with the use of a CNC plasma table. TJ is very much a perfectionist with a creative mind and pays great attention to detail. TJ enjoys all different kinds of metal fabrication, whether it be an outdoor project building pipe fence with a custom entryway, or in the shop creating a personalized fire pit, flatbed, or smoker. Regardless of the job, quality and client satisfaction are the number one priority at Kidd Custom Welding."

Email or message for specs, pricing, and additional info as none was available at the time of publishing.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 817-240-3845 Email:

Lang BBQ Smokers - Nahunta, Georgia - "To this day, every smoker cooker is hand-made and hand-crafted by the Lang BBQ Smokers® team. It is a product that is proudly made in the USA. The Lang BBQ Smokers® team stands ready to provide you with your own personalized smoker cooker. Working from a modern, 16,000 sq. foot facility, the team will customize your smoker cooker. Left-handed? Need additional storage space? No problem, the team will make sure you receive the personal attention your smoker cooker requires."

  • 36" Patio Smokers - Starting at $ 2,195.00 | See all selections of the 36" Models HERE
  • 48" Patio Smokers starting at $ 3,295.00 | See all selections of 48" models HERE

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 800-462-4629 Email:

Lindsey Welding Services - Houston - "Providing advanced welding on Carbon, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, exotic alloys, and custom fabrication."

Website | Facebook | Phone: 832-633-6644 | Email:

Lone Star Grillz – Willis, Texas – “Lone Star Grillz is a Family owned business proudly building the best BBQ Pits, Smokers, Pellet Smokers, and Grills all Made IN The USA.  We pride ourselves on quality, attention to detail, and innovation that has made our products the pride of pitmasters all over the world.  Whether you a weekend warrior, part-time caterer, or full-blown restaurant or brewery we have the equipment to make you successful.”

 Website | Instagram | Phone: 936-494-3477 | Email:

M&M BBQ Company - Tool, Texas - "M&M BBQ Company offers nationwide, best-in-class service to all consumers. We infuse our 30-plus years of experience in the commercial and craft BBQ industry, to create truly innovative and cutting-edge equipment. Our mission is to constantly innovate, improve, and put out the best product possible, as efficiently as possible….with style."

  • 3 Different styles to match their commercial pits. Photos and specs are forthcoming.

Get on their waiting list for January/February 2023 HERE

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: 903-432-0506 | Email:

Meadow Creek Welding - New Holland, Pennsylvania - "Meadow Creek specializes in serious outdoor cooking equipment for the serious cook. Since 1980, we've provided a growing line of handmade BBQ smokers, pig roasters, grills, and sinks to award-winning chefs, backyard enthusiasts, and food service professionals."

Three of our popular backyard models are:

  • Meadow Creek - TS70P starting at $ 4,050.00
  • Meadow Creek - SQ36 starting at $ 2,595.00

Please contact them for current lead times.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: 717-354-7533 | Contact form HERE

Mill Scale MetalWorks - Lockhart, Texas - "The Mill Scale 94 is a traditional offset barbecue smoker designed for backyard use.  We start by sourcing quality steel and industrial-grade hardware. We focus on intentional design, using multiple function components and details that the user will notice over time. For this design, we applied everything that we learned from building smokers on a commercial level: keep it simple yet sturdy, and make it enjoyable to use. This smoker maintains a consistent temperature, so folks can expect consistent results."

  • 94 Gallon Smoker - Specs: 1 Cooking Grate (Fits 3-4 Briskets); 1 Cook Chamber Door; 1 Tel-Tru Thermometer; 1 Grease Drain; 1 Grease Bucket; Lower Shelf Installed on Skids; See Additional options and/or place your order HERE - Starting at $ 4,775.00

Lead time 2-3 months.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Contact Form HERE

M GRILLS | Grills and Smokers - Beatrice, Nebraska – “M Grills specialize in small-batch / high-performance cookers with a striking aesthetic.  We take pride in our high-end bbq products and use only the finest materials. M Grills are not stamped on an assembly line or made overseas with inferior products. We strive to make our products better at all costs. As of mid-2022, M Grills are now built in Beatrice, Nebraska at Kinney Mfg. with precision craftsmanship and built to last.”

  • Our M1 and M36 are reverse airflow insulated stick burners and adjustable charcoal grills. Definitely our most popular backyard cookers. 
  • M1 - "The M1 is the ultimate fully adjustable charcoal grill, extremely efficient charcoal smoker, and a bonafide stick burner that should be the last cooker you ever own. The M1 is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and impeccable customer service." Starting at $ 3,000.00
  • M36 MOAG - The M36 MOAG is a wide version of the M1 with more of everything! It features a fully adjustable charcoal grate with a side searing box for ultimate grilling control with solid 1/4" stainless steel grates. For smoking, the M36 has an insulated firebox and smokes in a reverse airflow configuration. You can run the M36 as an all-wood stick burner or charcoal smoker with its 13" X 17" firebox basket that can completely slide out for easy cleaning. With the firebox directly inside the cooker, temperatures inside the grill stay hotter and stable longer meaning much less refueling than traditional offset smokers. Best of all, it's built like a tank!  - Starting at $ 4,000.00

Current Lead Time: 4-6 weeks

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: 402-223-0211| Email:

Moberg Smokers - Dripping Springs, Texas – “BBQ is in Sunny Moberg’s bones – pure and simple – the “meat, smoke, love” kind! He was born into a BBQ family and that family is mighty proud of him and the BBQ business he’s built for himself today. In 1964, Sunny’s grandfather, Albert C. ‘Smokey’ Denmark founded Smokey Denmark Smoked Meats Company in Austin, Texas – a company that is still going strong today. Sunny’s real love has always been building smokers – the kind Pit Master’s dreams are made of. Moberg Smokers specializes in restaurant and competition-grade smokers, most are 500 to 1000-gallon units on skids or on custom-built trailers, but he still does a few of the backyard variety. His customer base is worldwide, including some of the top BBQ “joints” in the United States.”

  • SMOKEY 110 - "Introducing our new, not-so-little backyard smoker! We are calling it the Smokey 110 in honor of my Opa Smokey Denmark. 24” x 60” x 3/8” smoke chamber. With 12 sq feet of cooking space, this smoker means business. Fully insulated firebox with front and back double wall insulated. Double walled insulated firebox door. Upper slide out. Large smoke stack. (2) TelTru gauges. Stainless handle. 10” x 48” stainless shelf. 2” stainless ball valve drain. Large under storage. 3” x 8” heavy-duty casters. Painted high heat black. We are building these in batches of (10)" - Price is $ 6,250.00.
  • Current Lead Time - 12 Weeks.

Note that Moberg Smokers does make a 250 Gallon version however it is part of their regular production run waitlist with a 12-16 month lead time. Starting price for the 250 is $ 7,000 ($ 9,000 on a trailer).

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: | Email:

Mule Skinner Smoke Rigs - Bristol, Texas - “Dustin M. Dixon has been chasing that little blue light for many years. Growing up in a small town in North Texas, you did things yourself. Growing up around 18-wheelers with his Dad and construction with his Papaw he learned a few things about hard work. Everything he does is based on the approach, that he won’t send it out if he wouldn’t use it for himself. His experience in the welding industry spans 20-plus years. Mule Skinner Smoke Rigs offers a line of Live Fire Tables, Backyard Rigs, As well as 250, 500, & 1000 gallon tanks."

  • Backyard Rig - Specs: 24” diameter 3/8” thick; 48” cook chamber; 24” firebox; 28” x 48” bottom storage rack; 8” locking wheels; (1) 3” Tel-Tru Thermometer
  • Add-ons available and quoted separately: Built-in removable Plancha/Grill, Upper cooking rack, Counterweight, Custom name plates, Painted accents.

The current lead time is 6-8 months.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Email:

Murillo Metalworks - Ripon, California - “We’re a custom smoker and Santa Maria grills fabrication shop. We’re here to grow with all of our customers! We support the California Central Valley and all other areas around.”

  • 90 and 120-gallon backyard pits.
  • Lead time is roughly 90 days.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 209-988-5091 | Email:

Outlaw BBQ Smokers - Mentone, Indiana – “From the beginning stages of engineering, all the way through the manufacturing process and leading up to the welding stage, we take pride in each and every smoker that goes out our door.  We do not grind our welds and feel that is a tribute to the skill and focus we have in every phase of building our pits!  Each Outlaw may be a little different, but they are made with the same passion and pride by our talented, hardworking team.  We at Outlaw feel that those who choose to use a stick burner will appreciate first and foremost the responsiveness of our pits, as well as the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into each and everyone!”

  • 2440 Front Load Patio Cart Basic Model - Specs: 24" Diameter x 40" Long Cook Chamber; 2" Fully insulated front load firebox; expanded metal cooking grates, fire basket, thermometer, mounted on stock chassis with basic 8" wheels. Starting at $ 4,500. See the list HERE for upgrades.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: 574-598-6000 | Contact Form

Pig Iron Patina Pits - Montgomery, Texas - "We are a small business doing what we love; building beautiful Texas treasures, having a blast doing it!!! From rat rods to Texas-style smokers, and everything in-between. Now accepting orders for quality custom smokers built in the home of the Texas flag! These works of art are family heirlooms that will last for years to come."

  • 80 gallon - Starting at $3,300.00
  • 150 gallon - Starting at $ 5,200.00
  • 250 gallon - Starting at $6,500.00

20% down gets you on the books, 20% at the start of the build, and the rest due upon completion. You dream it, I can build it. Contact them for tons of different upgrades. Shipping is available throughout the country. (ask about a shipping quote)

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: 936-648-5006 | Email:

Pits by JJ - Houston - "BBQ PITS BY JJ® is not your ordinary backyard smoker. All JJ bbq pit models are constructed from heavy-duty material which means you don’t have to replace your pit for many years to come because a JJ barbecue smoker pit/grill is built to last. All JJ barbecue pits and grills come standard with stainless steel spring handles that won’t get hot and do not rust. (We don’t use wood handles). So come in and look around or give us a call. BBQ PITS BY JJ® has the most to offer in grills, smokers, and trailer pits."

  • JJ 20x36 Smoker: 20x36 Main chamber all 1/4” thick metal; two pull-out meat racks; adjustable damper between main chamber and firebox to control heat and smoke from firebox; stainless steel spring handle; 1/4 firebox with top lid in case you want to grill something fast; heavy-duty ash pan inside firebox; one stainless steel USA made thermometer; two tables one removable and one folds down for easy storage; heavy-duty casters; painted with extra heat paint; 4” round smoke stack for better smoke flow.
  • Price starts from $1,750.00
  • Lead time for this unit is 6-8 weeks

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 713-691-2922 | Email:

Pitts and Spitts - Houston, Texas - “Based in Houston, Texas, Pitts & Spitts has been family owned and operated since 1983. For almost 40 years, we’ve been one of the only American fabrication shops that are focused on smokers and grills. Why is this important? We’re able to put an emphasis on quality and design, locally sourced materials, and unmatched attention to detail. From the fully welded barrels to the heavy gauge steel, we bring both function and beauty to life. Pitts & Spitts offers a full family of products including traditional offset smokers, wood pellet grills, charcoal grills, travel grills, combination pits, fire pits, and much more. To help you achieve BBQ greatness, we also offer high-quality wood pellets, a line of Texas spices, and other high-quality, handpicked accessories."

  • The Ultimate comes in 4 designs. See them HERE. The Ultimate offers an offset firebox with a cooking chamber designed to meet the needs of everyone. This versatile unit can handle anything, from brisket and ribs to pizza and fish. All barrels are 7&10 gauge HRPO Steel.  Fireboxes are made of ¼” plate; We also have 100% stainless versions available.  The go-to design for most backyard pitmasters. Pricing starts at $2500 - $12,000
  • Features: Our patented roll-top lid, stack cap, prep shelf, firebox damper, and propane bottle holder are all constructed of the highest quality 304 stainless steel; Removable dual cooking grates; 3/16” carbon steel cooking chamber with a built-in water reservoir for moist heat; ¼” Plate firebox with an EZ Open door and a removable fire grate for easy cleaning; 30,000 BTU rating propane log lighter for starting your fire quickly and safely; Stainless steel screw intake damper on the firebox for precise temperature control and upper smoke stack damper for controlling smoke; Two rear-mounted 10-inch solid rubber wheels and two front-mounted 5-inch swivel caster wheels for easy maneuvering
  • See additional accessories HERE

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 844-650-6250 | Email:

Red Devil Smokers - Bakersfield, California – “My name is Bradley Brown and I’m located in Bakersfield California. I started Red Devil Smokers in 2020 with the goal of creating affordable pits with high-quality standards and family-based customer service. I have been around BBQ my whole life and have competed in amateur BBQ competitions. I also have experience as a pipe and structural welder. Combining the two passions together was a way to give me the best of both worlds. I started off building large-scale patio smokers for customers from California to Texas and am now growing into 250 & 500-gallon trailer rigs for BBQ enthusiasts and restaurant-based BBQ pop-ups around California.”

  • 105 gallon - Specs: 24” in diameter 54” long; 1 upper slide-out grate; 2 Tel-Tru gauges; 4" stack; 1" drain valve; custom nameplate; holds 2 briskets. Upgrades (pricing on request): Front folding shelf; door gussets with name; sausage poll rack; insulated firebox (pipe). Starting at $ 3,500.

Current lead time 1-2 months.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 661-378-2180

Rockin W Smokers - Campbell, Texas - "Here at Rockin W Smokers, we specialize in quality hand-built smokers customized to meet your cooking needs."

  • The backyard pit has a 24”x48” cook chamber with a 2” insulated firebox and folding stainless steel shelf. Options that are available are a chrome stack, 2nd cook rack, stainless cook racks & golf cart wheel package. Start at $ 3,400.00.
  • Currently 7-8 months out.

Website | Facebook | Phone: 954-551-0304 | Email:

SG Metal Works - Rialto, California - "We make smokers that are 80 gallons to 250-gallon smokers on casters that are for backyards. This company is built by a self-taught welder fabricator who has been creating amazing products for the past 13 years. At SG Metal Works we continue to emphasize our core values and the foundation of family values that have made us a leading fabrication company."

Our starting prices range from $2,500.00 to $16,000.00. Our current completion time is January 2023.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: 909-566-4055 | Email:

Shirey Fabrication - Tuscaloosa, Alabama - "Paul has been a welder/fabricator for over 30 years working as a boilermaker, and pipefitter/welder in chemical plants, refineries, steel mills, paper mills, and fabrication shops. Paul’s career involves the refinery industry. When he isn’t working his day job, he can be found helping out Tyler at the shop. The shop is located in our backyard which to some degree allows us an advantage because of lower overhead cost. We will not let just anyone work on our projects because few people take pride we take and have our work ethic and tenacity about quality."

  • The Shirley 94 Gallon Traditional Straight Flow Backyard Model.
  • Specs: 24”x48” chamber; 24” diameter firebox; Complete 3/8” construction; Upper and lower grate in chamber; 2 calibratable Tel-Tru temp gauges; Folding stack; Folding front shelf; 1 probe port; Fire poker; Storage on cart frame; Ball valve grease drain; 6” heavy-duty polyurethane casters Starting at $ 4,250.00

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 205) 799-0251 | Email: 

Smoke Slinger Pits (5M CNC Metal Fabrication for their commercial pits) - Kaufman, Texas - "Our Custom BBQ Smoker is American Made in our Family Owned Metal Fabrication Shop in Kaufman, TX. We take great pride in the reputation we’ve earned for high-quality Custom Smokers and unmatched customer service. Contact us today for a free quote on the Custom Smoker you’ve got your eye on!"

  • The Smoke Slinger - Newly designed Heptagon Shaped Chamber provides for maximum cooking space. Firebox and stack placement allows for an even distribution of heat across the bottom of the chamber. 1/4″ Thick Steel Chamber and Firebox for optimum temperature maintenance. Strategic thermostat placement provides a more accurate temperature reading. 10 Gauge Door Flanges to prevent rusting out. Stay Cool Stainless Steel Spring Handles. Oversized Casters for ease of movement. Specs: Constructed from ¼” Thick Steel; 22 x 48 Lower Grate; 22 x 40 Upper Slide Out Grate; 4.5” x 48” Smokestack; 22 x 48 Chamber; 22 x 24 Firebox; 18 x 22 Grilling Grate; 6” x 2” Heavy Duty Casters; Weight is Approx. 660 Lbs. - Starting at $ 2,600.00

The current lead time is 4 weeks.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone: 469-770-3232 | Email:

Texas Original BBQ Pits - Houston, Texas (Main Office) / Seguin, Texas (Factory Store) - "Currently we have a wide variety of pits available and we will be streamlined closer to the 1St of the year just to consolidate and to be able to launch some new upgraded models.  All of our pits are handmade and available in a variety of finishes. For years the traditional BBQ Black high heat paint has been very dominant in this market but we are stepping it up and offering a Clear Powder Coat finish over raw steel and a Satin Black Powder Coat. They are solid welded out 1/4 steel and the fit and finish are second to none. Our goal is to be able to offer a long-lasting quality product that represents value and craftsmanship."

  • Our best selling units are the Corsicana which is a charcoal grill or what I call chicken cookers. They are available in 16” and 20”.
  • After that is the Luling line which is a traditional Texas Style offset smoker available in 16”, 20”, and 24”. Both the smoking chamber and firebox with be the same diameter. All fireboxes offer a grill for direct charcoal or live fire grilling. 
  • Soon to be released will be a unit that will be available in both 20” and 24” which will change the game for us and become the Signature Line that will come loaded with every option and exactly that everyone is looking for right now.
  • Although we offer direct sales thru our website and we are building our Specialty BBQ dealer network and will be setting up a dealer locater soon. In Seguin, we will be opening our Factory store that will serve as a showroom and distribution center for will-call dealers for both Pits and Charcoal Products.  
  • Lead time on almost 90% of the current product line is usually 7 business days or less in most instances and when you look at the pricing on the website that is a delivered price to your door.  

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 713-369-3138 | Email:

Titus Smokers – Riverside, California – “Just a local welder who loves BBQ and found a love for building BBQ straight outta SoCal. Seeing a person smile after gettin’ my product makes me a happy guy.”

  • "We do 80-gallon pits up to 150-gallon ones with a price range of $ 4,500 to $ 6,700"
  • Lead time is 45 to 60 days depending on when you get in line.

Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 951-345-3670 | Email:

TMG PITS - Knoxville, Tennesse - "Making Dreams come true one BBQ pit at a time. Handcrafted in America"

  • The Volunteer - "One of the newest models.  It’s a tradition flow Texas style smoker.  It features a 27-inch wide smoke chamber by 52 inches long 1/4 inch thick. The firebox is 24 inches wide by 26” long 3/8 inch thick.  Fold down stack.  2 sliding cooking grates.  Fold down front shelf.  Starting at $ 4,499.00
  • Heritage 36 Reverse Flow - "Our Heritage Reverse Flow Smokers come standard with the following features: 2 sliding cooks trays- 32”x22.5” and 32”x16”; 5” casters; 2- Lava Lock thermometer; Complete 1/4” steel construction; Storage rack" - Starting at $ 2,199.00
  • The Fridge 36 - "The Fridge Reverse Flow Smokers come standard with the following features: Built-in Griddle top with drain; 3 sliding cooks trays- 32.75”x22”  (2161 SQ inches of cooking space); 5” casters; 2- Lava Lock Thermometers; Complete 1/4” steel construction; Built-in ash cleanout; Storage rack; Stainless Steel Handles; Removable Reverse Flow Plates" - Starting at $ 3,299.00
  • Copperhead 40 Reverse Flow - "Our Copperhead Reverse Flow Smokers come standard with the following features: Built-in Griddle top with drain; 2 sliding cooks trays- 37”x24” and 37”x18”; Front folding shelf; 5” casters; 2- Lava Lock Thermometers; Complete 1/4” steel construction; Removable Reverse Flow Plates; Paper Towel Holder; Built-in ash cleanout; Storage rack. Copper Handles" - Starting at $ 2,749.00

Lead time: 40-46 Weeks

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 865-924-9455 | Email:

Viva Los Smokers - Temple, Texas - "We picked the name because we want our smokers to last a lifetime."

  • "We offer a backyard smoker, however pretty big for a “normal” backyard. We actually cut down a 250 gallon. These are the measurements roughly because every tank is a little different: a 5-foot cook chamber with 48 x29 inches of grate space. 79 1/2 floor to top of the stack. Door 34 1/4. Overall length 98 not including 6 inches of back door handles"
  • Currently 4-6 months out. Once they add to the shop the turn-around time will be quicker.

Website - Facebook | Instagram | Email:

Workhorse Pits - Coal Mountain, Georgia - "At Workhorse Pits, our product designs are guided by science. Workhorse began with science, we trust only science and we never make assumptions without scientific support.  We also apply the knowledge and experience gained from our sister company, Primitive Pits, which has provided commercial offset smokers for some of the biggest names in BBQ, including Internationally recognized Pitmasters, Food and Wine Top Chef of 2019, James Beard nominees, national award-winning chefs, Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ Joints, including the #1 on the list, and multiple BBQ TV personalities."

  • 1957 - Starting at $ 2,190.00 | See complete specs and add-ons HERE
  • 1969 - Starting at $ 2,367.00 | See complete specs and add-ons HERE
  • 1975 - Starting at $ 2,784.00 | See complete specs and add-ons HERE
  • 1975t - Starting at $ 3,987.00 | See complete specs and add-ons HERE

Lead Time: 200-225 days

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Phone: 678-381-5958 | Email: