BBQ Couples - The Interviews

I've always said that it's the people that make the barbecue world so special. Don't get me wrong, the food pulled me in and the subsequent epiphanies I had along the way as I tried BBQ outside of California sealed the deal for my obsession, but it's the people that has made this experience worthwhile. It's also what has fueled me to continue to interview as many different people as I can. To learn about their lives and hopefully create a connection.

Since starting this three years ago, I've been lucky enough to interview NINE couples for the show. Working together isn't easy, but working together in the restaurant business is even more of a challenge. These 'couples' interviews have really been special and I'd love to share them with you below. Note that I am including the separate interviews I did with Erin and Patrick Feges at the bottom. I didn't chat with them together, but since they work together, spoke about each other as if they were there, AND are the kind of couple I aspire to be in one day, I couldn't not share.

Nichole and Will Buckman - CorkScrew BBQ - Spring, Texas

Alex Graf and Chris Fultz - ZZQ - Texas Craft Barbecue - Richmond, Virginia

Yvette and Phillip Helberg - Helberg Barbecue - Waco, Texas

Katie and Dan Misuraca - Red White & Que Smokehouse - Kearny, New Jersey

Michelle and Andrew Munoz - Moo's Craft Barbecue - Los Angeles

Brenda and Danny Castillo - Heritage Barbecue - San Juan Capistrano, California

Mandi and Jim Lero - Lillian's Barbecue and Catering - Fort Worth, Texas

Jiyeon Lee & Cody Taylor - Heirloom Market BBQ - Atlanta, Georgia

Erin Feges - Feges BBQ - Houston, Texas

Patrick Feges - Feges BBQ - Houston, Texas