Cen-Tex Smokers - Luling, Texas - In Photos

I am going to be creating individual photo centric pieces on all of the custom pit fabricators across the nation to highlight the beautiful craftsmanship and give you a chance to see their specialties along with the product they produce.

I am starting with Cen-Tex Smokers out of Luling, Texas who I am ALSO extremely proud to have on as a partner of the Kevin’s BBQ Joints Podcast and YouTube show.

Owner Michael Johnson, Jr. and I sat down for an interview in July of 2020 (you can see that HERE) and I knew from a few minutes in that not only did he have the skillset needed to be a top-line pit builder (he’s been welding since he was 6 years old), but could see his passion and how seriously he takes every project.

Not surprisingly, from right off the bat he was working with heavy hitters. His first pit was for Ronnie Killen (Killen's Barbecue) and followed that up with a gorgeous pit(see a link HERE) for Big Moe Cason (he has since made a second pit for Killen's). He combines his for craftsmanship with an intense focus on the performance of the smokers. That is key. Cen-Tex is ‘Old school craftsmanship using new school techniques’.