Jirby BBQ is the Best BBQ YouTube Channel You've Never Heard Of

If you have heard about Jirby BBQ on YouTube then you're in the know, but most people don't realize what a diamond in the rough this channel really is. Created by Jonny White, co-owner of Goldee's Barbecue in Fort Worth, Texas, during the early days of the pandemic, this channel has grown to be one of my favorites.

What I most like about it is the fact that it has a TON of information without coming off too polished and too over-produced. Jonny is entertaining and he has so much barbecue knowledge (he's worked at la Barbecue, Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ, and Franklin Barbecue). I interview Jonny a couple of weeks ago. You can see it HERE or give it a listen HERE to get his background and learn more about his philosophy towards life and barbecue.

Below are a few of my favorites, but there are 8 total videos so far with one coming out every week or so. Be sure to subscribe and check out Jirby BBQ HERE. Follow Jirby BBQ on Instagram HERE. Give him a DM if you are interested in taking a class (he makes house-calls) or for consulting (he's even consulted for a BBQ joint in Egypt).

This is just ingenious. Jonny shows how to make an offset cooker using cinder blocks for around $ 200.00 at your local hardware/home improvement store:

Ever wonder what it's like to cut meat for a busy BBQ joint for over an hour? This video shows Jonny cutting brisket, pork ribs, turkey and sausage. It is one hour and 40 minutes condensed into 12 minutes. I've watched this multiple times.


Fire management is SUPER important in cooking barbecue. Johnny makes it super easy to understand here:

Everyone has their specific way to trim brisket, but Jonny has taken practice (he's trimmed thousands of briskets) from working at 3 top Austin BBQ joints and gives you his tips and tricks: