Jordan Okun - Air Jordan: A Food Podcast - Podcast Interview

In this episode I chat with Jordan Okun, the host of the Air Jordan: A Food Podcast which is a celebration of Los Angeles and the food that make Los Angeles what it is. We discuss his early days in Westwood, working in the mailroom and being an assistant at ICM, his time working for a drunk of a director on a film to writing his first novel 'LA Fade Away'.

We talk about his screenplay writing, his food writing, and how he began the Air Jordan podcast(and how that evolved). Topics covered within: Goldbelly, RC Provisions, Pat LaFrieda, Shake Shack, Langer's Deli, Brent’s Deli, The Original Tommys, Pink's Hot Dogs, Chef Beran's Dialogue's Short Rib Wellington, Antico's Ice Cream to-go, Lawry's The Prime Rib, Moo's Craft Barbecue, SLAB, Chi Spacca, APL, Flannery Beef, and Petit Trois. Places to

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