Michael Johnson Jr. | Cen-Tex Smokers | Luling Texas | Interview

In this episode I get the chance to chat with Michael Johnson Jr. from Cen-Tex Smokers in Luling, Texas.

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This one is great because he is so early into his pit building career. He has always had a passion for BBQ AND has been welding since he was 5 or 6(yes, that early on). His dad is taught him early on(and later he went to welding school) and is still his parter in the production of pits. They build the pits on his dad's property. His first big break was a pit for Ronnie Killen and then Big Moe Cason. He also has a 500 gallon on tap for a guy in Las Vegas and will be doing another pit for Ronnie. We go into welding in depth, his passion for hard work, how he got to where he is today and what you can expect regarding lead times, new projects and ideas, and why you would want to lean towards him to produce something for him.

He's a great guy who was incredibly fun to chat with and I imagine the same would hold true if you worked with him.