Michael Wyont - Flores Tortillas

In this episode I get a chance to chat with Michael Wyont from Flores Tortillas.

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  • Currently available on alternating weekends in:
  • San Marcos - by pre-order only
  • Whitney Farmers market - at the market itself

Soon to be available Monday through Friday at their kitchen( 2222 State Highway 22).

ALSO, see them on Taco Tuesday night Guess Family Barbecue in Waco

AND available for tacos at Helberg Barbecue in Waco AND in their retail case Working on wholesale options as well.

We talk about him smoking the beef fat that goes into the tortillas, about the possibility of corn tortillas, possibly a taco spot open once or twice a week (don’t hold him to it), Tex-Mex(maybe), and answers the question IF he’ll do a BBQ spot again.

The tortillas are an homage to his grandmother on the Flores side his family and how Adamson Barbecue in Toronto was an inspiration for putting the tallow in the tortillas. He's also going to be testing different Texas woods to see if they impart a unique flavor.

Also, be sure to refrigerate the moment you receive. These are not your store bought tortillas.

We talk in depth about why he stepped away from Flores BBQ. It was many different things. It was mutual and a lot of it was he didn’t want to be away from his family. Very honest about it. Was it easy for him to accept?

All his merch was designed by M. Brady Clark. He'll be adding more so check back often