Pat Martin - Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint - Behind the BBQ Front Lines

In this episode of 'From Behind the BBQ Front Lines' I chat with Pat Martin from Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint with locations in Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, and South Carolina.

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Once covid hit, and it hit hard and it hit swift, he had to furlough 90% of his 600 employees. He has 10 Martin's Bar-B-Que Joints and 4 Hugh Baby's.

We talk about everything that happened, how hard it has been, and how 'pivot' has become the new sexy business word. He has had to redo his whole labor model because you 'can’t ever pass your inefficiencies on to the guest'. He talks about how to help and that is dine with them, either take out or at whatever percentage is allowed and get merch, gift cards, and swag.

He also discusses why whole hog barbecue is important in East Tennessee and that there are are only 3 people in all of Tennessee cooking whole hogs(Zach Parker being one of them).

He talks about the flavor too of whole hog which is a subtle flavor more like a confet.

He also tells us his favorite sandwich order.

Here's my first interview with Pat. The one where he is driving home from an event he did with Sam Jones.