Pimento Cheese and the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon is that thing where something you recently learned about suddenly appears EVERYWHERE. Your awareness is heightened. It's also called the Frequency Bias (or Illusion). This 'phenomenon' recently hit me with Pimento Cheese.

It seemed everywhere I looked I saw pimento cheese. It very well could have been that two of my favorite humans talk about it quite often. Writer and photographer Kelly Yandell of Kelly Yandell Photography has one of the best blogs(focusing primarily on recipes and stories in and aroundTexas) out there entitled the meaning of pie and recently posted a unique pimento cheese recipe using candied jalepenos(she has a standard pimento cheese recipe she posted over a decade ago here) and within that same week Blake Stoker from Blake's BBQ in Martin, Tennessee sent me A BUNCH of photos of the sandwich he sells called the Bubba Cole which features brisket, turkey AND pimento cheese. I have the story of that sandwich along with tons of photos of this sandwich sweeping the nation(and my subconscious) HERE.

Blake's BBQ's Bubba Cole - Photo by Blake Stoker

THEN this article came across my desk from Garden and Gun called 'The Mystery of the Masters' Pimento Cheese Sandwich' about this seemingly iconic $ 1.50 pimento cheese sandwich($ 3.00 if you add chips and sweet tea) served in a fairway green plastic bag at the Masters every year. Being curious and having my pimento cheese blinders firmly affixed to my head, I searched for additional info about this sandwich I had no idea existed and found more info here from Town and Country Magazine. They also sold a commemorative Pimento Cheese Sandwich ball markers this year and it sold out in minutes(yes, I tried to buy one). It looks like someone is selling them on ebay for $ 130.00(or approximately 86 sandwiches).

This led me down a path of searching for pimento cheese at BBQ spots, recipes for this wonderful creation, and maybe learn more about the origin. Below are my findings which I will be updating as I move forward. Hopefully this inspires you to whip some up at home OR order from one of your local spots if you see it lurking on the menu.

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