Pit Builders Nationwide - The Complete List

I've grown to really appreciate the time and effort that goes into building barbecue pits. I get asked on an almost daily basis about who created what pit for whom and how to get ahold of a specific builder. I decided to create a master list of all of the fabricators of CUSTOM and COMMERCIAL smokers across the United States (some included producing a combination of standard and custom pits). The list of 94 custom fabricators is in alphabetical order and when I was able to, I have added descriptions and photos from the builders.

So if you are in the market for a pit or just window shopping, please enjoy (and let me know if I am missing any):

5M CNC - Kaufman, Texas - "5M CNC is a turn-key Custom Metal Fabrication and Powder Coating Manufacturer. From design to delivery, we manage the entire process under one roof. We are dedicated to the production of high-quality custom metal fabrication with on-time delivery that meets or exceeds our customer’s satisfaction. We have successfully completed thousands of custom projects in over 10 years of business."

Acme Welding & Fabricating - Friendswood, Texas - "Smokers built from the ground up. Welding high-quality steel, prepping the surface for the finish, and painting with high-temperature paints. It's all done in-house, allowing us to maintain quality control at every step of the process."

AJ's Custom Cookers - Saginaw, Texas - "AJ's Custom Cookers is a family-run business dedicated to standing out in the crowd with one-off custom builds. Our main focus is quality and customer satisfaction. You come here to get what you want not what you need. AJ has been welding and fabricating for 27 years and specializes in custom Tig (Heliarc) work, fancy metals, stainless, copper, aluminum, and brass."

  • Instagram | Website | Phone: 817-714-4495 | Email: ajscustomcookers@gmail.com | Our interview HERE

A.N. Bewley Fabricators - Dallas, Texas - "Are you searching for that old-fashioned, real wood-smoked flavor of barbecue that you enjoyed back in the days when wood was all that barbecue was cooked with? At A.N. BEWLEY, we can help you provide that experience to your customers and keep them coming back for more. We are talking serious barbecue here - delicious with or without sauce. Real wood smoked flavor delivered with quality and consistency while operating easily and efficiently. That’s what Bewley Barbecue Pits offer."

Austin Smokeworks - Barlett, Texas - "Pitmaster designed with years of proven  daily quality cooks; Crafted for traditional stick burning low & slow cooking; Built one-at-a-time which ensures attention to details and a lifetime of quality service; Uses high-quality materials; Featuring tuned cooking chambers with sealed door; Showcasing insulated firebox which reduces wood usage and helps stabilize temperature; Finished with high-temperature rated paint; Seasoned and ready for cooking." 

Backline Fabrication - Austin, Texas - "Backline Smokers is a company that consists of one person and is 100% custom one-off pits and live-fire pieces. What that means is if you purchase a Backline, you will have the only one in the world that looks the way yours does and is built from the ground up by myself in the great state of Texas. I take pride in building my pits and the fact that I touch every part of the build, from the good to the bad, I'm responsible for every aspect of those units. Like our hashtag says, 'It cooks as good as it looks.'"

BBQ Pits by JJ - Houston, Texas - "Pits By JJ builds custom smokers, grills, and trailer pits for residential or commercial use. We take pride in the craftsmanship that goes into building our custom-made products. We believe that we have the best and most affordable prices on the market. "

BBQ Pits by Klose - Houston, Texas - "We build Commercial and Residential Custom BBQ Smokers & Grills. On wheels/legs or on a trailer. If you can dream it BBQ Pits by Klose can build it."

Big Phil's Smokers & Metal Works - Caddo Mills, Texas - "I build custom Smokers, BBQ Pits, Truck Accessories, Fencing, Gates, Fire Pits, Furniture and More."

Bison Smokers - Forney, Texas - Smokers built by skilled high school welders. See their write-up in Texas Monthly HERE and Southern Living HERE. They have done pits for a few pretty high-profile BBQ joints across the U.S.

  • Instagram | Phone: 214-605-0813 | Email: bisonsmokers@gmail.com

Blue Collar Pits - San Antonio, Texas - Manufactures BBQ Smokers, fire pits, beehive stands, entry gates, and other outdoor living accessories. Blue Collar Products by Design LLC is a small, owner-operated business that began with a desire to provide the average person with a quality product at a reasonable price. There is a tremendous amount of pride taken in the quality of work performed and I always strive to go above and beyond the customers’ expectations.

Blowin' Smoke Cookers - Guthrie, Oklahoma - "Blowin' Smoke Cookers was born from our love of cooking combined with an excellent product to cook it on. The smokers that we sell are second to none and are Made In the USA. Being centrally located in Guthrie Oklahoma makes us easily accessible via interstate 35 from just about anywhere in the country. No long drives down the backroads to get here. Look through the models we offer. We always have some in stock on the lot and ready to take home but if you would like to change one up and jazz it up a little, we will be glad to have one custom built for you, just the way you want it."

Boathouse Smokers - Saint Amant, Louisiana - "Custom Smokers & Rotisserie cookers. Handcrafted in the swamps of South Louisiana."

BQ Smokers - Elm City, North Carolina  - "BQ Grills has always been well known for our gas pig cookers and quality of our work. We have many times over the years built wood/charcoal smokers for our customers upon request. Now with an ever-increasing demand for well-built smokers, we have decided to offer a few standard models to choose from and of course, we will still customize on request."

Cannon Pits & Fabrication - Granbury, Texas - "Cannon Pits is a family-owned and operated welding and fabrication shop. We build everything from BBQ Pits, to custom furniture, deer feeders, deer stands, feed bins, and everything in between. We strive for perfection and to make our customers happy. With over 20 combined years of welding and metal fabrication experience, there is no job too big or small."

Camelback Smokers - Phoenix, Arizona - "Camelback Smokers started when Scott Holmes with Little Miss BBQ needed to add a new 1000 gallon smoker to add the Central Texas-style barbecue restaurant. The company started when both of them realized that there are very few smoker makers that focus on high-quality offsets in large sizes. Our focus today is to build the best smokers that we possibly can. In each smoker, the question is always how do we make this more useful, versatile, and better than the last one. We use brushed aluminum for our exhaust, handles, pan rails, and door stops. The grates are made to eliminate any spots that will reduce the heat and smoke to the meat as well as make them easy to remove and clean. The insulated firebox is made larger than needed which helps retain heat while making it easier to manage your fire. We have even analyzed on making a smoker more versatile by being able to control how much heat is above and below the grate for cooking additional meats. We realize some of these things aren’t needed but at the end of the day we just want to produce the absolute best smoker that we know-how with as many features as we can to save you time, hassle and to make your smoking time as good as it can be."

Centex Smokers - Luling, Texas - "Custom smokers proudly built in Central Texas. He combines his passion for craftsmanship with an intense focus on the performance of the smokers. That is key. Cen-Tex is ‘Old school craftsmanship using new school techniques'."

Chopped Smokers - Dickinson, Texas - "Honesty, integrity and supreme customer service. We build custom propane tank smokers. Theses smokers are designed and engineered to be the state of the art in air flow intake to out flow. Every square inch has been planned to be the perfect smoker for the home, restaurants and the bbq cook off circuit."

Chuds BBQ - Austin, Texas - "My name is Bradley Robinson, and I am a Texas BBQ cook and the designer & builder of the Chudpit offset smokers and Chudbox direct heat cookers. The first offset I built using an old 150 gallon propane tank is still holding strong as the main smoker used on the YouTube channel. Once I learned how much fun welding and building cooking devices could be, I started building them for other members of the barbecue community. Today you can find me working the pits, breaking the hogs, and trimming the beef cheeks at LeRoy and Lewis BBQ food truck at 121 Pickle Rd in South Austin Texas. I also spend time in my garage, happily building smokers for all who want them. Since each is built entirely by hand, there is a bit of a waiting list, but it will be worth it! If you’re interested in one of my smokers, please send me a message here."

Cotton Gin Smokers - SW Michigan - "Matt grew up as a pastor's son in a small West Texas town. The Cotton Gin Smoker story really started back in 2001 when Matt took welding shop class his senior year in high school. Each class mate was tasked with an end of the year project to pass the class. Most of the other students were building things such as cattle pins and such. Not having any cattle, he wanted something that he would be able to use. So he set out to build a smoker on a trailer. He did just that; and when coming back to visit the class, Matt remembers his shop teacher taking him back to the shop and showing him the sea of grills and smokers that were now lining the shop floor. Mr. Askins said 'Matt, you transformed people’s thinking.  This is all they want to build now.'" 

Custom Metal Projects LLC - Beebe, Arkansas - "We offer a quality product with just about any option our customers can dream up, and we can do it at a fraction of the price our competitors charge. I am a designer, not a welder or a pipeliner who started building smokers on the side because times were tough. I worked 20 plus years as an engineering/production manager for one of the largest producers of refractory concrete mixing and pumping equipment. We have the experience to put the design on paper then find the resources and materials to get the job done as quickly as possible while staying under budget."

  • Instagram | Website | Phone: 870-692-7081 |Email: custommetalprojects@gmail.com

Easy Flow Smokers - Houston, Texas - "I have been doing fabrication/welding for about 20 yrs now. I have the pandemic to thank for pushing me to start working on my backyard offsets full time as I could not just sit home and wait to see what was going to happen next. I am very detail oriented and definitely big on quality so my offset builds go through quite a bit of scrutiny before I call them finished. It took me months to finally decide on the style I am currently building and while doing it I realized that everything I have learned over the years finally came together on these builds. Art, Welding, Fabrication, Architectural, Installation, Structural, Painting, and so on...I feel very content and at peace working on them."

East Texas Smoker Company - Tyler, Texas - "At East Texas Smoker Company, each custom BBQ trailer is handcrafted by an experienced welder/designer. True craftsmanship goes into each and every smoker trailer, allowing you to showcase your barbecue skills at any competition, tailgating, or catering event."

El Cucaracho Smokers - Fort Worth, Texas - "El Cucaracho Smokers is a one man show, Dennis really strives for perfection and gives his maximum effort in all of the builds he builds. He is a true craftsman when it comes to his pit building art, all of his builds just keep getting better and better. One way to know you’re getting a genuine ECS build is the signature plug weld door trim, straight smooth lines, clean welds, & excellent fit up. Dennis works hard to put out amazing quality builds that are not only a thing of beauty but they’re functional too. Here are some photos of what you can expect from our company."

  • Instagram | Website | Phone: 469-426-6550 | Email: ELCUCARACHOSMOKERS@GMAIL.COM

FatStack Smokers - Sun Valley, California - "As barbecue enthusiasts first, FatStack Smokers is committed to seeing better barbecue in the world. From world-class patio and pro-summer models to custom fabricated large-scale pits used by some of the most talented and passionate pitmasters in the country, our team is proud to offer these highly designed and expertly fabricated smokers. All wood fires make the best barbecue, so here at FatStack “It’s about the fire."

Firefly Grilling Co. - Fort Worth, Texas - "Made by Kevin Rennels and John Wayne Shaw out of Fort Worth TX. Combined with 22 years in the restaurant industry and 20 years of fabrication, our knowledge of production, quality, and what gets the job done is next level. With our love and experience of iron, fire, and food, Firefly Grilling Company can bring your cooking game to the next level."

  • Instagram | Website | Phone 817-243-4137 | Email: johnwayne@fireflygrillingco.com

Galindo Smokers - Channelview, Texas - " Jorge Galindo: Professional Pit Builder. Custom BBQ PITS and BBQ pit restorations, welding and fabrication services."

Gator Pit of Texas - Houston, Texas - "Gator Pit Of Texas dominates the BBQ PIT industry because we truly do have the "BEST BARBECUE PITS" made.  Tailgating, Trailer Pits, Backyard, and Commercial.  We have a Barbecue pit for your needs. Call me, Ritch, for your pit.  I will make your Dream Pit a Reality. If ya ain't got it, ya gotta get it! Affordable Custom-made Barbecue Pits, Grills, Smokers, Tailgating Barbecue Grills and Smokers, Mobile, Catering & Concession Trailer BBQ Pits - Backyard and Commercial BBQ Pits. We custom design to meet height restrictions and/or physical limitations."

Green Money Fabrication - Milford, New Jersey - "Greenmoney Fabrication started as a hobby, just building a pit for myself until I wanted to try something else. I'm still a one-man shop doing it after my day job, but it has turned into my passion to build the highest quality cookers that I can. From the backyard BBQs, to custom-themed cookers, to catering rigs, and everything in between. My goal with Greenmoney Fabrication is to continue to grow and provide top-quality cookers to this amazing bbq community. "

Harper Barbecue & Pitworks - Costa Mesa, California - "We cut our teeth building commercial trailers, and now bring those proven designs to our back yard 120, 200, and 250-gallon pits. We also produce heavy hibachis, communal cooking fire pits, commercial trailers, and ANSI-approved pits for restaurant use. "

Harrell Pit Masters - Waco/China Spring, Texas - "I would describe my pits as Chevys rather than Cadillacs.  More of a “blue-collar” pit.  Simple but solid, with a traditional Texas offset style."

Hayes BBQ - Winston-Salem, North Carolina - "After a 20+ year career as an elementary school principal, Mike Hayes turned his BBQ hobby into a side hustle and has been building custom pits for customers in the Piedmont area of North Carolina and beyond. From backyard pits to restaurant workhorses, every build is given special attention."

HBT Smokers - Guntersville, Alabama - "HBT Smokers specializes in top quality pits! We build these directly in our shop which is located on beautiful Lake Guntersville, Alabama."

Website | Instagram | Phone: 256-302-3000 | Email: info@hbtsmokers.com

Horizon Smokers - Perry, Oklahoma - At Horizon, we focus on quality design, construction, and user experience. We're not worried about producing 300 smokers a day like the lightweight smokers sold at most big box stores. Our goal is to make the absolute best smokers in the world and that is EXACTLY what we do. Horizon is the most trusted name among traditional smokers. As a three-time World Champion, with dozens of state-level championships, Horizon owner and CEO Roger Davidson wants to help other aficionados reach the level he's achieved. Horizon seeks to equip people with the tools and the knowledge to become the best barbecue cook they can possibly be.

Humphrey's Smokers - West Newfield, Maine - In the Southwestern foothills of Maine is where you will find Chad & Nicole Humphrey and their team of craftsmen custom building Humphrey's Smoker line of barbecue smokers and accessories.  Chad & Nicole have been repairing, enhancing, and producing BBQ and various other cooking products for the last 14 years.  Their love for food, family, and friends, and knowing others share that same feeling, led them to build their line of BBQ smokers so customers could cook enough food, in almost any weather with ease to bring family and friends together year around.

Jambo Pits - Fort Worth, Texas - "Jambo Pits is one of the most elite BBQ smoker brands in the US. Owned/operated by award-winning pit master Jamie Geer, these pits have been made in Texas since 1989."

J.H. Smokers - Perris, California - "When the business was formed, Lindsey was working as an event coordinator and Justin was working as a plant operator at a mining company. With a hobby of building smokers in Justin’s free time, we decided to pursue our dream of being business owners and open our business fabricating high-end Patio Smokers, Santa Maria Grills, and Trailer Rigs.  After endless ideas of company names and slogans, it was decided to name the business after the man with the dream, and soon J.H. Smokers & Welding Fabrication was officially created.  The one-of-a-kind designs that Justin comes up with are truly a work of art. He has an incredible imagination – and talent to back it, to build these bbqs from sheets of metal.  At J.H. Smokers, we are proud to say that all components of our products are American Made and distributed in Southern California. No two bbq pits are the same, each is crafted uniquely to suit our customer's individual needs."

Johnson Custom Smokers - Ennis, Texas - "Johnson Smokers is owned and operated by Chad Johnson down in Ennis, TX.  We provide custom BBQ pits and trailers to customers across the world with "function" in mind when it comes to our designs. We have a down-to-earth, straightforward, no BS type of experience with our customers and strive to maintain good customer service. The kind of business where when you call you get the Owner on the phone!"

J & R Manufacturing - Mesquite, Texas - "J&R Manufacturing of Mesquite Texas produces wood burning, thermostatically controlled barbecue ovens (pits). Our BBQ pits produce the REAL BBQ flavor that can only be achieved by burning hardwood logs and they offer the professional operator a machine that will produce authentic product with a lot less effort than a manual type pit requires. We have taken the hassle out of producing great-tasting smoked foods and have been doing so, worldwide, since 1974. Our products are ETL listed and NSF-approved, meaning there will be no issues with code approval.

Juspits - Galveston County, Texas - "Each pit is hand-built in sunny San Leon, Texas. Designs we use to stand the test of time and have years of experience built into each model. We keep things simple because that is what BBQ is supposed to be, simple. Our pits are easy to operate as well as maintain. build your fire, set your dampers to reach your desired temp, sit back and enjoy the experience

KAT BBQ Smokers - Modesto, California - "KAT BBQ Smokers makes it easy for you to use your smoker anytime, anywhere. Your custom smoker can be used at home, or accompany you to Competitions with our easy to maneuver Trailer or Wagon Wheel Option (Available For All Models). We make a wide range of custom products with access to a full metal shop with Lasers, Breaks, Shears, and Stamping machinery. If you can dream it, we at KAT can build it. We build Custom Trailers with multiple Smokers and Grills that will meet your needs, in order to make you successful whether you are a backyard BBQ Chef or involved in BBQ Competitions, Restaurants, or Catering."

Kidd Custom Welding - Grandview, Texas - "TJ Kidd, owner of Kidd Custom Welding, has over 15 years of experience in welding and metal fabrication. He started his career building basic pipe fences and gates while residing in Canyon, Texas. In 2013, he and his family relocated to Grandview, Texas, and absolutely love the area. Over the last several years, TJ has added more custom metalwork to his repertoire with the use of a CNC plasma table. TJ is very much a perfectionist with a creative mind and pays great attention to detail. TJ enjoys all different kinds of metal fabrication, whether it be an outdoor project building pipe fence with a custom entryway, or in the shop creating a personalized fire pit, flatbed, or smoker."

Lang BBQ Smokers - "Lang is the #1 stick burning smoke cooker built since 1988. Our reverse flow makes it foolproof for making your best BBQ no matter the weather.  We offer numerous customizations so our pitmasters get exactly what they need."

formally known as LoCo smokers - Temple, Texas - “We build high-quality bbq smokers with a hot rod flare.”

Lone Star Grillz - Willis, Texas - "Lone Star Grillz is a Family owned business proudly building the best BBQ Pits, Smokers, Pellet Smokers, and Grills all Made IN The USA.  We pride ourselves on quality, attention to detail, and innovation that has made our products the pride of pitmasters all over the world.  Whether you are a weekend warrior, part-time caterer, or full-blown restaurant or brewery we have the equipment to make you successful."

Matt’s BBQ Pits, LLC -  Pipe Creek, Texas - “We manufacture custom pits, smokers, trailer pits, outdoor kitchen parts, deer feeders, hog traps, targets, and other steel constructed products. We specialize in manufacturing barbecue pits, smokers, backyard grills, and trailer pits. We strive to give you the best cooking experience possible. We use thicker material, fitted lid trim, and innovative designs to give you long-term enjoyment with your purchase.”

Meadow Creek BBQ Smokers - New Holland, Pennsylvania - “Meadow Creek builds a full line of reverse flow tank smokers, offset smokers, pig roasters, chicken flippers, flat-top grills, steak grills, and cabinet smokers in the Amish community of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Features on their equipment include rust-free stainless steel grates, positive-lock latches, rotating sandwich grates, and skillful attention to detail. Browse all of their models and available upgrades HERE

  • Phone: 717-354-7533 | Contact Form HERE

Michael Todd McInroe - Mineral Wells, Texas - "The World’s most fiercely independent Pit Builder with no current waitlist. Custom pits, tables & presses straight out of the garage in Mineral Wells, TX."

  • Instagram | Phone: 817.694.8718 | Email: toddmcinroe@gmail.com

M Grills - Mesquite, Texas - "M Grills specialize in small-batch - high-performance cookers with a striking aesthetic.  We take pride in our high-end bbq products and use only the finest materials. M Grills are not stamped on an assembly line or made overseas with inferior products. We strive to make our products better at all costs.  Every M Grills product is made in our facility in Mesquite, Texas with precision craftsmanship and built to last. Simply put, our products are built like a tank and backed by impeccable customer service."

Mill Scale Metalworks - Lockhart, Texas - Matt and Caleb Johnson have been working together their entire lives. Growing up in a small central Texas town, they spent their summers sitting on overturned buckets in their dad’s auto-body shop, trading hot rod hood ornaments, and staging car-antenna sword fights while dodging sparks from the guys working nearby. There, they learned that if something needed to be fixed, they had to learn how to do it.

Moberg Smokers - Dripping Springs, Texas - "BBQ is in Sunny Moberg’s bones – pure and simple – the “meat, smoke, love” kind! He was born into a BBQ family and that family is mighty proud of him and the BBQ business he’s built for himself today. In 1964, Sunny’s grandfather, Albert C. ‘Smokey’ Denmark founded Smokey Denmark Smoked Meats Company in Austin, Texas – a company that is still going strong today. Sunny’s real love has always been building smokers – the kind Pit Master’s dreams are made of. Moberg Smokers specializes in restaurant and competition-grade smokers, most are 500 to 1000 gallon units on skids or on custom-built trailers, but he still does a few of the backyard variety. His customer base is worldwide, including some of the top BBQ “joints” in the United States."

M&M BBQ Co. - Tool, Texas - "M&M BBQ Company offers nationwide, best-in-class service to all consumers. We infuse our 30-plus years of experience in the commercial and craft BBQ industry, to create truly innovative and cutting-edge equipment. Our mission is to constantly innovate, improve, and put out the best product possible, as efficiently as possible....with style."

Mule Skinner Rigs - Bristol, Texas - "Dustin M. Dixon has been chasing that little blue light for many years. Growing up in a small town in North Texas, you did things yourself. Growing up around 18 wheelers with his Dad and construction with his Papaw he learned a few things about hard work. Everything he does is based on the approach, that he won't send it out if he wouldn't use it for himself. His experience in the welding industry spans 20 plus years. Mule Skinner Smoke Rigs offers a line of Live Fire Tables, Backyard Rigs, As well as 250, 500, & 1000 gallon tanks."

Instagram | Facebook | Website | 469-744-4706 | Email: 83myles@gmail.com

Murillo Metalworks - Central Valley, California - "We’re a custom smoker and Santa Maria grills fabrication shop. We’re here to grow with all of our customers! We support the California Central Valley and all other areas around."

Myron Mixon Smokers - Unadilla, Georgia - "For a serious competitive advantage, look no further. Each Myron Mixon Smoker is built to handle the pressures of the most competitive retail restaurants. You’ll get consistently superior BBQ regardless of the protein or the cooking temperature, whether you go low and slow or fast and hot. And with rectangular racks and multiple sizes to choose from, you’ll have the volume you need to satisfy that line of customers going out the door."

Ole Hickory Pits - Cape Girardeau, Missouri- "We manufacture and market state-of-the-art commercial, competition and residential barbecue smoker ovens, in addition to barbecue equipment, sauces, seasonings and lifestyle products.  Our greatest joy is to “Shine in the reflected glory of the successes of our Friends and Customers!” We’re here to help you Barbecue at YOUR Best!"

Outlaw BBQ Smokers - Mentone, Indiana - "From the beginning stages of engineering, all the way through the manufacturing process and leading up to the welding stage, we take pride in each and every smoker that goes out our door.  We do not grind our welds and feel that is a tribute to the skill and focus we have in every phase of building our pits!  Each Outlaw may be a little different, but they are made with the same passion and pride by our talented, hardworking team.  We at Outlaw feel that those who choose to use a stick burner will appreciate first and foremost the responsiveness of our pits, as well as the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into each and everyone!"

Peoria Custom Cookers - North Pekin, Illinois -  “Starting as a hobby and evolving into a business as individuals asked to have grills constructed, the intention of PCC in today’s marketplace is clear. If the buyer factors in the expected years of service, cooking results, and pride of ownership, PCC grills and smokers are a bargain. Not only has there been an improvement in things such as the metals, axles, and even paint, but the tools and equipment used to fabricate these cookers are much better.  We used to weld with stick welders and cut with acetylene torches, and now we use mig and tig welders and cut with plasma cutters.  Taking advantage of the latest technology makes this work more enjoyable and also results in a better final product.  In addition to the mechanical improvements, there has been a tremendous increase of public awareness resulting in the development of impressive new techniques, spices and recipes”. 

Pitmaker BBQ Pits - Houston, Texas - "We make Custom BBQ Trailers, Backyard BBQ Smoker Pits, and BBQ Grills that use wood, as well both gas and charcoal as a fuel source. At Pitmaker BBQ Pits, we take the art of making BBQ Pits and Barbecue Grills seriously. We have taken all of our combined 30 plus years in the steel fabrication business and our over 15 years of cooking competition BBQ Cook-offs and applied them to make the best BBQ Pit designs ever. We invite you to compare our bbq grills and bbq smokers for quality and efficiency to any other products on the market."

Pitts & Spitts - Houston, Texas - "Pitts & Spitts has been a legend in the BBQ business for over 30 years. In that time, Pitts & Spitts has been mixing Texas tradition with new world techniques to consistently produce the best-looking, best-cooking BBQ pits in the world."

Primitive Pits - Coal Mountain, GA - "At Primitive Pits, we have utilized computational fluid dynamics to understand how to execute even convection with a standard of + or - five (5) degrees across any of our commercial pits, boasting one of the most efficient offset smokers in our class. Our resume is a confirmation of our quality work and ultimately the exceptional performance of our offsets.  Primitive Pits has built smokers for Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joints, James Beard finalists, national chef of the year, and many respected BBQ institutions across the United States, with recent global expansions."

Reckless Iron Works - Waco, Texas - "Reckless Iron Works is a custom metal fabrication shop. I’ve built and have reworked a few pits, to fine-tune their cooking capabilities, here in the shop. I think the most important thing about a pit is having the draw of air keeping a constant and even temperature throughout the pit."

Red Devil Smokers - Bakersfield, California - "My name is Bradley Brown and I'm located in Bakersfield California. I started Red Devil Smokers in 2020 with the goal of creating affordable pits with high-quality standards and family-based customer service. I have been around BBQ my whole life and have competed in amateur BBQ competitions. I also have experience as a pipe and structural welder. Combining the two passions together was a way to give me the best of both worlds. I started off building large-scale patio smokers for customers from California to Texas and am now growing into 250 & 500-gallon trailer rigs for BBQ enthusiasts and restaurant-based BBQ pop-ups around California."

Rockin W Smokers - Boyd, Texas - "Rockin W Smokers is a family-owned business focused on building quality custom, detailed, award-winning BBQ pits. Our customers range from the new backyard enthusiasts, restaurants, competitive cooking teams to famous celebrities. We currently have pits in over 20 states within the United States and in several overseas countries."

Schmokers Custom Pits - Brownwood, Texas - "Schmokers Custom Pits got its start in a single bay shop, where all fabrication, assembly, and painting was done. Because of our fantastic customers, we moved to a much larger facility and have added new products to our line. Rest assured, however, our growth has not detracted from our dedication to quality. We continue to build each pit to the customer's specifications, using only the best materials. Schmokers has fabricated every size and style of cooker, for weekend chefs and full-time restaurateurs. For a pit that will last a lifetime, let Schmokers custom build your dream."

Shirley Fabrication Tuscaloosa, Alabama - "Paul has been a welder/fabricator for over 30 years working as a boilermaker, pipefitter/welder in chemical plants, refineries, steel mills, paper mills, and fabrication shops. Paul's career involves the refinery industry. When he isn't working his day job, he can be found helping out Tyler at the shop. The shop is located in our backyard which to some degree allows us an advantage because of lower overhead cost. We will not let just anyone work on our projects because few people take the pride we take and have our work ethic and tenacity about quality.

SG Metal Works - Rialto, CA - "We are a growing company located in Southern California. We are focused on serving our customers’ needs. This company is built by a self-taught welder fabricator who has been creating amazing products for the past 13 years. At SG Metal Works we continue to emphasize our core values and the foundation of family values that have made us a leading fabrication company. When you’re ready to be treated like family, give us a call! "

Smoker Builder Mfg. - Saint James - Missouri - "Since 2010 the team at SmokerBuilder® has helped thousands of customers achieve the pit of their dreams. Now a full-service custom-build shop, we'll work closely with you to bring your dream to life. Need a 1000 gallon propane tank? We can do that. Need it on a trailer? We can do that too. If you can explain it, we can probably build it! Fill out our no-hassle custom quote form now for a free estimate!"

  • Website | Facebook | Phone: 573-612-1315 | Email: sales@smokerbuilder.com

Smokin Hot BBQ - Wellington, CO - "We build Smokin Hot Custom smokers. Quality well built to fit your needs and dreams."

South West Smoker - North Little Rock, Arkansas  - “Since 1996, the South West Smoker combines a wood-fueled fire, water, and your favorite barbeque recipe to produce an attractive barbeque product. Custom Smokers, Custom Cookers, and Custom Grills.”

Stumps Smokers - Centerville, Georgia - "Stump’s™ Smokers began as a dream to build a better BBQ cooker. Being a competitive BBQ team was the reason for beginning the journey to build a smoker to fit those needs. The basic philosophy and principle for this smoker were; “ to build something to have consistency, ease of use and something that will allow for being able to rest while other competitors are awake all night tending their pits”. At the time, just an idea; one that lived 24 hrs a day 7 days a week inside a dream, it’s what began the process. The evolution of The Gravity Feed System™ has changed the way cooker manufacturers look at new designs and innovations in the field. No one cooker design in America today has made more advances in sales, won more competitions in the last 7 years, and had more accolades than our Vertical Series line of cookers To fuel a dream and to have changed the way a whole brethren community thinks is a phenomenal feat within itself."

Titus Smokers - Riverside, California - "Just a local welder who loves BBQ and found a love for building BBQ straight outta SoCal. Seeing a person smile after gettin' my product makes me a happy guy."

TMG Pits - Knoxville, Tennessee - TMG Pits is a custom pit builder proudly building pits in the hills of East Tennessee!  We take pride in each and every pit that we build.  We do things a little differently around here.  We believe that not only should our pits perform great, last a lifetime, but be a work of art.  All of our pits are built one-off with many customer modifications and requests. Making each customer happy is our ultimate goal.  We currently have pits across the US and in the UK.  We are rapidly expanding and look forward to what the future holds. The best way to get info is to reach out to Brandon or Hayes.

Facebook | Instagram | Phone | Email: knoxcnc@gmail.com

Voigt Metal - Mesa Arizona -  I'm a welder's son working solo from my home shop. My work is been referred to as 'ultra-clean and full of personality.' With 28 years of shop time and fabrication, my portfolio showcases creative examples of recycling industrial artifacts and materials into alternative metal art.  From 7' Recycled robot sculptures to Retro roadside signage my work shows and tells our love for transportation and our roadside culinary attractions. My smokers are built to order and outfitted for their operator's wishes.  Standard features include insulated fireboxes, 1/4" plate buildouts, and locking casters. 

Yoder Smokers - Hutchinson, Kansas - "From traditional offset smokers, large format charcoal grills, to the S-Series pellet grills that have redefined a generation of outdoor cooking, Yoder Smokers offer a full line of custom products to meet the needs of the cooking community. Handcrafted in the USA, we take a bespoke approach in our custom shop, from backyard cookers to fully-loaded trailers designed to be the pinnacle of the cooking world with quality that is unmatched. So whether it’s time to hit the competition circuit, cater for large crowds or simply roll down the street for a big neighborhood barbecue, Yoder Smokers’ custom builds are tailor-made to bring the flavor.”"

Outside the United States

Smokey Oak Barbecue - Sussex - 2 Chapel Barn Cl, Vicarage Ln, Hailsham BN27 1BL, United Kingdom

"Smokey Oak Barbecue started in 2018 as a catering company. We have always sourced our own logs as we needed them to be the right size for our 500-gallon smoker. We wanted to have air dried instead of kiln dried as we believe this adds much more flavor. It is also better for the environment as you are not burning fuel to dry your fuel out. When Covid-19 came around our catering work disappeared and we had a large pile, we decided to box this for consumers as the demand for home barbecue increased. We have invested heavily in equipment for the coming years. We are now selling our standard range of barbecues as well as the custom 250-gallon and 500-gallon smokers. We can sell these on skids or trailer mounted."

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