Sawyer Lewis - LeRoy And Lewis Barbecue - Austin, Texas

In this episode I chat with Sawyer Lewis from LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue in Austin, Texas. 

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  • Hours: Wednesday - Sunday | 11 AM - 8 or 9PM(or sold out)
  • They are considering doing some late night stuff in late August/September
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Note this was recorded right before the two classes which have now come and gone, but follow their social media for updates on new classes coming up. 

We talk in depth on how they tackled the pandemic and the struggles and victories along the way. We talk about how they added their Patreon page, online ordering, grocery(for a moment), plates, curbside pickup, bottle sauces which are sold online to ship nationwide, gift cards, and other ways they have gone outside the box to keep things going. 

It's very introspective and insightful. They realize they are now dealign with the long game now and plan on keeping things fresh and creative to last through this fog.