Slow Fire Barbecue - Savannah, Georgia - News, Interview, & More

"Fox Bros was best in Atlanta. Slow Fire was best in Georgia," wrote Daniel Vaughn (aka BBQSnob) on X as he sat in the airport waiting for a flight recently. I had been following Slow Fire's Instagram for a while now, marveling at how incredible the food looked for a relatively new BBQ spot.

I recently sat down with co-owner, pitmaster, and creative force Terren Williams from Slow Fire Barbecue in Savannah, Georgia to explore his journey, including diving for golf balls (it's a crazy story) and stints at The Grey and Hyatt's kitchens.

Terren is thoughtful, passionate, and kind. He's the type of guy you want to see succeed.

You can see our chat here:

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Currently, the best way to find them is to follow them on their social media. Either FACEBOOK or Instagram.

The Bus They Are Presently Using

However, they will be moving into a brick-and-mortar (which sounds incredible) sometime in the spring of 2024. Again, follow them on social media to get the inside scoop.

Check out the article in Texas Monthly HERE

Here's another great video featuring Slow Fire Barbecue by Trey's Chow Down.