Teddy's Barbecue - Weslaco, Texas - In Photos

You'd assume that getting recognized by Texas Monthly as a Top 50 BBQ joint lines would magically form and customers would just roll in.

Well, that's not necessarily the case. Take Teddy's Barbecue run by brothers Joel and Jesse Garcia who are doing something REALLY special in Weslaco, Texas. There is nothing like them for miles and miles and they are genuinely putting out incredible Central Texas-style barbecue while staying true to their roots by adding their own unique twist (which includes scratch-made tortillas from their mom Ana).

However, even with one of the biggest accolades you can get in Texas barbecue, it doesn't guarantee a steady flow of business. Joel recently posted a message on Facebook about how incredibly slow business has been lately and that he was questioning his location because Weslaco is a little off the beaten BBQ trail path.

This is a family-run Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joint that is genuinely struggling (and I'm sure not the only one) so it got me thinking. There has to be a way to help them.

What can we do? First off. You can visit them. Teddy's Barbecue is located at 2807 Texas Blvd N, Weslaco, TX 78599.

Here are their hours:

  • Thursday & Friday - 11 am - Sold Out
  • Saturday 9 am - Sold Out
  • Sunday - 8 am - Sold Out

Where is Weslaco? Weslaco is 250 miles from San Antonio, 325 miles from Austin, and 350 miles from Houston. That's a decent drive for a there-and-back trip, but to me, it sounds like a weekend getaway to the gulf with a stop at Teddy's Barbecue. Weslaco is about an hour from South Padre Island and there’s Boca Chica Beach where Space X is located.

Pre-ordering starts on Tuesday on their website HERE.

Better yet. You can help them IMMEDIATELY by purchasing a GIFT CARD HERE. That is a direct infusion of funds. I just purchased one that I may accidentally lose. You can choose to use or lose yours. The main thing is it'll help them for sure.

I have collected over 21 photos to feature their food. I figure seeing how great their food is might entice you to visit or perhaps share this with someone that lives close or is headed their way.

Oh. Did I mention FREE BEER? They are in the process of applying for their B/W license so until then they are giving out Free Beer every Saturday. You can always BYOB too.

Teddy's Barbecue Social Media: Facebook; Instagram; TikTok

See their Texas Monthly write-up HERE. Listen to their podcast with Tales from the Pits HERE. Hear them on the New School BBQ Podcast HERE.

I got a chance to sit down with Joel Garcia In November of 2019. You can see it below or follow THIS LINK.

Check out another cool video about Teddy's Barbecue by Fork It here.