Troubadour Festival - Saturday - November 6th

Chase Colston is such a GREAT guy and over the years we have become friends, but I'm also a BIG fan of his. I want him to succeed because everything he does he puts his heart into. As many of you know, he was tied to a certain barbecue and musical festival. He built this incredible event from the ground up and was abruptly jettisoned from it. I don't know the details, but I'm Team Chase and will follow him to his next big thing.

Well that next big thing is a reality and it's happening November 6th in Celina, Texas. It's called the Troubadour Festival AND I will continue to update this page with ANY news I get from Chase or is released on their site.

This inaugural festival is gong to be a Texas BBQ & Music Experience and the lineup (what I've been told it's going to be an amazing mix of great BBQ joints and music) will be dropped on the public August 24th.

See the teaser trailer here:

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