Sheldon Mason - Mason Barbecue - Why I Love BBQ - Part 1

Why I Love BBQ - Part 1 - For the last three years I have been, in a way, self isolating as I took care of my mom through four major surgeries that she had, so I realize the power a photograph can have to give one hope. During the days that would bleed into weeks, I always looked upon photos that were being posted by BBQ photographers(professional and amateur) of BBQ joints, events, and get-togethers knowing that some day I would get a chance to visit and be able to share my own photos.

So during these days that we remain isolated and perhaps not able to travel, I plan on posting photos daily taken by my friends in the BBQ world and from BBQ joints that inspire me. Hopefully a photo or two will help you through these days and you too will put that location on your wish list.

These Day 1 photos were sent to me by Sheldon Mason from Mason Barbecue(who currently works at 2M Smokehouse in San Antonio) over these three years. Not only is he a fantastic and creative cook and pit builder, but he's a good human being that inspires me with his passion for food, coffee, music, and brotherhood.

Be sure to visit him and the hardworking guys at 2M Smokehouse(who have recently added curbside service) and follow him on Instagram. While he may not post a ton of photos on his feed, his story is filled with cool photos quite often and as things tend to go from not hectic to super hectic these days, I'll be doing this every other day.

Here's my fun and informative interview with Sheldon this past October:

All photos below were taken by Sheldon Mason: