10 Minutes With AJ Ramirez - AJ's Custom Cookers - Saginaw, Texas

In this episode of '10 Minutes With' I catch up with AJ Ramirez of AJ's Custom Cookers in Saginaw, Texas. He's a sponsor of the podcast and YouTube show, so I wanted him to provide additional information as to what he offers as well as give you more insight into who he is as a person. As far as what he offers, he does a tremendous amount of business with corporate clients, which is helpful during this self-isolation period, as well as work with restaurants, guys doing pop-ups, caterers, and the backyard cook. He can do anything from stainless steel to mild steel and currently his lead time is from 1 year to 14 months. We also discuss his recent injury to his wrist that required surgery and of course all of the pits he's done, especially noting that he is working(or has worked on) pits for folks who are meshing their heritage with Texas style BBQ AND how he is trying to incorporate cooking devices on their pits or trailers to display their unique background.

Here's a list of those: Texas/Pakistan @texpakq

Texas/Iran @swigandsmokebbq

Texas/Korean @kortexbbq

Texas/Czechoslovakia @lilliansbbq

Texas/Mexican @vaquerostexasbarbq

Texas/Vietnamese @duo0ng Texas/Philippine @thetexasbbqguy

Texas/Soul @smokeaholicsbbq 

He's also worked with Patriotic Pig, Derek Allan's Texas BBQ, Dayne's Craft Barbecue, and Brix Barbecue.

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