At Home With Feges BBQ - YouTube Channel

I didn't think I could become a bigger fan of Erin and Patrick Feges until I started watching episodes of their semi-new YouTube show At Home With Feges BBQ. So far there are 4 episodes(OK 5 if you count the cool slo-mo sweet potatoes frying HERE), but there will be many more down the pipeline per Erin. You should DEFINITELY subscribe because they are super fun, very detailed, and educational to boot. As you can imagine, there are a ton of great tips in each episode.

ALSO, the rest of us(that don't live near Houston) are in luck because Feges BBQ is going to be starting to ship nationwide(direct from the Feges BBQ team) starting in November. Pretty awesome. I know I'll be ordering. So be on the lookout for that AND just a heads up that their Thanksgiving menu launches November 2nd. Here it is:

Here are the videos:

Smoke Chicken Enchiladas

Erin's Family Chili with Feges BBQ Ground Beef

Feges BBQ Pulled Pork Ragu

Chicken Tikka Masala