BBQ Photographers - The Interviews

When I started this interview journey I knew that I wanted to cover as many types of jobs in the BBQ and food world that I could(and still do). My hope was to give people the opportunity to learn about how people were able to go from one specific field(generally not food related at all) to something that they were really passionate about. If someone was on the edge of making that jump, but still hesitant, perhaps they could use these interviews as a guide or foundation for making it happen.

When it came to BBQ photography I knew that I wanted to talk to people that didn't just stand on table and shoot down on a tray of food. I wanted to talk to people that told a story through their lens and made you feel you understood a little more about barbecue after viewing their photos.

Those people are Wyatt McSpadden, Ken Goodman, Kelly Yandell, and John Troxell. I have also included my interviews below with Nick Solares and Jimmy Ho. While they may not be known primarily for their photography, they can definitely move you with photos they have taken AND more than once I've thought, "damn, I wish I had taken that shot'" after seeing something they have presented to the world. It is truly an honor any of them took the time to sit down with me and share their journey and process. I know that you too will be inspired by their passion and dedication to their craft.

Please see the YouTube interviews below along with links to their podcast interview if there is one. Also, be sure to follow them on social media(I think Wyatt is just on Facebook). Moreover if they have prints to offer up(and you can afford one), I'd recommend supporting these artists.

Wyatt McSpadden

Robert Jacob Lerma

Ken Goodman

Hear the podcast version of Ken’s interview HERE

Kelly Yandell

Hear the podcast version of Kelly's interview HERE

John Troxell

You can hear my podcast interview with John HERE

Nick Solares

Hear the podcast version of Nick's interview HERE

Hear the podcast version of Robert’s interview HERE

Jimmy Ho

Hear the podcast version of Jimmy's interview HERE