Ben Johnson & Craig Hoelzer - Wood's Chapel BBQ

In this episode I get that chance to chat with Ben Johnson and Craig Hoelzer from Wood's Chapel BBQ in Atlanta, Georgia. BONUS: There is a complete tour of the restaurant, pit room, and food at the END of the interview. Stick around. In this chat we discuss how they got the name, all about the history of the area, the backgrounds of Ben Johnson(and his wife), pitmaster Craig Hoezler, and how they crafted the menu and overall vibe and philosophy of the restaurant. Located in an area called Summer Hill, south of downtown Atlanta. Craig goes over the menu. They are offering brisket, whole hog, scratch-made sausage, as well as salmon and incredible selection of sides(and pies for dessert). You are definitely going to put it high on your list of BBQ spots to visit.

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