Bradley Robinson - Chuds BBQ - Interview

In this episode I was able to break Bradley Robinson from Chuds BBQ away from his crazy schedule to talk about his journey and why his plate is so full.

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We go into his journey from New Hampshire to Austin(it wasn't for food or BBQ originally), how he connected with Evan LeRoy at Freedmen's(where he also worked with Chris McGhee, Jalen Heard, Lane Milne, Joel Garcia, and more), his stint at Micklethwait Craft Meats, Eastside Tavern with Cade Mercer, then back with Evan at the newly opened(then) LeRoy & Lewis. We talk about how he got into pit building(this involves of course Evan again) and how that business has grown to what it is. We get into his YouTube channel(very extensively) which you should watch, subscribe and repeat and his famous fried chicken. We also get into everything for the classes they are putting on with New School BBQ University.

Lastly, a cool video he mentions(The Science of BBQ):